Sunday, June 21, 2009

Juan Or's First Independent Walk

This post is already a little outdated. Actually, the babysitter first saw Juan Or walked independently (i.e., without holding on to any furniture) through a considerable distance (about 2 metres) somewhere between 8th to 12th June 2009. In other words, Juan Or's independent walking started at about 13 months old. Soon after the babysitter told Mommy about it, Mommy started seeing Juan Or walk more frequently then. However, Juan Or will only walk independently when he is focused on getting something and without himself realising it, his legs will start walking. If someone suddenly exclaims and draws attention to him walking, he will immediately plop down and start crawling instead! Because of this, whenever Juan Or rises to walk, everyone in the house will keep quiet, not make any fuss and just watch!

Another thing about why Mommy only get to blog about Juan Or's walking now is because previously, Mommy was not able to capture his walking on video. Whenever Juan Or started walking, Mommy was not ready with the handphone video camera. And when Mommy is ready with it, Juan Or refused to walk instead! Missmatch timing! But this time, Mommy 'tempt' Juan Or with cheese (Juan Or loves eating cheese!) while Papa captured him on video. Here are the results:

1. Mommy forgot to switch on the ceiling light during filming, that's why it looks dark (but still visible)!

2. Let there be light!


smallkucing said...

he will be running very soon.

Serline said...

So exciting!

Alice Law said...

Congratulation! Soon Juan Or will be able to squat down and push himself to stand independtly!