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Toys for Juan Or at Litt Tak Warehouse Sale (29th- 31st May 2009)

On 29th May 2009 (Friday), despite having the swollen eye, Mommy braved through the toys warehouse sale at Litt Tak (Desa Tun Razak Industrial Area in Cheras). Since this toy warehouse sale is just along the way in Mommy's route to Mommy's workplace, Mommy can't resist paying this warehouse sale a visit!

Mommy reached Litt Tak at 9 am and there were already quite a number of cars parked there, but Mommy still managed to get a good parking location. Upon entering the premise, Mommy noticed the number of customers there were definitely a little more than the last time Mommy went. There were notably more mommies out there now (than before) looking for toys for their children. Despite having more customers now at such an early time, the turnout was still not considered crowded - tight yes, but not crowded.

At just outside the premise's entrance door, Mommy noticed that Litt Tak did not put any box containing toys at bargain prices like they did in past warehouse sales. Later on when Mommy left, then only did they put out only 2 boxes of toys - and the toys were not at bargain prices at all. One box contained teddy bears (prices ranged from RM16 and above - not an attractive price!) and the other box contained Ultraman figurines at RM45 (again not an attractive price!). Mommy wonders is it Litt Tak wants to curb petty theft that they may have experienced in the past?

What about the other toys sold there? This time, Litt Tak sold Looney Tunes character type of puzzle hexahedral cubes, jigsaw puzzles and mix-and-match games with prices ranging from RM5 to RM14. Thomas and Friends toys were still aplenty and still at the same prices like that in previous warehouse sales with prices ranging from RM45 to RM3++ depending on the complexity of the set. However, separate (individual) Thomas and Friends parts (eg. a fragment of railway track) were not sold at all. This time however, Mommy noticed there were quite a number of infant and toddler toys (Disney and Tomy brands) such as the toy with tiny figurines hung on winding wire-like lines (Disney, RM9), toy with movable parts for baby to press (Disney, RM15 if not mistaken), Winnie the Pooh stacking castle cups (Playwell, RM10) and other Mickey Mouse car (or something like that, can't remember the price). There were also Disney doctor set but Mommy can't remember the price. Mommy also saw a Fisher-Price musical pull-string plush toy selling for RM9 but Mommy didn't buy it because Juan Or is going to outgrow it very, very soon. However, this time, Mommy couldn't find any big-sized 'Lego' blocks on sale. There were also Ben10 figurines sold from RM55, tricycle with basket at the back (made in China) at RM45 and Power Rangers figurines sold from RM5 to RM15. There were many dolls and doll house type of toys but Mommy didn't pay much attention to them because Mommy was looking at boy's and unisex toys only. As for payment, there was only one cashier counter (but there was no crowd in paying) and payment by credit card is for minimum purchase of RM50. As for customer service, Litt Tak provided customers with large black dustbin plastic bags for customers to carry their toys as they were browsing. By the way, Mommy didn't see any toy sold for RM1 as what was mentioned in their newspaper advertisement.

What about Mommy's yield? This time, Mommy didn't buy much because Juan Or already has lots of toys waiting for him for the first 10 to 12 years of his boyhood! And these toys were all bought from past Litt Tak warehouse sales! Another reason is that Mommy's right eye still hurt and itch, so couldn't open eyes for long. This time, Mommy only spent RM40 and these are the results:

(Each item costs RM5. Anticlockwise from top left: Toddler knapsack bag, Looney Tunes hexahedral puzzle cube, and another Looney Tunes hexahedral puzzle cube.)

(Bugs Bunny Match 'N' Spell Game at RM10. It consists of 8 sets of jigsaw puzzles at gradually increasing level of difficulty.)

(Tomy brand of aeroplane at RM15, meant for 18 months and above. This toy consists of aeroplane parts for toddler to put together and then played by pulling backwards and letting go. The parts are big enough such that toddlers can't swallow them.)

Here are snapshots of Juan Or playing with his new toys.

(This hexahedral puzzle cube is meant for children 3 years and above. Obviously Juan Or can't comprehend how different pictures are formed by the different ways of turning around the cubes. He is only interested in moving any cube that is movable! Yes, anything that his fingers can play with!)

(Juan Or playing with the Tomy aeroplane. Obviously, Mommy has to put the parts together first for Juan Or because Juan Or still does not have the skill to put things in order. But of course Juan Or is already very skilled at putting things in disorder!)

As for the toddler knapsack back, Juan Or cries in protest whenever Mommy tries to get him to wear it on his back!

Anyway, for the benefit of other readers who would like to know the previous performance of Litt Tak warehouse sale, these were Mommy's yield way back in December 2007 (Mommy was 5-6 months pregnant with Juan Or):

(Transformable army tanker-robot at RM5.)

(Power Rangers figurine at RM10.)

(Lego-type toy, but brand is COBI, at RM7. Consists of 105 pieces.)

(Two sets of Lego-type toys, COBI brand, each set consists of 300 pieces. Each sold for RM20.)

(A bigger set of Lego-type toy, COBI brand, consists of 500 pieces, at RM35.)

And Mommy has checked that the brand COBI is from Poland and is reputed to manufacture high quality construction blocks. Indeed when Mommy opened up one of the boxes, the plastic is of high quality - comparable to Lego's quality. However, Mommy no longer see Litt Tak selling these COBI sets after the December 2007 warehouse sale.

Overall, Mommy's conclusion of Litt Tak warehouse sale is that on the whole, the prices have increased a little throughout time although there may be some toys that were sold for really bargain prices and some toys' prices were maintained throughout time.

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