Friday, June 12, 2009

Juan Or's Vocabulary

Juan Or's vocabulary is still very limited - most of the words are his baby language. Baby words that Mommy normally hear from him are:
  • Noi, noi (while pointing his finger at something)
  • Oookk (while pointing his finger at something)
  • A-de
  • A-be
  • Ai-yai-yai
  • Ne-neh (sounds like he's asking for milk or the breast, yet if Mommy gives him, he will protest!)
  • Tu-kok, tu-kok

Juan Or also knows how to say "Papa" and "Mama" but he will only say it when he is in desperation.

Only in one occasion did Mommy hear Juan Or calling his Great-grandmother "A-tok" (in Hainanese language) and his grandmother "Po-po". Then other time, Brother-in-law was holding Juan Or in his arms, pointed to a moth and taught Juan Or how to say "moth". Juan Or said,"Moh".

Recently also, Juan Or showed signs of tiredness, so Mommy took him in the arms to put him into the spring cot. Juan Or saw his comfort towel hanging nearby and so pointed at the towel saying,"Tow." Mommy was surprised to hear it considering that Mommy hadn't mentioned any 'towel' word just before that. So looks like Juan Or probably knows most of the object words we speak, only thing is that he will only say it when he wants to!


smallkucing said...

Uiks! Juan Or's cot is like Joshua's.

Don't be surprised as Juan Or will be giving you more "shows" soon. Will even feed you food instead of the other way round.hehehe

Alice Phua said...

Actually the cot is from brother-in-law's. Originally my mother-in-law wanted to buy a cot to be used as 'public facility' for any grandchild who goes to her house. Then later brother-in-law said never mind, he can bring one from his house since his kid is not using. But somehow, the cot is used more like a playpen becos Juan Or prefers to sleep in the sarong instead.