Monday, June 22, 2009

Juan Or's Lesson With the Kiddy Ride

Last week Friday, Papa and Mommy decided to take Juan Or out for a short night outing. At the same time, Papa wanted to buy blank DVDs, so decided to try looking for it in one of the tenants in Sri Petaling's The Store.

Upon reaching there, Papa told Mommy to put Juan Or into one of the kiddy ride machine while he went to look for a shopping cart. So Mommy did just that and when Papa finally came with the shopping cart, Mommy tried taking Juan Or out from the kiddy ride machine. Juan Or refused to let go, instead his little fingers held on tight to the steering! Upon seeing this, Papa decided not to waste time with him, so asked Mommy to accompany Juan Or with the kiddy ride machine while Papa went to buy the blank DVDs. Finally when Papa returned, Papa said to Juan Or,"Cabut! Cabut! (Let's go! Let's go)" and immediately Juan Or showed his reluctance by making one kind of fretful sound. Watch this video:

Then Mommy tried lifting him out of the machine and again, Juan Or's little fingers held on tight to the steering - not wanting to let go. Again, Juan Or made the fretful sound. Finally Papa decided that we should 'leave' Juan Or in the kiddy ride machine and 'walk away'. Upon walking a few steps away, Mommy managed to turn back and glanced at Juan Or. Mommy can see that 'worry', 'uncertainty' and 'anxiety' were written all over Juan Or's face! Juan Or even made one kind of sound as if to call Papa and Mommy. "Haha! Scared already!" Mommy thought. So Papa walked back and carried Juan Or out of the machine. This time, Juan Or willingly let go off his hands from the steering! Papa carried Juan Or in his arms, telling him not to be afraid and assured him that Papa and Mommy won't leave him behind.

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mNhL said...

Good moves. hehe...