Monday, June 15, 2009

Juan Or's Potty Training

Mommy hadn't been doing much potty training on Juan Or because Juan Or spends a big part of the day with the babysitter. So it's the babysitter who has been doing most of the potty training on him. If Mommy is not mistaken, when Juan Or was around 9 or 10 months old, the babysitter told Mommy that he already instinctively knows how to pass motion when seated at the potty. The babysitter told Mommy that Juan Or's typical routine goes like this:
  • drink 8 oz. of milk immediately when Juan Or is send to her house (morning)
  • playtime (morning)
  • nap (late morning)
  • eat porridge or other solid food (afternoon)
  • sit on the potty to pass motion (afternoon)
  • take bath (afternoon)
  • drink 8 oz. of milk (afternoon)
  • playtime (afternoon)
  • nap (afternoon)
  • eat porridge or other solid food (mid-afternoon)
  • playtime (mid-afternoon)
  • nap (late afternoon)
  • finish up whatever solid food left if any (late afternoon)
  • playtime (late afternoon)
  • drink 8 oz. of milk (late afternoon/early evening)
  • playtime and wait for Mommy to pick Juan Or up

Then just about two weeks ago, the babysitter told Mommy that she's training Juan Or to do away with wearing the nappy during daytime. So she will just let Juan Or wear a pair of shorts without wearing nappy, and then periodically put Juan Or on the potty to urinate. And he did!

As for Mommy's side of potty training Juan Or, whenever Mommy wants to bath him, Mommy will put him on the potty first and then whistle. Mommy also puts Juan Or on the potty whenever Mommy changes his diaper. Sometimes he urinates, sometimes he doesn't, but most of the time he did. And Mommy also noticed that if Juan Or already starts to fret when sitting on the potty, that means he's done with it. And the result is usually there's urine in the potty! What about passing motion? There was only one occasion with Mommy when he passed motion into the potty. But at that time, Juan Or was constipating and Mommy only found a piece of 'small round dark brown marble' in the potty.

(Watching the TV as Juan Or sits on the potty to urinate.)

(Still waiting to urinate.)

("I'm done already! Faster! Take me out!!")

(Somehow Juan Or just hates to sit on the new type of potty which Mommy bought recently from the Hytex Warehouse Sale. This potty is more stable, yet he hates it!)


smallkucing said... clever! Sadly Joshua yet to learn how to sit on potty. Scared of the potty

Alice Law said...

LOL! Well done Juan Or!

Little Sprout used to be submissived like Juan Or too, she would poop during bath time even when she was a new born.

When she was 7 months old, she started refusing to put on the napkins (So I started to put her on pants) and was able to inform me whenever she wants to poop when she was 13 months old.

But things doesn't go gracefully when she gets older... she became rebellious, and "accidents" happened more and more often (Imagine I have to chase after her with a potty)!

However situation turned better when she was 18 months old, she became less reluctant on potty training but whenever she's away from home (Outing or at Ah Ma's house), she would fret and refuse to sit on a potty.

Recently we found she prefer to pee wee on a toilet bowl instead of a potty, but really don't know how long would it last... haha!

Mrs Kam said...

So good that Juan Or has already been potty trained at this young age!

My son is nearing 18 months and we haven't done anything yet. We realised that he is quite ready for it, but we just don't have the time to do it, cos we often go out during weekends. Probably have to depend on his teachers, think they will start train him when he is promoted to toddler class next month, hopefully.

Well done, Juan Or!