Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friven and Co. Warehouse Sale (11th-16th June 2009)

Today Mommy went to Friven and Co. Warehouse Sale just to see if there's anything cheap and good that Mommy can buy for Juan Or or the household. Mommy was hoping to chance upon something like perhaps the cartoon character type of queen size bedsheet or comforter set for Juan Or. By the way, some time last year, Papa and Mommy had already furnished Juan Or's bedroom with solid wood 4-door cupboard with a stacked cabinet above it, bed frame and dressing table all for RM800 plus + a good quality spring mattress for RM800 plus, all purchased from Perabot Bahagia in Giant Kinrara. Although it will take quite a long time (3 to 4 years perhaps?) before Mommy feels safe to let Juan Or sleep on his own bed without rolling out, Mommy's instinct to equip things for Juan Or well in advance is always there.

So where is this Friven sale held? It's at Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras. It's just a little further down from where Mommy works, but of course, being unfamiliar with the Cheras area, Mommy referred to Google Maps first. Mommy reckoned that even if Mommy came out empty-handed, at least Mommy had learnt how to go to Taman Shamelin Perkasa (Oh, what a good excuse! Hehehe!). So to go there, Mommy used the MRR2 way.

So what's in store at Friven's? There was no crowd, and the number of employees manning the place far outnumbered the number of customers. As for the prices of the bedding sets, although the prices are cheaper than during Jusco's or Parkson's sale period, but the so-called cheap prices are nothing to shout about. Now does that explain why there's no crowd? For example, Viva (the cheapest brand there) single bedsheet set (100% cotton, 285 or 315 thread count can't remember!) is sold at RM30, Viva queen bedsheet set at RM40 and King at RM45 are hardly anything to shout about. Their queen comforter sets (Viva and other brands carried by Friven) start from RM130, some RM140, RM150 or more - much like those bedding fair sale in Jusco. Mommy only found one farm cartoon design of Viva queen bedsheet set at RM40, but hey, this is a warehouse sale, so the price should be much cheaper than RM40! By the way, credit card is only accepted for purchases worth RM50 and above.

(No much people at the Friven & Co. Warehouse Sale.)

Other things that Mommy remembered are these:

  • Neck roll RM6
  • Polyester pillow RM10
  • Cotton pillow RM20
  • 4 mixing bowls in a set, very good quality stainless steel, RM120
  • Stainless steel cocktail forks, 4 or 5 pcs., RM9
  • 24 pcs. stainless steel cutlery set RM120
  • 4 pcs. wine glass set RM60
  • Bedskirt, 2 boxes for RM30 (on 11th June only, but what the heck do you need a bedskirt for!?)
  • Aromatherapy candle with cups, 2 pcs. RM5

So in the end, Mommy left empty-handed - nothing there, in Mommy's humble opinion, is worth buying for the kind of 'warehouse' price they offer.

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