Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Juan Or is so Eager to Drive!

Usually Mommy's car goes for petrol-filling during the weekends. However, this week was different - Mummy made sure that the car goes for maximum petrol-filling on 1st June 2009. Why? Because Mommy holds a Petronas-CIMB credit card that gives 5% petrol rebates on the 1st of every month. All other days are at 2% only. Considering that Mommy's financial commitment is high, so Mommy has to plan spendings to the best of Mommy's advantage.

That night itself on the 1st of June, Papa drove Mommy's car while Mommy took hold of Juan Or - the trip to the petrol station was also a joyride for Juan Or. First, Papa stopped at a Shell petrol station to pump air into Mommy's tyres. As soon as Papa left the driver's seat, Juan Or immediately took over the steering! Yes, Mommy understands that for innocent little Juan Or, driving is synonymous with turning the steering! So Mommy let him played at the steering. And on top of it all, Mommy was surprised to see that Juan Or knew how to reach out for the signal light, wiper and water spray levers! Indeed, Juan Or was having a good time pulling at those livers and laughed cheekily when the water sprayed onto the windscreen and the wiper moved! What a cute and cheeky baby!

After pumping petrol at a Petronas petrol station, we continued our journey back home. Along the way, there were many traffic light stops. Mommy noticed that Juan Or seemed to know that if the traffic light is red, it means stop. How does Mommy know that? Whenever Juan Or sensed that the car was slowing down in the presence of the traffic light, Juan Or would immediately crawl to Papa's driver position and 'took over' the steering the moment the car stopped. However, if the car stopped as a result of bumper-to-bumper, Juan Or would not act like that.

Here is a representative video of Juan Or taking over the steering. Somehow when Mommy aimed the handphone video camera at Juan Or, he seemed to become more conscious of what he was doing, thus appearing to be less cheeky. Watch how he pulled the water spray lever and laughed in delight (but Mommy swear that he laughed even more cheekily that night compared to what you see in the video!):

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