Monday, June 29, 2009

A Money-saving Alternative to Cabinet Safety Locks

Now that Juan Or is already able to move around, he is ever so curious about anything that comes his way, and the cabinets are no exception. One of his favourite curiosity activities is opening the cabinet doors to see and touch or grab the objects inside, and then closing and letting go of the cabinet door such that it closes with a bang (but that's if the cabinet door is the heavy type or the type where the door has glass windows). So Mommy worries in case Juan Or grabs hold of objects he shouldn't touch or if the glass window of the cabinet door shatters as a result of the continuous impact of door banging (plus the broken glass may cut Juan Or's skin!).

With that in mind, Mommy was on the lookout for cabinet safety locks. Previously, Mommy saw a baby sale in Cheras Leisure Mall selling the safety lock for RM6.++ or RM7.++ which Mommy thought was still expensive. Later on, Mommy (actually it was Papa who saw it first!) discovered this hardware shop by the name 'Mr. D.I.Y.' selling cabinet safety lock for RM3.90. Cheap! Mommy also saw other baby safety items such as table corner caps (4 pieces per pack) selling for RM2.90. Overall, most baby things (baby bottles, bottle brush, powder container, etc.) and other household items sold in Mr. D.I.Y. are cheap, but of course most of the things there are made in China. And the good thing is Mr. D.I.Y. exists in several branches/outlets! So far, Mommy spotted 3 Mr. D.I.Y.s - Bandar Puteri Puchong, Kuchai Lama area and somewhere along Jalan Puchong-Old Klang Road.
(This is the Mr. D.I.Y. outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The shop sells various hardware, household and baby/children items at low prices.)
(This is the cabinet safety lock that Mommy was talking about.)

However, about cabinet safety locks, Papa has an even more brilliant idea, plus money-saving as well! This is how Papa does it: Merely use a flexible wire and coil several times into and around the knob or handle of the cabinet door until the door feels secure and voila, here's how it looks like....
(Isn't this method more money-saving, plus doing what it is supposed to do? Of course, just make sure the raw edge ends of the wire are hidden away from touch.)
Anyway, don't worry about whether or not the baby or toddler gets to figure out how to uncoil the flexible wire. By the time your baby or toddler knows how to do it, he or she has already out-grown playing with cabinet doors!


Anonymous said...

WE used to put a few of those those tight rubber bands around it... muahahah...

smallkucing said...

cheaper still is rubber bands..hahaha..I also use rubber bands.

Now my boy knows how to open door knobs. Anyone with a cheap alternative apart from installing a latch?