Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Does Mommy Want to Excite Her Senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed quite some time back that Mommy has been lying dormant from the blogging scene for quite a while. Yes, the last post was on 1st March 2012 and now it is already mid-May. Yes, it's two-going-to three months of not blogging about what's going on in Juan Or and Mommy's life. Many things have gone by in our lives that are still pending to be blogged about. Please excuse Mommy too for not spending time to visit your blogs. The past few months have been really, really demanding and stressful in Mommy's working life because of some reshuffling matters in the management of the department where Mommy is in charge of. On top of all the administrative, management and students' pastoral care duties that Mommy has to shoulder, Mommy was asked to teach a new subject. And teaching a new subject means spending a lot of time to prepare for it. Till today, the preparations are still on-going while the lectures have started already.

Here's how Mommy's work station look like everyday. So many things to do, so little time!

Indeed, since the start of 2012 till today, Mommy has been feeling tired after all in a day's work because there are always different kinds of issues waiting to be resolved for the next working day. Even after all the mummy responsibilities (e.g. bathing and feeding Juan Or dinner) are done for the night, Mommy noticed that Mommy can hardly keep awake barely 1 hour into watching TV! Because of this, Mommy needs to have her senses excited so that Mommy can sustain her wakefulness when watching TV at night. Thus, here comes the latest talk of the town.......... the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV!

This 3D TV is purported to be the next generation TV because of its smart-share features (share contents from your PC and smartphone, point, click and you are in control! No need to walk here, walk there), brighter screen (can heighten and excite Mommy's senses better after a hard day's work!), lighter and more comfortable 3D glasses (remember how Mommy complained about heavy 3D glasses when watching Adventures of Tintin?), and flexible viewing angle (so that Mommy can still view the TV comfortably while attending to Juan Or's needs!).  Not just that, Nuffnang and LG are giving Nuffnangers the opportunity to party with the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV on this coming 23rd May 2012 at GSC Signature, Gardens. If given a chance to attend this party, then this is an opportunity for Mommy to party and unwind! ^_^

If you want to know more about this TV, click here.


Small Kucing said...

wow nice

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing,thanks for your continuous support for this blog even though nowadays am not able to blog as regularly as before. :-)

MeRy said...

Nice post...good luck!!

Merryn said...

Were you there last night?

Alice Phua said...

Hi MeRy, thanks!

Merryn, unfortunately I didn't win the invitation. ;-( so I was not there that night.