Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watching Interactive Slideshows: An Alternative to Reading

Typically, Juan Or's reading activities only revolve around Mommy reading words and pointing at syllables and pictures to him while Juan Or does the page-turning, or if Mommy is tired, Mommy merely handed books for Juan Or to 'play' by turning the pages and lifting the flaps all by himself. However, to date, Juan Or is still not able to pronounce the words or the alphabets that Mommy reads to him. This makes Mommy wonder whether Juan Or really knows what Mommy has been reading to him all this while.

(Juan Or is looking at colourful pictures.)
(Juan Or enjoys turning the page of the book. It doesn't matter whether the book is upside down or not, as long as the pages can be turned, can already!)

(Does Juan Or really know what he sees in the book? Mommy wonders.)
Today, Mommy switched on the laptop to let Juan Or watch interactive slideshows that Mommy downloaded previously from Brillbaby.com (thanks to Jessy for telling Mommy about this wonderful website!). Mommy did this merely for variety in Mommy's effort to teach Juan Or to read. In the slideshows, the words are in very large font size (suitable for baby's view), and each word comes with voice that pronounces the word, then followed by a picture that illustrates the word. Sometimes, the picture is followed by the natural sound of the picture, for example, the picture of a bird will have the chirping sound. And hearing this makes Juan Or laughs (much to Mommy's amusement)! Watch this video:

But of course the next danger lies in Juan Or 'attacking' the laptop keyboard!


Zara's Mama said...

Mummy is so resourceful.
It's just like watching Baby Einstein right?

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