Thursday, June 18, 2009

Auto-rocking the 'Sarong'

Now that Juan Or's legs are getting stronger (and longer!), so does his will to do certain things on his own. One example is that as soon as Mommy puts him into the 'sarong' (spring cot) and then walks away to go switch on the fan, Juan Or will hang his legs out and start kicking. The kicking motion causes the 'sarong' to bounce up and down - that's what Mommy calls as 'auto-rocking'! No need to buy the automatic spring cot rocking device....hehehe! But of course at the end of the day, Juan Or will still prefer Mommy to rock him rather than rocking all by himself. Less effort on his own part, right? Imagine if Juan Or is contented with auto-rocking, then Mommy will be much more free to do other things. But then, Mommy is also afraid in case Juan Or ends up falling out of the Mommy has better do all the rocking and not leave him alone to auto-rock!

(Hang the legs out and ........)
(........ kick to auto-rock!)


Serline said...

How long can he sleep in that 'Sarong'? I thought of getting one for Narelle but they don't sell it here. Will get it in Singapore when we go back next month.Or maybe not, too many things to pack now before moving to Bangkok.

Alice Phua said...

Oh, he sleeps in the 'sarong' the whole night through! In fact, he's gotten too used to sleeping in the sarong so much so if I put him to sleep in the baby bed, he just wouldn't fall asleep by himself (unless he's already sound asleep in the sarong and I gently transfer him to the baby bed).

Zara's Mama said...

With that.. you no longer need to 'rock' him. Ha.

No sarong for my 2 girls as I'm worried I'll have to bring it along when we go on holidays.

You said, Nafi smiles at me? What is that?

MeRy said...

Little boy is cute...So plan to wean off the sarong for ur boy??

Alice Phua said... plans yet to wean him off the sarong becos as what Zara's Mama said, it becomes a dependence for him already. That's my mistake for allowing my mother-in-law to use the sarong on him.

Originally when Juan Or was a newborn, I didn't use the sarong on him - main reason was because I felt awkward putting him into the sarong (you know-lah, new mum so not used to it yet) and that time I don't have a baby bed yet because of space constraint in my room (living in in-law's house), so Juan Or made do by sleeping on the bouncinette. Until when he's able to turn already, I shifted him to a baby mattress laid on the floor. All went well until one day he caught a flu and easily became fretful, even refused to suck on the breast (nose block) and cried frequently. So my mother-in-law sort of 'took over' and put him into the sarong. So from that day onwards, Juan Or is stuck on the sarong. No turning back. Really regret it. What can I do? If I insist my way, my mother-in-law will have lots of things to say, one of it being old people (like her) who brought up 3 children before are definitely more knowledgeable about bringing up babies! What's more she can't stand hearing and seeing a baby cry, saying that she gets stressed up just by hearing babies cry and she even says that babies who cry too long will get fits! If I insists too much of my way, there will be lots of grudges accumulated (which happened before but was resolved). And I'm not ready to move out yet becos currently, Juan Or only accepts drinking milk from the bottle when at the babysitter's (who stays just a few houses away from my in-law's house). So even on Sundays (it's an off-day for the babysitter), I still have to bring him there to drink milk. Many things about the baby are just not favourable yet to allow hubby and I to move out.

KeLLy Ch@n said...

new mom is always lik tat~wen i was small n im the oldest among my brothers and sister, i wan take care by my great she did not put me in the sarong so wen i was small im nt get use to my brothers and sister got use sarong for their nap oni..wen they sleep at nite, my mom not let them in sarong...wen baby too dependence to sarong, mayb oni way is wen they sleep,slowly bring them to the mattress...