Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eye Injury Recurrence

Perhaps regular readers of Juan Or and Mommy's blog may have noticed of Mommy's 'disappearance' from the blogging scene one more time shortly after the recent 'disappearance' during the last week of April till the 1st week of May. This time, Mommy's 'disappearance' was not due to work stress, instead Mommy went on medical leave for the first 4 days of the week followed by a day of annual leave. So Mommy was literally unconnected throughout the week.

So what caused Mommy to have to take medical leave? Actually Mommy had a recurring eye injury that was inflicted about a year ago (you can read about what happened here and here). In short, about a year ago, Juan Or, who was 12+ months old that time, had held a back-scratcher stick and hit Mommy's right eye, so causing Mommy's cornea to be scratched, but luckily the injury was only at the outermost layer of the cornea. The wound healed, but recurred. And when it recurred, Mommy didn't know it recurred because about 2 weeks approaching the day when Mommy really had to visit the eye specialist, Mommy noticed that whenever Mommy opened the eye after long hours of sleeping, Mommy experienced dryness in that eye. But after having blinked plus keeping the eye closed for some time, the dry sensation disappeared throughout the day, so Mommy didn't give much thought to it. Then on last Saturday, the climax of the dry eye incident came when Mommy couldn't even open the right eye after long hours of sleeping and it even felt painful (or rather a very irritating sensation!) to keep the eye open! However, the irritating sensation fluctuates (ranging from less irritating to very, very irritating) throughout the day and felt very much like there was foreign particle stuck in the eye.

That Saturday night itself, after coming back from teaching piano, Mommy called up Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital to see whether they are opened on Sundays. The staff explained that there will be no eye specialists available on Sundays (or is it weekends? Can't remember!) and that only medical officers will be on duty. However, the hospital can call up for an eye specialist to come immediately if it is really an emergency case (and Mommy thinks probably the hospital fee will be super high too for that matter!). So on Sunday, Mommy beared with the eye discomfort to wait for Monday.

On Monday, Papa fetched Juan Or and Mommy to his parents' house very early in the morning so that father-in-law can take Mommy to the eye hospital (Mommy can hardly open the eyes at all so cannot drive!). Mommy was assigned to the same eye doctor that treated Mommy last time, Dr. George Thomas. After checking Mommy's eye with the eye-checking machine, he found that the epithelium layer of the old injury spot on the cornea had broken down. So Mommy asked him how the layer can break down by itself to which Dr. George said Mommy could have rubbed the eye too hard. This time, Dr. George instructed the nurse to put an antibiotic eyedrop and then an eye patch (which was never done in the previous treatment) to prevent Mommy's eyes from opening so that the recovery process is faster. Dr. George said that Mommy could only open the eye patch 24 hours later and thereafter apply the antibiotic eyedrop (Tobrex) once in every 2 hours and artificial tears once every hour (except during sleeping time). He also put Mommy on 4 days medical leave and required Mommy to come to see him again for follow-up on the 4th day. The medical bill that day was RM120 (RM45 for consultation, RM5 for registration, RM5 for service and RM65 for medication).

What and how does it feel like to have the eye patch on? Well, it was really no fun as Mommy realized that having the eye patch on is just as inconvenient as having other parts of your body plastered although it was just the eye and not the limb. Mommy felt handicapped throughout the 'patchy' period and surprisingly, Mommy felt drowsy and sleepy most of the time even though oral medication was not prescribed at all. It was also a feeling of inactiveness plus clumsiness, probably because of the 'handicap psychology' lurking in Mommy's head. There were certain times throughout the day when the patched eye felt an irritating sensation (though not in so much a degree as before treatment) but Mommy cannot do anything yet because it was not yet time to remove the patch. Another thing about having the eye patch on was that the eating process became tremendously inefficient as the mouth cannot even open big enough (due to the surrounding tapes that fasten the patch in place) to scoop in dinner spoon! Little bits and pieces of rice kept spilling out as Mommy ate food. Even the appetite went rock bottom!

As the days went by, the eye improved a little. There was no more irrritating sensation but vision on that eye was blurred and both of Mommy's eyes could not withstand normal sunlight. Luckily by the 4th day (when it was time to go for follow-up consultation), Mommy was able to drive again though Mommy had to have the sunglasses on to minimize the glare but still Mommy's eyes had to blink quite often when in normal sunlight.

From the follow-up consultation, after checking Mommy's eyes, Dr. George concluded that Mommy's eye showed good progress although it has not healed completely. Nevertheless, there was already a layer or so of cells covering the main injury spot though there were still small spots here and there that looked raw. Now Dr. George recommends that Mommy only have to apply the antibiotic eyedrop twice a day and the artificial tears once in every 4 hours till the supply finishes. The doctor also explained that recurrence of an old eye injury is bound to happen within 2 to 3 years and after that period, things are likely to go back to normal subjected to the new cells sticking firmly and well on the wounded spot in the first place. The medical fee for the follow-up was RM55 (RM45 for consultation, RM5 for registration and RM5 for service).

Mommy also called up Mommy's insurance agent (Prudential) to see whether the medical fee is claimable or not to which he said that claims for recurrence of an old injury is only limited to one year from the time when the injury claim started and that no subsequent medical report is needed to back up the claim. Only the receipt, credit card receipt (if paid using credit card) and a photocopy of the medical chit is needed to make the claim.

So from now on, Mommy dare not rub the right eye anymore no matter how itchy it is. By the way, Dr. George also mentioned that Mommy can still rub the unaffected eye because there was no weakness in the cornea in the first place. As of this time of writing, vision in that eye is not as blur now though the image is still not as sharp as the other eye. Mommy no longer wants this kind of thing to happen again, if possible - it's really no fun to experience it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Balancing Act

Today's post is going to be an outdated and short one due to Mommy's unexpected workload at office today (calls and quesries from freshies and their parents plus other programme registration problems!)

30th April 2010

Mommy caught Juan Or doing this balancing act. He was playing with the dish coaster, putting it on his head and then stood still to balance it and he did balance it properly. See this!

And this boy, once he knows that Mommy is aiming the handphone camera at him, he cannot concentrate on balancing anymore, but luckily he finally managed it. Watch this:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Juan Or!

Last night, we had our simple celebration of Juan Or's 2nd birthday. It was 7.40 pm and Mommy had just finished deep-frying some party food when Papa arrived home from his outstation work trip.

Then Mommy got Juan Or to wear his home-made party hat for Papa to see. Ta-dah, this is how the party hat looks on Juan Or!

And here's a closer view of the home-made party hat.

After both Papa and Mommy had taken our baths, we were ready to start our humble dinner 'party'. Mommy deep-fried french fries and Ramly chicken nuggets. It was also Mommy's first solo attempt at deep-frying. Mommy managed to catch Juan Or grinning for the camera as he ate his french fries.

As we were eating the deep-fried items, Mommy steamed some otak-otak and thawed a packet of seasoned baby octopus to supplement the party food. Papa and Mommy offered all the food we had to Juan Or but turned out he only knows how to eat french fries - nothing else!

By 9 pm, we were ready to take out the birthday cake. This time, Mommy decided to try a different cake after Aunty Cynthia turned down Mommy's request to order cake from her (Aunty Cynthia has to stop taking cake orders due to her princess being very clingy). It's a jellycake this time after Mommy saw a blogpost from Aunty Nicole Low. The jellycake that Mommy bought from Jelly Cakehouse was a train design priced at RM55. Orders were made online but Mommy drove over to the headquarter office at Damai Perdana (Cheras) to collect the cake.

After lighting the candles, singing birthday song, photo-taking and blowing the candles, Mommy helped Juan Or to cut the cake (sorry, no photos for Mommy to take on the handphone before the cake was cut because Mommy had to hold Juan Or's hands to prevent him from touching the cake and candles and destroying the cake! ^ ^ But Papa did take them on his SLR camera, only thing is the photos have not yet been copied to Mommy's laptop.)  

What next? It's time to wallop the cake, of course!

As expected, since the jelly was slippery, Juan Or just couldn't scoop the jelly onto his spoon, so he ate with his hands instead and then used his sticky fingers to touch here and there on the furniture. *Faint!*

Turned out, Juan Or doesn't know how to eat the jellycake - probably he just can't appreciate the taste. So in the end, Mommy had to finish it for him! Well, in Mommy's opinion, appearance-wise, the jellycake looks very attractive especially for children. In fact, the jellycake is more of a layered jellycake with the coconut milk jelly alternating with the non-coconut milk jelly layer. Mommy guess probably because of the amount of layering work involved, that's why the cake costs RM55 even though it is mostly made up of agar, coconut milk and water. How about taste-wise? Well, nothing oustanding about the taste because it tastes just like normal jelly. After eating the jellycake, it doesn't give you the satisfying and filling effect unlike the normal cakes you buy from cakehouses. So Mommy decided that after this try, Mommy will go back to buying Secret Recipe cakes for birthdays rather than jellycakes. No more jellycakes ever again! Felt like the RM55 spent is not very worth it after all - only good for the eyes to see but doesn't have the oomph factor for the tongue and stomach!

After the cake session, Juan Or became fretful and pestered Papa to go upstairs, so both of them went upstairs while Mommy remained downstairs to clean the dining table, plates and bowls, and the kitchen mess! Mommy was done with the cleaning and washing by 10.30 pm and then went upstairs to join Papa and Juan Or - only to find them.....


.........dozed off in the master bedroom!

So, Mommy decided to call it a day and went to sleep as well since Mommy had been working non-stop since 5 am. So that's three's a company in our bed!

The next morning, at 4 am, Juan Or woke up in a fretful state. So Mommy tried distracting him, but to no avail. Suddenly Mommy thought about the birthday presents which Juan Or has yet to open because he went to sleep early last night. Immediately, his crying and fretfulness stopped.

This birthday present is from Juan Or's babysitter. It's a bucket of building blocks. Now Juan Or seems to show progress in stacking the building blocks. Previously, he would try to stack them head-to-head or bottom-to-bottom which never worked, but now looks like he's aware of the direction of the blocks.

Then this one's from Juan Or's Third Uncle and Third Aunty from My Little Sprouts!. The present was beautifully wrapped in a Mickey Mouse design wrapping paper and in it is an indoor game set called Safari Hide & Seek. It's a mind-testing and pattern recognition game meant for 6 year olds and above. So Mommy will let Juan Or touch it first, and then keep the toy till he has more maturity to play the game.

Next one's from Aunty Small Kucing who has taken really a lot of effort to courier the present about 2 weeks before Juan Or's birthday arrived. Here's an older photo of Juan Or when he had just received his couriered birthday present.

Only about 2 weeks later did Mommy allow Juan Or to open the birthday present (*wicked grin*). It's a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse magnetic board book which Mommy had been eyeing for for Juan Or when Aunty Small Kucing first mentioned about Book Xcess opening it's new and bigger outlet. Mommy knows why Aunty Small Kucing asked Mommy before whether Mommy has already gone to Book Xcess to buy the Mickey Mouse book! ^ ^  By the way, Mickey Mouse is Juan Or's favourite character.

Here is Juan Or hurrying Mommy to quickly tear open the plastic film packaging....

.....and then enjoying the Mickey-and-gang magnets more than the story! ^ ^

Then Mommy noticed Juan Or seems to have the liking to arrange things in an orderly array, like this.....

......which Mommy recalled seeing something similar done to the plates of his sushi playset some time back.

There's also a pop-out birthday card given by Juan Or's paternal grandparents. His grandfather has decided to pass his animal fact files collection set to Juan Or (for him to read when he's much older).

Finally, Mommy wishes to thank all readers who have wished Juan Or happy birthday and especially to the babysitter, Third Uncle and Aunty, Aunty Small Kucing and Juan Or's grandparents for the birthday presents. Special thanks goes to Aunty Small Kucing who has dedicated a birthday blogpost to Juan Or in her blog and even invited her readers to cross-over to this blog to wish Juan Or a happy birthday. Mommy thanked you all from the bottom of Mommy's heart. Muah!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sneak Preview to Juan Or's Humble Birthday Celebration

Tonight Papa and Mommy will be celebrating Juan Or's 2-year-old birthday. The birthday celebration will be just a humble  and simple one.....nothing elaborate and just the three of us. Here' a sneak preview of what Mommy prepared of Juan Or for the celebratioon tonight:

Getting Juan Or to do a simple craft - a party hat! Yes, after reading a few of mummy bloggers' blogposts about getting their little ones to do some crafts, Mommy felt motivated to try out on Juan Or too.

First, Mommy opened up a commercial party hat to draw out the template on a manila card.

Then, cut out the drawn template. Mommy also wrote "I am 2 years old! 12th May 2010" using magic pens.
Next, Mommy got Juan Or to put his 'graffiti' on the hat. Anyway, Mommy was not expecting much from his 'graffiti' because to normal people, the 'graffiti' was more like scribbles. ^ ^

However, Juan Or turned out to be more interested at messing up his colour pencils rather than drawing 'graffitis'!

Then, Mommy cut out one aeroplane picture from an AirAsia advertisement for Juan Or to stick to his party hat.

Mommy also cut out tiny strips of paper from advertisement leaflets to make as frill deco at the pointed end of the hat.

Next, glue the two ends of the hat together. Mommy also gave Juan Or stickers to stick onto the hat as decoration. His stickers are stars and Winnie the Pooh.

And lastly, staple a cut loose rubber band on the bottom sides of the hat and voila, the party hat is ready!

How does the hat look like in the end? Well, Mommy would like to keep it a suspense! Let the birthday boy show you the hat himself! ^ ^

P/S: Mommy's post is rather short today because Mommy has to go collect the birthday cake, pick Juan Or up from the babysitter's house and then rush back to prepare for Juan Or's humble birthday celebration tonight. Stay tuned and ciao!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Juan Or is a Big Boy Now

Yesterday night was the first time Mommy left Juan Or to sleep alone by himself in his own room. It was already 11pm. Juan Or was still in a playful mood and wanted Mommy to read to him, entertain him and play with him. By 11.30pm, Mommy insisted that it was time to lie down in bed and go to sleep and that Mommy was going to switch off the lights. Mommy also reminded Juan Or that for that night onwards, he had to sleep alone in his own bed because he is a big boy now and that Mommy would go sleep in Papa and Mommy's room. He obediently and eagerly nodded his head - no sign of resentment on his part.

So Mommy switched off the light, closed his bedroom door and left his room. At that time, Juan Or was already lying in bed but still awake. Still no resentment or cries on his part. Mommy walked to the master bedroom to join Papa in bed. After a little while, Mommy heard Juan Or's cheeky shout from his room and that was all. Mommy still remained in the master bedroom and finally dozed off. It was a peaceful night and Mommy woke up at 5.10am the next day. Mommy went to Juan Or's room to check on him. Turned out he was still sleeping soundly. Mommy's conclusion: So far so good - getting Juan Or to sleep alone in his own bedroom turned out to be a breeze after all. What a relieve for Mommy! On the other hand, Mommy now misses sleeping together with Juan Or. Tonight Papa will not be at home because Papa has gone outstation and Mommy feels undecided whether or not to sleep with Juan Or tonight since Papa is not around. What do you think?

By the way, on a side note here, Juan Or has 'matured' in thoughts already as in Mommy no longer faces problem in getting him to drink milk. In fact, shortly after we have moved into the new house, Juan Or would tell Mommy when he desires to drink milk. Mommy would prepare the milk and he would drink eagerly. No need for Mommy to bribe him with watching DVD anymore. Or sometimes, we need to be going somewhere, so Mommy would wake him up from sleep and asked him to drink milk. Juan Or, still feeling sleepy, would obediently finish the milk so that we could get going fast (which was not something possible to do when we were still staying with the in-laws)!

Here are photos of Juan Or drinking milk while lying down on the floor. Notice that his limbs are no longer the babyish limbs anymore (Mommy misses that!). He can even lift up and cross his legs while drinking milk - like a big shot! ^ ^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Holding the Chopstick

Yes, Mommy has been very 'silent' from the blogging scene for the past 2 weeks and has probably kept fellow mummy bloggers wondering where and what Mommy was up to. Well, sorry to keep fellow readers waiting and wondering, but Mommy has been very caught up with work obligations. Mommy's busiest time at work are usually at the end of an academic semester right up to the early weeks of a new semester (the next hectic wave is going to happen again at around end of August to early September *hint**hint*). The end of a semester is a hectic one because Mommy has to mark examination papers of the subject Mommy is teaching, plus all the lecturers under Mommy's department will submit their subjects' marks for Mommy to go through and check for consistency before the marks are submitted to a higher level. With the end of the exam season comes the opening of a new semester. The new semester means dealing with semester timetable adjustments, course selection approval and entertaining freshy students who come knocking at Mommy's door about almost continuously from 9am to 5pm! And that leaves Mommy with no time at all to blog about Juan Or. So for the few blogposts to come, Mommy will be reporting on outdated things and events that happen to Juan Or. Here's the first one:

24th April 2010

Juan Or has just acquired the preference for watching Sesame Street rather than those children nursery rhymes and Vege Tales DVDs. One of his favourite Sesame Street episode is "Big Bird in Japan". This episode shows how Big Bird and his dog were left behind by their tour group, so both of them had to find their own way in Japan. There was this scene where Big Bird and his dog went to eat dinner in a Japanese restaurant (Big Bird has money?!!) and the chief waiter showed Big Bird how to use a chopstick. So happen, Juan Or also has a pair of toy chopsticks that came from a sushi playset that Mommy bought from the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale not too long ago. Somehow, by just watching the programme, Juan Or 'learnt' how to hold the chopstick. Mommy didn't know it at first until suddenly, Juan Or came to Mommy to 'show off' what he had just learnt! And Mommy was surprised too he could hold the chopstick properly, i.e., without the sticks crossing each other - a trait that he probably inherited from Papa (shy to say, until today, Mommy still holds the chopstick crossed!).

Since Aunty Small Kucing had asked Mommy whether Juan Or tried holding food with the chopstick, so Mommy decided to include this photo for her benefit. Answer is yes, Juan Or has tried eating rice using the toy chopstick. His grip on the food so far was only limited to holding rice (because he refused to eat other things!). But then, he was lucky that the rice was fragrant rice, so was sticky and the rice stuck easily to the chopstick - not so much on the skill of holding the rice with chopstick, though. Of course there were moments when he couldn't even hold the rice in place, so he cried out in frustration.