Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Great Toy Giveaway at Singapore Kid's Places

Woo-hoo! Toys! Toys! Toys! Obviously Mommy is not interested to play with toys, but definitely getting toys for your own kid sure does make Mommy feel good! Mommy is sure many other mommies out there can whole-heartedly agree with that! Sure...getting toys for your own kid means having to fork out money to buy them, which sometimes (perhaps most of the time!) results in buying more toys than you planned for especially if the toys are purchased from warehouse sales (Hey, if the price is good and the toy is good, why not!?). But what if you can get the toy for free by winning it? Yes, that's what Mommy is trying now at the Singapore Kid's Places' great toy giveaway!

The author of Singapore Kid's Places, Milly, together with the sponsor for this giveaway, Right to Learn, a Singapore-based toy company, will give one lucky participant a toy or a selection of toys of the participant's choice to the value of Singapore Dollar $26. What kinds of toys does Right to Learn offer? It offers a wide range of educational toys (including Montessori materials) suitable for infants right up to children of primary school age. Many categories of toys are available for you to choose from: sensorial, practical life, language, cultural, botany, zoology, mathematics, puzzles, science kits, IQ games, arts and craft, young scientists, playing cards and magic. There are also bargain and clearance corner toys for you to choose from.

What do you have to do to stand a chance to win something? Simply go to Right to Learn to select a toy of your choice and add a comment in Singapore Kid's Places' great toy giveaway stating your toy selection and a reason why you like that toy. For an extra entry, you can either click to follow Singapore Kid's Places blog, or follow the author on Twitter (her username is millysmix), or click to subscribe to Singapore Kid's Places. For two additional entries, you can write about this giveaway in your blog with a link to Milly's toy giveaway posting and a link to Right to Learn. Each participant is allowed a maximum of 6 entries. Do not forget to leave your email address in your entry so that Milly can contact you if you are the winner. The deadline is 9th June 2009. So hurry! By the way, this giveaway is opened to anyone in the world and not limited to Singaporean residents only.


Milly said...

Thanks for the write up Alice. Good luck, I think you have a great chance of winning now!

Alice Phua said...

Hope so! =-)