Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Great Fall

On Sunday night, Grandpa helped Juan Or to balance on his feet first before letting go of the hands to let Juan Or walk forward. Juan Or, on the other hand, was too excited to reach his destination (the sofa which was about 2 feet away) so much so he took one big step and lurch his body and arms forward, hoping that with just one big step, he can already reach the sofa! Guess what!? Juan Or had a great fall! His head hit the bottom wooden frame of the sofa first and then fell flat (on his face) onto the floor! And it all happened too fast - Mommy didn't have enough time to catch hold of him to break the fall. The result? A crying Juan Or and two big blue-black marks on the most protruding part of his forehead - one on the left and one on the right.

(See the sofa in the background? That's what Mommy meant by the bottom wooden frame part of the sofa.)

(One of the blue-black marks on Juan Or's forehead. However, this photo was taken a day after the fall, so the colour intensity has already decreased.)

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Visit to "Promise of the Dong"

Yesterday was a Sunday - the only day available in the week for Papa, Juan Or and Mommy to go for outings as a family. However, in wake of the current H1N1 flu season, Mommy decided not to go for shopping complex type of outings because Mommy doesn't want Juan Or to be unnecessarily exposed to people who may have 'played truant' on home quarantine. What's more, shopping complexes are confined places, so pose higher risk at encountering them. That was how Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or out for a long drive somewhere in the countryside.

So Papa headed for the Federal Highway, going down towards the Shah Alam direction, however, upon reaching the exit to Subang Jaya, Papa turned into Subang Jaya and headed into KESAS highway leading us to the Jalan Kebun area. Later on, at a crossroad in Jalan Kebun, Papa tried one of the crossroad turn which didn't look familiar just to see where the road led to. After much village-like twisty-turny road, finally we ended up in Jenjarom! And since we were already in Jenjarom, we decided to visit the famous Buddhist temple known as Dong Zen Temple. In Chinese, the temple's name is pronounced something like "Dong Jan Jze". To Mommy, that pronunciation sounds very similar to "Dong Janji" where 'Janji' in Malay means 'promise'. So that's how Mommy fondly calls the temple as "Promise of the Dong"!

What are the attractions of "Promise of the Dong"? Well, in a nutshell, the temple 'proomises' a large and beautiful garden compound and many sculptures of Little Buddhas, the Arhads and large size Buddhas, either in the garden or in the temple buildings.

Here are some snapshots of Papa carrying Juan Or while Mommy trailed from behind:

Later on, Papa asked Mommy and Juan Or to wait for a while Papa went to the washroom. So during the waiting time, Mommy managed to catch Juan Or in several sitting poses.

And here are photos of Mommy carrying Juan Or around the beautiful garden.

And in case you might be wondering why Mommy was doing the Japanese style (wearing socks on slippers) - we all went into the the part of the temple building called Holy Shrine of Buddha where some of His pearl remains are kept. To enter that place, visitors are required to wear socks. Visitors are not allowed to wear shoes, slippers or even go bare foot to enter. So Papa donated some money to 'pay' for the socks provided. After coming out from the holy shrine room, Mommy found it too troublesome to take off the socks. That's why Mommy went Japanese!

A Money-saving Alternative to Cabinet Safety Locks

Now that Juan Or is already able to move around, he is ever so curious about anything that comes his way, and the cabinets are no exception. One of his favourite curiosity activities is opening the cabinet doors to see and touch or grab the objects inside, and then closing and letting go of the cabinet door such that it closes with a bang (but that's if the cabinet door is the heavy type or the type where the door has glass windows). So Mommy worries in case Juan Or grabs hold of objects he shouldn't touch or if the glass window of the cabinet door shatters as a result of the continuous impact of door banging (plus the broken glass may cut Juan Or's skin!).

With that in mind, Mommy was on the lookout for cabinet safety locks. Previously, Mommy saw a baby sale in Cheras Leisure Mall selling the safety lock for RM6.++ or RM7.++ which Mommy thought was still expensive. Later on, Mommy (actually it was Papa who saw it first!) discovered this hardware shop by the name 'Mr. D.I.Y.' selling cabinet safety lock for RM3.90. Cheap! Mommy also saw other baby safety items such as table corner caps (4 pieces per pack) selling for RM2.90. Overall, most baby things (baby bottles, bottle brush, powder container, etc.) and other household items sold in Mr. D.I.Y. are cheap, but of course most of the things there are made in China. And the good thing is Mr. D.I.Y. exists in several branches/outlets! So far, Mommy spotted 3 Mr. D.I.Y.s - Bandar Puteri Puchong, Kuchai Lama area and somewhere along Jalan Puchong-Old Klang Road.
(This is the Mr. D.I.Y. outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The shop sells various hardware, household and baby/children items at low prices.)
(This is the cabinet safety lock that Mommy was talking about.)

However, about cabinet safety locks, Papa has an even more brilliant idea, plus money-saving as well! This is how Papa does it: Merely use a flexible wire and coil several times into and around the knob or handle of the cabinet door until the door feels secure and voila, here's how it looks like....
(Isn't this method more money-saving, plus doing what it is supposed to do? Of course, just make sure the raw edge ends of the wire are hidden away from touch.)
Anyway, don't worry about whether or not the baby or toddler gets to figure out how to uncoil the flexible wire. By the time your baby or toddler knows how to do it, he or she has already out-grown playing with cabinet doors!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Toy: Building Blocks

On the Thursday that had just passed, Mommy went to Tesco Extra Cheras just after office hours just to look-see. Mommy got to know that there's a baby fair promotion going on based on the Tesco booklet advertisement that Mother-in-law took home.

This time, the baby things sold in the baby fair aren't that attractive in price. Most of the things Mommy could also find them in other warehouse sales for a much cheaper price. However, the toddler plain colour shorts selling at RM1.90 are worth considering because the cutting is really big unlike the ones sold in Hytex Warehouse Sale (RM1 per piece, but smaller cutting). So Mommy bought 3 pairs of the shorts considering that Juan Or can wear them till he is at most 4 years old.

Mommy also saw large building blocks (45 pieces ) sold at RM13.90. Of course, this building blocks set is not like those branded ones like Duplo (Lego) or Megablock, but at least it's something for Juan Or to play with at an economical price and that the smallest units of the blocks are still too large to be put into the mouth. Mommy recall seeing something similar in Litt Tak Warehouse Sale, the only difference is that Litt Tak's has a little more number of building block pieces and the price was RM20. With these considerations in mind, Mommy decided to buy the building blocks set.

(The large building blocks set, 45 pieces, for RM13.90)

So how is Juan Or's reaction towards the building blocks? Well, Juan Or still does not know how to stack the blocks yet, so Papa or Mommy has to do it for him. But Juan Or is very good at dismantling it! Once all are dismantled, he will use his hands to sweep the blocks randomly all over the floor! What a mess!

(Watching the TV while pushing the building blocks.)

(Haha! A funny TV commercial sends smiles on Juan Or's face.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Being a Boy Yet Looking Like a Girl!?

After Mommy read two blogs (Hao Re's and Princess Breanna's) that mentioned how people mistakenly see a him-for-a-her and a her-for-a-him, Mommy decided that Mommy should put into record how Juan Or had his fair share of such experience.

Scene 1:
Right from the day Juan Or was born, nurses in the hospital already remarked that Juan Or looked like a girl, simply because Juan Or has long and curled eye lashes (the length is inherited from Papa but it being curled is inherited from Mommy). But of course, in their case, they already know Juan Or has the male organ, so is a boy:

Nurse 1: Eh, tengok....bulu matanya panjang melentik! (Eh, see.....the eye lashes are long and curling!)
Nurse 2: Nampak macam muka perempuanlah! (Looks like girl face-lah!)
Nurse 1: Tapi ini memang bayi lelakilah! (But this is a baby boy!)

Scene 2:
For the first time when Mommy took Juan Or to see a paediatrician (Juan Or had phlegm), the clinic's nurse directed Juan Or and Mommy into a room to 'screen through' first before handing him to the paediatrician for consultation. After the nurse went through Juan Or, the nurse wanted to fill in one record card or something, so she asked Mommy (and she sounded confident!),"This baby is a girl, right?" So Mommy answered,"No, it's a boy!"

Scene 3:
When Juan Or was around 3 or 4 months old, Papa and Mommy took Juan Or along to see a furniture shop. The shop assistant, upon seeing Juan Or, asked Mommy,"Is this a baby girl?" So Mommy smiled and answered,"Oh, It's a boy!"

Scene 4:
The babysitter had casually mentioned to Mommy before that Juan Or's looks does resemble a girl. There was once when her daughter was holding a cloth hairband, so she asked her daughter to try putting it on Juan Or's head to see how 'girly' he looked. On another occasion, the babysitter playfully placed a small ribbon-shaped hair clip onto Juan Or's head to test the girlishness look.
("I'm a boy and am definitely NOT a girl!")
("I am a BOY and I definitely like rough things!")

The Chicken Pox Jab: To Do or Not to Do?

Recently, Mommy received an SMS from Juan Or's regular paediatric clinic. The SMS informed Mommy that a vaccination is about to be due and requested that Mommy call up the clinic for more information. Actually Mommy already expected the notification from the clinic because the next vaccination (which is an optional one) stated on Juan Or's appointment card indicates it to be the chicken pox jab and that the paediatrician did tell Mommy on the last jab visit to wait for the clinic to call for the next vaccination appointment. So Mommy called the clinic and confirmed it was the chicken pox jab. However, Mommy was actually more interested to know how much the chicken pox jab costs. The clinic assistant-on-duty answered RM110. "Wow, so expensive" Mommy thought. Then Mommy went on to ask whether the jab protects from all strains of chicken pox to which the answer was 95%. So Mommy told the clinic assistant that Mommy wanted to think it through first before arranging for an appointment.

So these are Mommy's thoughts: Chicken pox is quite a common one-time illness. Mommy had chicken pox before at the age of 9. All Mommy experienced was fever and pox rashes for about 1 week or so. No complications whatsoever. What if Juan Or gets chicken pox at toddlerhood? Wouldn't that be difficult for Mommy to handle? The crying, the refusal to eat, the crankiness and what not? If Juan Or gets chicken pox at childhood, then it's alright, but if at toddlerhood, how well can Mommy manage him? Are there any other serious complications if a toddler gets chicken pox?

So Mommy decided to look into the internet for answers. Mommy found this website to be the most informative and relevant. To put it in a nutshell, the article says that:

  • chicken pox is usually milder in a child than in an adult.
  • if one is to get chicken pox during adulthood, the likelihood of getting more serious complications is higher. And serious complications here are ear infection ( in 20 cases) and inflammation of the heart muscle, kidney, liver, pancreas, testes or various parts of the eye.
  • some children are at higher risk of developing complications from chicken pox and these are babies less than a month old, children with poor immune system (such as leukemia, immune disease and HIV patients), children taking certain medication (e.g. steroids, immune suppressing medicine, chemotheraphy), children with severe heart and lung disease, and children with severe skin condition.

With these facts in hand, so looks like Juan Or is not likely to experience serious complications if he is to get chicken pox. So, currently, Mommy's stand is at 80% for no chicken pox jab for Juan Or and 20% yes. What about other mummies' opinion and experience?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peculiar Habit

Quite some time back ago, Mommy spotted Juan Or having this peculiar habit: lifting both his hands up to hit his own head! Where did Juan Or learn this gesture from? Mommy wondered at first. Then later on, Mommy learnt that Juan Or could have picked that up from the babysitter's place. One day, when Mommy went to the babysitter's to pick him up, Juan Or was still playing and crawling on the floor. Then, the babysitter's mother-in-law called Juan Or's name, and started reciting a Chinese rhyme that came together with some hand actions, and one of it being lifting the two hands up to hit the head! Mommy was speechless. Ever since then, the action became a habit for Juan Or despite countless reminders from Mommy, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and Jidek (Second Uncle) against hitting his own head. Watch this video:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watching Interactive Slideshows: An Alternative to Reading

Typically, Juan Or's reading activities only revolve around Mommy reading words and pointing at syllables and pictures to him while Juan Or does the page-turning, or if Mommy is tired, Mommy merely handed books for Juan Or to 'play' by turning the pages and lifting the flaps all by himself. However, to date, Juan Or is still not able to pronounce the words or the alphabets that Mommy reads to him. This makes Mommy wonder whether Juan Or really knows what Mommy has been reading to him all this while.

(Juan Or is looking at colourful pictures.)
(Juan Or enjoys turning the page of the book. It doesn't matter whether the book is upside down or not, as long as the pages can be turned, can already!)

(Does Juan Or really know what he sees in the book? Mommy wonders.)
Today, Mommy switched on the laptop to let Juan Or watch interactive slideshows that Mommy downloaded previously from Brillbaby.com (thanks to Jessy for telling Mommy about this wonderful website!). Mommy did this merely for variety in Mommy's effort to teach Juan Or to read. In the slideshows, the words are in very large font size (suitable for baby's view), and each word comes with voice that pronounces the word, then followed by a picture that illustrates the word. Sometimes, the picture is followed by the natural sound of the picture, for example, the picture of a bird will have the chirping sound. And hearing this makes Juan Or laughs (much to Mommy's amusement)! Watch this video:

But of course the next danger lies in Juan Or 'attacking' the laptop keyboard!

The Messy Eater

Juan Or is a messy eater. Of course, Mommy is not surprised - his hand coordination is still not very controlled yet. When Mommy gives him biscuit to hold and eat, he will hold the biscuit and bite it bit by bit till the biscuit reaches his little fingers. Of course he still doesn't know how to shift his fingers away a little so that he can continue to bite the biscuit. Instead he attempts to put the entire leftover piece into the mouth, munch it and as result, the leftover piece breaks into smaller pieces with part of the little pieces in his mouth, some stuck just outside his mouth and the rest of them scattered on his T-shirt and pants! As if not messy enough, knowing that there are little biscuit pieces stuck outside his mouth, he attempts to shove the little pieces into the mouth using the knuckles part of his hand. The result? A very messy baby with biscuit debris stuck outside the mouth, sometimes even the nose, the hands (both inside and outside), on the T-shirt and pants, on the floor where he is sitting, and if Mommy is unlucky, he will move his legs to shift his sitting position and in the process, steps onto the biscuit debris!

So far, Mommy has given him two types of biscuits to eat: rusk biscuits and Chipsmore. But Juan Or's favourite is Chipsmore because of its chocolatey taste and it's much easier to bite than rusk biscuits. Rusk biscuits are a little too hard, though. However, Mommy dare not let Juan Or eat so much Chipsmore because too much chocolate can make him constipate (Juan Or had bad constipation experience with drinking Dutch Lady's 123 Chocolate milk). So far, from Mommy's experience, giving Juan Or about 3 pieces of Chipsmore biscuit was not sufficient to cause constipation.
Here's a series of snapshots of Juan Or eating Chipsmore - messily, of course!
("Woo! Chipsmore! Looks good!")
("How to open ah?)
("Mama, can you please open it for me?")

(Still biting Chipsmore.)

("Now you see it....")

("......now you don't!")

("Eii....still got some more Chipsmore! Use my knuckles to push it in.")

("Ok, last of the last.")

("Aiyo! Hands coated with chocolate! So messy!")

Monday, June 22, 2009

Juan Or's Lesson With the Kiddy Ride

Last week Friday, Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or out for a short night outing. At the same time, Papa wanted to buy blank DVDs, so decided to try looking for it in one of the tenants in Sri Petaling's The Store.

Upon reaching there, Papa told Mommy to put Juan Or into one of the kiddy ride machine while he went to look for a shopping cart. So Mommy did just that and when Papa finally came with the shopping cart, Mommy tried taking Juan Or out from the kiddy ride machine. Juan Or refused to let go, instead his little fingers held on tight to the steering! Upon seeing this, Papa decided not to waste time with him, so asked Mommy to accompany Juan Or with the kiddy ride machine while Papa went to buy the blank DVDs. Finally when Papa returned, Papa said to Juan Or,"Cabut! Cabut! (Let's go! Let's go)" and immediately Juan Or showed his reluctance by making one kind of fretful sound. Watch this video:

Then Mommy tried lifting him out of the machine and again, Juan Or's little fingers held on tight to the steering - not wanting to let go. Again, Juan Or made the fretful sound. Finally Papa decided that we should 'leave' Juan Or in the kiddy ride machine and 'walk away'. Upon walking a few steps away, Mommy managed to turn back and glanced at Juan Or. Mommy can see that 'worry', 'uncertainty' and 'anxiety' were written all over Juan Or's face! Juan Or even made one kind of sound as if to call Papa and Mommy. "Haha! Scared already!" Mommy thought. So Papa walked back and carried Juan Or out of the machine. This time, Juan Or willingly let go off his hands from the steering! Papa carried Juan Or in his arms, telling him not to be afraid and assured him that Papa and Mommy won't leave him behind.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Juan Or's First Independent Walk

This post is already a little outdated. Actually, the babysitter first saw Juan Or walked independently (i.e., without holding on to any furniture) through a considerable distance (about 2 metres) somewhere between 8th to 12th June 2009. In other words, Juan Or's independent walking started at about 13 months old. Soon after the babysitter told Mommy about it, Mommy started seeing Juan Or walk more frequently then. However, Juan Or will only walk independently when he is focused on getting something and without himself realising it, his legs will start walking. If someone suddenly exclaims and draws attention to him walking, he will immediately plop down and start crawling instead! Because of this, whenever Juan Or rises to walk, everyone in the house will keep quiet, not make any fuss and just watch!

Another thing about why Mommy only get to blog about Juan Or's walking now is because previously, Mommy was not able to capture his walking on video. Whenever Juan Or started walking, Mommy was not ready with the handphone video camera. And when Mommy is ready with it, Juan Or refused to walk instead! Missmatch timing! But this time, Mommy 'tempt' Juan Or with cheese (Juan Or loves eating cheese!) while Papa captured him on video. Here are the results:

1. Mommy forgot to switch on the ceiling light during filming, that's why it looks dark (but still visible)!

2. Let there be light!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Auto-rocking the 'Sarong'

Now that Juan Or's legs are getting stronger (and longer!), so does his will to do certain things on his own. One example is that as soon as Mommy puts him into the 'sarong' (spring cot) and then walks away to go switch on the fan, Juan Or will hang his legs out and start kicking. The kicking motion causes the 'sarong' to bounce up and down - that's what Mommy calls as 'auto-rocking'! No need to buy the automatic spring cot rocking device....hehehe! But of course at the end of the day, Juan Or will still prefer Mommy to rock him rather than rocking all by himself. Less effort on his own part, right? Imagine if Juan Or is contented with auto-rocking, then Mommy will be much more free to do other things. But then, Mommy is also afraid in case Juan Or ends up falling out of the sarong....so Mommy has better do all the rocking and not leave him alone to auto-rock!

(Hang the legs out and ........)
(........ kick to auto-rock!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Visit to the Hospital: Mild Bilateral Hydronephrosis

Today Mommy took leave from work to bring Juan Or for routine medical checkup (in HUKM) of his mild bilateral hydronephrosis condition (layman term: mild dilation on both kidneys).

Here are some background information about Juan Or's condition:

Juan Or was first diagnosed with this congenital condition since Mommy was 5 months pregnant. Doctors mentioned that usually mild hydronephrosis resolves by itself. The problem with hydronephrosis is that it makes the baby at higher risk for contracting urinary tract infection (UTI) due to obstruction in the urinary tract which in turn causes symptoms like backflow of the urine. Beause of this, Juan Or has been on antibiotic medication (trimetoprim) as a preventive measure since the day he was born. To date, Juan Or's kidney dilation has shown progress in that the dilation has reduced and his kidneys appear to be growing normally. So far, Juan Or has never experienced high fever not associated with cough/flu (which could be a sign of urinary tract infection) and his urine flow from the penis is of normal gush. Juan Or went for MCUG test (to confirm the source of obstruction and to check for urine backflow) previously but the test had to be aborted because the tube could not be inserted fully through the penis. Because the MCUG test failed, Juan Or has to be on trimetoprim until the condition resolves by itself or until he is 2 years old, whichever is sooner.

So how's the progress of Juan Or's hydronephrosis condition in today's hospital visit? Yay! Good news! Ultrasound scan result concludes that there is 'minimal splitting of both renal pelvis with no evidence of hydronephrosis' (Mommy is quoting directly from the ultrasound scan report!). So what does this mean? It means that the dilation has resolved by itself! There is no more kidney dilation! Yay! Here are the details of the ultrasound scan observation report:

  • BPL right kidney is 6.12 cm and BPL left kidney is 6.18 cm.

  • Both kidneys have normal echogenicity.

  • Minimal splitting of renal pelvis seen. However, no blunting of calyces seen bilaterally.

  • AP diameter of renal pelvis is 0.5 cm bilaterally.

  • No dilated ureter seen bilaterally.

  • Normal bladder. No calculi seen within.

How did Juan Or go through his ultrasound scan session? Well, Juan Or cried a lot (and loudly!) simply because he was rudely awakened from sleep when his turn came and that 'strangers' (the sonographers) had to touch him (Juan Or hates to be touched by strangers!).

Later on, after obtaining the ultrasound scan report, Mommy took Juan Or to the Paediatric Clinic section for consultation. During the waiting period, Mommy took Juan Or to be weighed and his height measured. Before weighing, the nurse instructed Mommy to take off his diaper. Then during the weighing process, Juan Or urinated! Later on, Juan Or dozed off again in the stroller and Mommy had to wake him up when his turn came. Luckily, this time, Juan Or didn't cry when Mommy carried him into the consultation room. Upon reaching the paediatrician's table, Juan Or saw an Incredibles toy figurine and quickly grabbed it. During the consultation, the paediatrician asked Mommy about how strong is Juan Or's urine flow, whether there's any occasion when there's blood in urine, whether Juan Or developed any unexplainable fever, his motor skill development and his weight gain progress. The paediatrician also concluded that Juan Or's weight gain has picked up and is currently at the lower range of the normal percentile. The paediatrician also agreed (with the private-practice paediatrician) that Juan Or should still continue with PediaSure milk. However, for his trimetoprim medication, the paediatrician was a little undecided whether or not to continue with it since the dilation is gone - the only thing of concern is whether the 'minimal splitting of renal pelvis' still poses risk of getting UTI. Because of this, the paediatrician asked about Mommy's preference. So Mommy answered that of course Mommy prefers Juan Or not to be on medication for prolonged period of time unless very necessary, but the possible risk of getting UTI may still be there (which can lead to kidney scarring and subsequent impaired kidney function). So the paediatrician and Mommy finally decided that Juan Or should still continue with trimetoprim until his next checkup at 1 year 7 months old. Mommy also asked the paediatrician whether there's any possibility that taking trimetoprim over a long period of time may have caused his poor weight gain by killing most of the friendly microorganisms in the gut that helps nutrient absorbtion. The paediatrician answered that it is highly unlikely because the dosage is very mild and that trimetoprim is not a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

All in all, Mommy paid RM 47 for the hospital visit: RM20 for ultrasound scan + RM5 for consultation + RM20 for medication + RM2 for parking. Mommy also managed to take some snapshots of Juan Or during the waiting time.

For previous posting of Juan Or's condition, please click here.

As an after-thought, Mommy wondered whether there is any genetic basis to hydronephrosis. A scientific article that Mommy found in the internet indicates that fetal hydronephrosis occurs in 1 of 100 births with at least 20% being clinically significant (luckily Juan Or's is not significant!). The article also mentions that the causes are unknown in most human cases although environmental influence and genetic determinants have been implicated. Genetic basis!? As far as Mommy knows, there are no relatives, both on Mommy's side and Papa's side, who have this condition or who have experienced UTI during toddlerhood or childhood. Could it be spontaneous mutation, then, for Juan Or's case? A further read in the article reveals that spontaneous mutations and targeted genetic modification has been described in a number of animal models to which the genetic defects in most of these naturally occuring mutants are still unknown. Huh!? Juan Or a mutant!? No comments....Perhaps Mommy can consider this a potential research topic for Mommy's final-year research project students - candidate genes for congenital hydronephrosis in human samples. But to do this, Mommy has to network with doctors who are handling such cases to get human DNA samples (Juan Or's DNA sample alone is not enough!). And to do this will involve a substantial amount of protocol (e.g. informed consent from babies' parents and perhaps permission from hospital). Never mind, Mommy will sort that out later....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teasing Mommy

Juan Or's sense of humour seems to be in teasing Mommy. Whenever Juan Or touches something forbidden, Mommy will be going,"Eeiii! eeiii! Cannot! Cannot touch!" Just yesterday evening, after Mommy took Juan Or back from the babysitter's house, Mommy allowed Juan Or to 'drive' the car, i.e., putting Juan Or to play with the car steering (with engine off, of course!). As a safety measure, Mommy made sure the car doors were locked, just in case Juan Or pulled the car door lever and ended up falling out of the car. Then as usual, Juan Or's itchy hands would go pulling at the car door lever. Although the car doors were locked, however, Mommy didn't want Juan Or to get into the habit of playing with the car door lever. So Mommy went 'Eeiii! eeiii! Cannot! Cannot touch!' whenever Juan Or pulled at it. On seeing Mommy going 'frantic' about the lever, Juan Or would start laughing heartily and in a mischievous manner. Then he would go teasing Mommy again by pretending to pull at the lever and just before pulling, he would laugh out loud! What a cute and mischievous baby, yet so lovable! Here are a series of consecutive snapshots showing Juan Or 'driving', playing with the signal light lever and laughing out loud for teasing Mommy: