Friday, June 26, 2009

Being a Boy Yet Looking Like a Girl!?

After Mommy read two blogs (Hao Re's and Princess Breanna's) that mentioned how people mistakenly see a him-for-a-her and a her-for-a-him, Mommy decided that Mommy should put into record how Juan Or had his fair share of such experience.

Scene 1:
Right from the day Juan Or was born, nurses in the hospital already remarked that Juan Or looked like a girl, simply because Juan Or has long and curled eye lashes (the length is inherited from Papa but it being curled is inherited from Mommy). But of course, in their case, they already know Juan Or has the male organ, so is a boy:

Nurse 1: Eh, tengok....bulu matanya panjang melentik! (Eh, see.....the eye lashes are long and curling!)
Nurse 2: Nampak macam muka perempuanlah! (Looks like girl face-lah!)
Nurse 1: Tapi ini memang bayi lelakilah! (But this is a baby boy!)

Scene 2:
For the first time when Mommy took Juan Or to see a paediatrician (Juan Or had phlegm), the clinic's nurse directed Juan Or and Mommy into a room to 'screen through' first before handing him to the paediatrician for consultation. After the nurse went through Juan Or, the nurse wanted to fill in one record card or something, so she asked Mommy (and she sounded confident!),"This baby is a girl, right?" So Mommy answered,"No, it's a boy!"

Scene 3:
When Juan Or was around 3 or 4 months old, Papa and Mommy took Juan Or along to see a furniture shop. The shop assistant, upon seeing Juan Or, asked Mommy,"Is this a baby girl?" So Mommy smiled and answered,"Oh, It's a boy!"

Scene 4:
The babysitter had casually mentioned to Mommy before that Juan Or's looks does resemble a girl. There was once when her daughter was holding a cloth hairband, so she asked her daughter to try putting it on Juan Or's head to see how 'girly' he looked. On another occasion, the babysitter playfully placed a small ribbon-shaped hair clip onto Juan Or's head to test the girlishness look.
("I'm a boy and am definitely NOT a girl!")
("I am a BOY and I definitely like rough things!")


Cynthia said...

muahaha.. we terbalik! but it's true he got nice eyes!

Serline said...

I'm sure he has his gentle side. But I don't think he looks like a girl. Much like a pretty boy. I think narelle looks more like a boy as most of the people thought she's a boy even though she wore pink clothing. I had to tell them "see she's wearing pink..." but Thai don't think pink colour is only for girl.

mNhL said...

Ohh...just like ppl thought my baby girl is a 'boy' because she looks more like her dad!