Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Things for Juan Or at the Hytex Warehouse Sale (30th May - 7th June 2009)

Last week, Mommy had the chance to drive to Kepong for the Hytex Warehouse Sale. Mommy used the Middle Ring Road 2 (no toll, no traffic lights!) to reach the Hytex factory in the Taman Ehsan Industrial Area. Previously Mommy went to the Hytex sale in December 2007 and ended up with a good number of infant clothes at a cheap price and a Tenderly stroller for RM100. The main attraction about Hytex is that you can get Disney and Looney Tunes infant/toddler clothes and some baby accessories and consumables for a cheap price.

(The banner at the entrance of the Hytex factory.)

Parking-wise was easy. Mommy easily found parking at the side of the road leading to the factory. There was no much people when Mommy arrived there. The sale area was partially in open-air, so it was basically warm but not too hot. When you come in from the factory entrance, baby/toddler items were on the right whereas teenager/adult apparels were on your left.

(A snapshot of the baby/toddler sale area.)

What about the baby/toddler things sold there? Here's a list of what Mommy saw and remembered:
  • Bib RM1, RM3 (depending on design)
  • Winnie the Pooh toddler T-shirts (with and without sleeves) RM5
  • Winnie the Pooh toddler short/bermuda pants RM5
  • Toddler boys/girls underwear, 2 pieces for RM5
  • Infant shorts RM3 (unfortunately Mommy can't see any infant tops this time)
  • A set of mittens, booties and hat, RM5
  • Infant shoes, RM5
  • Toddler shoes/sandles, both Looney Tunes and Tenderly brands RM5, RM8, RM10, RM18, depending on design
  • Children shoes, Mickey Mouse, RM15, RM25 depending on types/design
  • Potty with wide base, RM3
  • Powder puff container RM3
  • Looney Tunes baby wipes, 2 packs x 80 pcs. per pack, RM5 (manufacturing year 2006)
  • Tenderly baby wipes, 30 pcs. per pack, RM1 (manufacturing year 2006)
  • Hippopotamus bath toy set, RM3
  • Toddler shorts, RM1 (cloth is thin and comfortable, good for both housewear and outings)
  • Bottle brush, RM3 (good quality bristles)
  • Non-spill sippy cup RM5
  • Baby bolster cover RM1
  • Baby Looney Tunes teats for wide neck baby bottles, 2 pcs. per pack, RM1
  • Wide neck baby bottle 4 oz, RM5
  • Looney Tunes socks, toddler and children sizes RM3
  • Infant socks, RM3
  • Tenderly baby toiletries, RM3 for every 2 bottles of 200 mL each (manufacturing year 2004)
  • Baby car seat (the cloth type that you slot over the adult car seat) RM15
  • Tenderly playpen RM120
  • Tenderly stroller RM120
  • Tenderly baby buggy RM100
  • Mickey Mouse children Japanese rubber slippers RM3 (mostly girl designs)
  • Mickey Mouse T-shirts (ages 4 and above) RM8
  • Checked Winnie the Pooh shorts (ages 4 and above) RM3
  • Toddler jacket with and without hood (RM15)
  • Children jeans (didn't remember the price)
  • Baby comforter set (consists of a comforter, a pillow and either one or two bolsters) RM20
  • Looney Tunes baby pillow RM5

How about Mommy's yield? Here they are:

(Baby Looney Tunes non-spill sippy cup, RM5)

(Left: Baby Looney Tunes teats for wide neck baby bottles, XL size, 2 pcs. for RM1. Mommy found only 1 pack of XL size. The rest were L size to which Mommy felt the hole was too small for Juan Or's age. Mommy even tried fitting these teats onto the Avent bottle and they fit perfectly! Yay! A cheap alternative to buying Avent teats which can be quite costly! Right: Tenderly wet tissues, 30 pcs. for RM1)

(Each T-shirt for RM5. The price tag showed the original price of RM15.90. Nowadays Mommy prefers to buy sleeveless T-shirts for Juan Or considering that the weather has been very hot these days. By the way, Mommy straightaway bought as age 3 size so that Juan Or can wear them for a long, long time.)

(Each T-shirt for RM5. The price tage showed an original price of RM15.90. Both T-shirts are of age 3 size and is suitable for both housewear and outings.)

(Toddler shorts, each for RM1. The material is thin and comfy, suitable for both housewear and outings.)

(Another T-shirt that Mommy bought for RM5, age 2 size [Juan Or is 12+ months old]. The T-shirt looks good on him. Mommy bought his toddler dark blue shorts for RM1 only. The cloth of the shorts is thin and comfortable, suitable for both housewear and outings. Notice that Juan Or's cheek is puffier and his arm looks chunkier as a result of solidly on PediaSure milk diet.)

(Front-most is toddler socks and the rest are children socks, Looney Tunes design, each pair for RM3.)

(Toddler shoes - the dark brown pair is size 6 for RM8, the dark blue pair is size 5 for RM8 and the beige pair is size 4 for RM5.)

(Tenderly baby bath, 2 bottles for RM3, 200 mL per bottle. Only 11 bottles were left when Mommy saw them. So Mommy grabbed 10 bottles!).

(Bottle brush set for RM3. Mommy felt the texture of the bristles and they are of good quality. So Mommy grabbed 2 sets, one for own use and another for the babysitter.)

(Tenderly potty at RM3. It has a wide base so that it won't topple unlike the traditional type of potty. Mommy grabbed 2 units, one for own use and another to be put at the babysitter's place.)

How does this sale fare compared to the one Mommy went to in December 2007? Certain items remained same the price (Winnie the Pooh T-shirts and shorts, checked design Winnie the Pooh shorts, infant clothes, toddler/children socks), certain items went up in price (stroller, baby buggy, playpen, T-shirts for children ages 4 and above) and certain items went down in price (hippopotamus bath toy set, Looney Tunes baby wipes 2 packs x 80 pcs/pack, toddler shoes, baby toiletries). Quite a large number of items have not been seen before in previous sale. By the way, this warehouse sale only accepts cash term, has only one paying counter, but has no traffic-jam when paying for the goods.


smallkucing said...

wow! they throw in more stuff on the last day. I went on the 1st day looking for shoes. Only have size 3 and 4. And not many age 3-4 t-shirt

Alice Phua said...

Actually I went on the 5th day, then again on the 6th and 7th day. Hehe...