Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Random Developmental Updates of Juan Or

It has been a long time since Mommy updated about Juan Or's development.

Previously before Juan Or started kindergarten in 2012, he refused to chew his solid food (except for white rice which he loves!), so Mommy had to 'mash and blend' everything (in Mommy's mouth!) before giving it to him. But now, he is capable of feeding and chewing himself already, except for the more fibrous veges whereby Mommy still has to process them in the mouth first.

So here's a photo of Juan Or proudly feeding himself. These photos were taken when we had lunch at Coconut Flower Restaurant (Telok Gong).

The other dishes we ate were mantis prawn,...

kangkung belacan,

and Papa and Mommy's \all-time favourite - steamed mud crabs!

Unfortunately, the only dish Juan Or knows how to eat is the kangkung belacan. As for the other two dishes, he refused to even give a try.

Another developmental milestone for Juan Or is that he is already able to 'build his own city' by joining his Thomas and Friends' railway tracks to form a combination of junctions, underpass, bridges, etc., only thing is that he is still not able to join the tracks to form a complete circuit. So far, they are only open-ended tracks.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Haircut for Juan Or

Last time when Juan Or was still with the babysitter lady, she would normally take Juan Or to a neighbour hairdresser lady (in Sri Petaling) who charged RM5 for kid's haircut. Now that Juan Or is no longer with the babysitter, and daycare centres don't go to the extent of sending your child for haircut, Mommy decided that Mommy will cut his hair instead. So Mommy referred to this practical blog, Almost Frugal, for the how-to.

The first time Mommy cut Juan Or's hair was on Chinese New Year Eve, January 2012, at the in-laws' house. Because Mommy was the one doing the cutting, Mommy couldn't take any photos of the process then. But here was the end result.

Here's another pose!

Fast forward to 2 months later, Juan Or needed another haircut, but Mommy just couldn't find the time to cut his hair because Mommy would normally reach home late from work and weekends mean that certain priority housework needs to be done first before our weekend outings. On top of it all, Papa always wants to start going out early for our outings to avoid road jams and confusions. All these don't leave much time for Mommy to cut Juan Or's hair. Cutting hair in the in-laws' house is also no-no for Mommy because MIL would uninvitingly add her comments here and there as Mommy does the snipping, and not to mention, Juan Or would act fretful (e.g. wants his neck to be dusted with powder again within very short intervals) whenever the grandparents are around. So what's the next best move? Ask Papa to cut Juan Or's hair instead! ^_^

Here's the process......snip, snip, snip left!

Snip, snip, snip right!

Snip, snip, snip from the front!

Snip, snip, snip near the ear! The only problem with cutting this boy's hair is that he kept on moving his head, such that there were occasions of nearly snipping his skin, otherwise is the snip went a little too much.

Ta-dah, this is the end result!

Looks like Mr. Coconut Head, right? Something like the kind of hairstyle whereby you use a halved coconut shell, put over the head and then snip away all the hair that comes out from the coconut shell! ^_^

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Having Fun

Children love lazing around with one another and Juan Or is no exception.

Here's one that Mommy caught when Juan Or was sitting at the kindy's sofa waiting for his "girlfriend' to arrive. Then one of his kindy-mate, TYK, who is a year older, came and join him. Both ended up lazing around with one another!

Anyway, they still posed for a proper photo together.

Here's another have-fun-lazing-around photo, but this time with his cousin, Ah Xuan from My Little Sprouts!

Monday, May 28, 2012

A "Girlfriend" for Juan Or!

Ever since starting kindergarten, Mommy noticed Juan Or has a 'girlfriend' already! Yes, you are reading it right....a 'girlfriend' at this tender age! Every schooling day, Juan Or would insist on sitting at the sofa of the reception area and wait for his classmate 'girlfriend', TYY to arrive.  Sometimes, Mommy would teasingly ask him if he wants to go into class with one Tiffany (also his classmate) or not. He shakes his head and insists that he wants to wait for TYY only!

Finally when TYY arrives, they will hold hands and walk into their classroom.

And she will help Juan Or to put his water bottle on the cabinet, ......

and also help him with his school bag!

What a sweet girl!

But what baffles Mommy is after the 'morning ritual' is done, both of them go their own way - she does her things and he his things, and don't really talk to each other in class! O_o

Sunday, May 27, 2012

DIY "Raincoat"

Brushing Juan Or's teeth has always been a get-wet affair. Why? Simply because Juan Or always refused to bend his upper body forward whenever he rinses his mouth. Then he would end up having a wet patch on the chest part of his T-shirt and sometimes even at the groin area! Otherwise, when Mommy brushes his teeth for him, he would initially bend forward, but later forgets and gradually has his body straighten up again. And there you go, the toothpaste would go drip, drip, drip!

Because Mommy was so fed up of having to change his clothes after every teeth-brushing session (which adds to having more laundry to wash too!), Mommy decided that enough is enough! Here's how.....

First, get a huge plastic bag. It doesn't matter whether the plastic bag has handles or not.

Make a curved cut at the centre end of the plastic bag (the end that is opposite to the handles). The hole created will be the neck-hole.

Cut open both sides of the plastic bag. This will serve as opening for the arms to pass through and also ease putting the "raincoat" over your child. Alternatively, you can merely cut two holes, one at each side of the plastic bag to be the arm holes, but putting the "raincoat" on will then require a bit more effort.

To give a neater look, you may trim away the handles of the plastic bag. Otherwise if your plastic bag has no handles to begin with, just ignore this step.

The "raincoat" is now ready to be worn over your child.

Of course you will find the neck hole to be loose and water may seep through during the teeth-brushing process. To fix this problem? Simple, just use a clothes peg to gather and fasten the loose neck hole, thus leaving no gap for water to seep through.

There you have it, no more spills!

Can even afford to have toothpaste dripping all over the chest now!

No more wet clothes after brushing teeth!

And most of all, "dry clothes" equals to "happy Mommy"! ^_^

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Does Mommy Want to Excite Her Senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed quite some time back that Mommy has been lying dormant from the blogging scene for quite a while. Yes, the last post was on 1st March 2012 and now it is already mid-May. Yes, it's two-going-to three months of not blogging about what's going on in Juan Or and Mommy's life. Many things have gone by in our lives that are still pending to be blogged about. Please excuse Mommy too for not spending time to visit your blogs. The past few months have been really, really demanding and stressful in Mommy's working life because of some reshuffling matters in the management of the department where Mommy is in charge of. On top of all the administrative, management and students' pastoral care duties that Mommy has to shoulder, Mommy was asked to teach a new subject. And teaching a new subject means spending a lot of time to prepare for it. Till today, the preparations are still on-going while the lectures have started already.

Here's how Mommy's work station look like everyday. So many things to do, so little time!

Indeed, since the start of 2012 till today, Mommy has been feeling tired after all in a day's work because there are always different kinds of issues waiting to be resolved for the next working day. Even after all the mummy responsibilities (e.g. bathing and feeding Juan Or dinner) are done for the night, Mommy noticed that Mommy can hardly keep awake barely 1 hour into watching TV! Because of this, Mommy needs to have her senses excited so that Mommy can sustain her wakefulness when watching TV at night. Thus, here comes the latest talk of the town.......... the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV!

This 3D TV is purported to be the next generation TV because of its smart-share features (share contents from your PC and smartphone, point, click and you are in control! No need to walk here, walk there), brighter screen (can heighten and excite Mommy's senses better after a hard day's work!), lighter and more comfortable 3D glasses (remember how Mommy complained about heavy 3D glasses when watching Adventures of Tintin?), and flexible viewing angle (so that Mommy can still view the TV comfortably while attending to Juan Or's needs!).  Not just that, Nuffnang and LG are giving Nuffnangers the opportunity to party with the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV on this coming 23rd May 2012 at GSC Signature, Gardens. If given a chance to attend this party, then this is an opportunity for Mommy to party and unwind! ^_^

If you want to know more about this TV, click here.