Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kiko Warehouse Sale (1st-7th June 2009): Stocking Up Clothes for Juan Or's Boyhood

Last week Monday, Mommy had the chance to drop by at the Kiko Warehouse Sale. This sale was on from 1st to 7th June 2009, held in Kiko’s factory itself, located somewhere in the industrial area of Bandar Puteri Puchong. As far as Mommy knows, Kiko usually holds its warehouse sale when it’s near Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. The last time Mommy went to this sale was when Mommy was about 5 to 6 months pregnant with Juan Or (that was in January 2008) and the deals were good – collared polo shirts with nice cloth texture sold at RM8 per piece! However, as times go by, comments found in the Shopping and Sales website about Kiko were more on the negative side – the prices were the same as the supermarket price tags. However, this time the sale was not anywhere near any festive season, so Mommy reckoned that this sale was probably ‘different’. So Mommy just had to visit this sale!

So, what was in store this time? Parking-wise was easy, Mommy merely parked at the side of the road leading to Kiko – there wasn’t any yellow line drawn at the sides of the road thus making it legal to park! The sale was held in Kiko’s canteen. The place was bright and airy, but very warm. There were only fans available to help evaporate your sweat as you pick and choose clothes. The left side of the room had racks with girl clothes in it and the right side had boy clothes. However, each rack had different age category clothes. Mommy merely focused on boy clothes racks with the labels ‘1-3 years’ and ‘4-6 years’. All clothes had 50% discount off the price you see on the price tag. The prices you see on the tags were before the 50% discount. How about the design of boy clothes there? A lot of variety but they were all those ‘good and decent boy’ design types, which suits Mommy. However, the toddler (1-3 years) rack had very little selection – only two T-shirt designs available and the biggest size available was 1-2 years only (RM4 per piece after 50% discount). Others were some girl toddler clothings. As for the 4-6 years rack, the cheapest T-shirt (collarless and polo shirt) sold (after 50% discount) was RM6 which was cheaper than last time. As for girl shoes, Mommy noticed that the price was hardly cheap at all even after 50% discount – RM30! However, there were no boy shoes at all. By the way, credit card was only accepted for purchases worth RM50 and above. Anything below that had to go by cash term. There were only two cashier counters, in which one counter is dedicated for cash transactions. However, Mommy didn't experience any human traffic-jam when paying at the cashier counter. By the way, Mommy's colleague had already surveyed Kiko clothes in a concurrent Jusco sale and found that the cheapest Kiko apparel after discount was RM15.

(The rack for toddler clothes.)

(Only this much of clothes left for toddlers? Most of them are girl clothes.)

These were Mommy’s yield: 2 pieces of age 4 T-shirts and 3 pieces of age 6 T-shirts, each for RM6. This time, Mommy decided to go for thinner cloth type and preferably sleeveless T-shirt considering that nowadays the weather seems to be getting hotter and hotter. Then Juan Or can wear them either as home-wear or for going out without feeling too hot (Juan Or is a very sweaty boy!).

(Two pieces of age 4 clothes for Juan Or, each at RM6. For the sleeveless T-shirt, original price was RM33.90 and the sleeved one was RM19.90.)

(Three pieces of age 6 clothes for Juan Or, each at RM6. For the yellow and black sleevelss T-shirts, original price was RM33.90 and the blue sleeved T-shirt was RM39.90.)


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