Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Messy Eater

Juan Or is a messy eater. Of course, Mommy is not surprised - his hand coordination is still not very controlled yet. When Mommy gives him biscuit to hold and eat, he will hold the biscuit and bite it bit by bit till the biscuit reaches his little fingers. Of course he still doesn't know how to shift his fingers away a little so that he can continue to bite the biscuit. Instead he attempts to put the entire leftover piece into the mouth, munch it and as result, the leftover piece breaks into smaller pieces with part of the little pieces in his mouth, some stuck just outside his mouth and the rest of them scattered on his T-shirt and pants! As if not messy enough, knowing that there are little biscuit pieces stuck outside his mouth, he attempts to shove the little pieces into the mouth using the knuckles part of his hand. The result? A very messy baby with biscuit debris stuck outside the mouth, sometimes even the nose, the hands (both inside and outside), on the T-shirt and pants, on the floor where he is sitting, and if Mommy is unlucky, he will move his legs to shift his sitting position and in the process, steps onto the biscuit debris!

So far, Mommy has given him two types of biscuits to eat: rusk biscuits and Chipsmore. But Juan Or's favourite is Chipsmore because of its chocolatey taste and it's much easier to bite than rusk biscuits. Rusk biscuits are a little too hard, though. However, Mommy dare not let Juan Or eat so much Chipsmore because too much chocolate can make him constipate (Juan Or had bad constipation experience with drinking Dutch Lady's 123 Chocolate milk). So far, from Mommy's experience, giving Juan Or about 3 pieces of Chipsmore biscuit was not sufficient to cause constipation.
Here's a series of snapshots of Juan Or eating Chipsmore - messily, of course!
("Woo! Chipsmore! Looks good!")
("How to open ah?)
("Mama, can you please open it for me?")

(Still biting Chipsmore.)

("Now you see it....")

("......now you don't!")

("Eii....still got some more Chipsmore! Use my knuckles to push it in.")

("Ok, last of the last.")

("Aiyo! Hands coated with chocolate! So messy!")


Maxi said...

haha! he's so cute! no worries.. i am a messy eater, too. ouch!

how's it going? hope everything's well with you.

by the way, i have a new blog www.hnhpages.com hope we can also exchange links there.

hugs to you and your adorable baby!

Alice Phua said...

Hi Maxi! Yes, I'm fine, thank you. Hope all is going well for you and your hubby. Yes, I already have your Health and Home blog badge in my baby's blog. Hugs back to you! Will tell Juan Or that Aunty Maxi gives her hugs to him too!

Serline said...

At least he won't clean his hands on his clothes. So no need to change after that. Narelle loves tomato so sometime I gave her a tomato to let her hold on her hand and eat. She tried to squeeze very hard using both her hands to suck the juice out from it. After that, I have to clean up the mess on her and the floor. But of course it's her shower time.

mNhL said...

My son likes to eat on his own and he has a very bad habit - WIPE his dirty hand onto his shirt and PULL UP his shirt to WIPE his mouth! Arr.... *faint*

Zara's Mama said...

Aaah.. he's not really a messy eater.
I think my girls at this age are messier. :P