Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Toy: Building Blocks

On the Thursday that had just passed, Mommy went to Tesco Extra Cheras just after office hours just to look-see. Mommy got to know that there's a baby fair promotion going on based on the Tesco booklet advertisement that Mother-in-law took home.

This time, the baby things sold in the baby fair aren't that attractive in price. Most of the things Mommy could also find them in other warehouse sales for a much cheaper price. However, the toddler plain colour shorts selling at RM1.90 are worth considering because the cutting is really big unlike the ones sold in Hytex Warehouse Sale (RM1 per piece, but smaller cutting). So Mommy bought 3 pairs of the shorts considering that Juan Or can wear them till he is at most 4 years old.

Mommy also saw large building blocks (45 pieces ) sold at RM13.90. Of course, this building blocks set is not like those branded ones like Duplo (Lego) or Megablock, but at least it's something for Juan Or to play with at an economical price and that the smallest units of the blocks are still too large to be put into the mouth. Mommy recall seeing something similar in Litt Tak Warehouse Sale, the only difference is that Litt Tak's has a little more number of building block pieces and the price was RM20. With these considerations in mind, Mommy decided to buy the building blocks set.

(The large building blocks set, 45 pieces, for RM13.90)

So how is Juan Or's reaction towards the building blocks? Well, Juan Or still does not know how to stack the blocks yet, so Papa or Mommy has to do it for him. But Juan Or is very good at dismantling it! Once all are dismantled, he will use his hands to sweep the blocks randomly all over the floor! What a mess!

(Watching the TV while pushing the building blocks.)

(Haha! A funny TV commercial sends smiles on Juan Or's face.)

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mNhL said...

Building blocks are good to create a creative child. And they are durable too! can keep until your son is 4 -5 years old and am sure they will still be interested to play with it. My son also loves to play with blocks and he used to tell me "look mama, dinasour, or gun'...whatever he can think off!