Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watching Papa's Magic Show

Today Papa did a magic show for Juan Or to watch. Using the Mickey Mouse stacking castle cups which Mommy bought from a previous Litt Tak Toy Warehouse Sale, Papa did the magic trick. First, Papa showed Juan Or the Mickey Mouse figurine and then covered it with the cup. Then Papa skillfully lifted the cup (together with the figurine) such that the figurine appeared to have vanished into thin air! "Hey! Where's the Mickey Mouse?" Papa would ask Juan Or. Finally, Papa put the cup back onto the floor and lifted the cup to reveal the figurine. Voila! Juan Or would immediately smile with surprise! Haha...this shows that Juan Or fully comprehends the concept of object permanence. Watch this video:


little prince's mummy said...

Ur papa so geng, know how to perform magic show somemore? hehe~

narelleserline said...

Maybe I'll try to do the same like his Papa when Narelle is bored.