Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Having Fun

Children love lazing around with one another and Juan Or is no exception.

Here's one that Mommy caught when Juan Or was sitting at the kindy's sofa waiting for his "girlfriend' to arrive. Then one of his kindy-mate, TYK, who is a year older, came and join him. Both ended up lazing around with one another!

Anyway, they still posed for a proper photo together.

Here's another have-fun-lazing-around photo, but this time with his cousin, Ah Xuan from My Little Sprouts!


eugene said...

Wa you "ho mia" already lol, Juan Or got girl friend some more" no surprise, boys and girls do grow up very fast.

Now look at my boys one is already 15, then other 11...so like you say,let them "having fun " lol,

take care now ya

yvonne said...

Hehehe, Juan Or has cute expression in each photo :)

Especially the first one!

Alice Law said...

Hey, my boy looks older in this pic! LOL, tht's really fun!

suituapui said...

I like the school uniform. Very nice.

Mummy Moon said...

Now only I know A Xuan is your cousin.