Friday, December 19, 2008

Washing the Mouth

Juan Or wants to show Mommy that he's a big boy already! Look at how Juan Or holds Mommy's hands to direct Mommy as to how to wash his mouth! Hehehe.....Mommy's finger is like his giant toothbrush!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Crying Over Spilt Milk

Mommy was breastfeeding Juan Or on the left breast and at the same time, Mommy was holding a small plastic container to collect milk leaking from the right breast. Prior to that, Mommy had already collected a total of 2-and-a-half oz. of milk accummulated from leaks and hand expression of previous breastfeeding sessions. While sucking milk, Juan Or 's hands were playing and grabbing at whatever his hands can reach. Once a while, Mommy was able to catch hold of his hand from grabbing the plastic container that Mommy was holding. Other times, his hand didn't seem to be heading for the container, so Mommy didn't grab hold of his hand. Anyway, Mommy can't grab hold of his hand for too long because Mommy's sitting position would not be sufficiently stable, thus causing discomfort to Mommy.

However, out of a sudden, when Mommy was talking to Papa, Mommy felt the container being strucked at and the milk spilt all over. Everything happened so fast. Juan Or's and Mommy's shorts were wet, the bed frame where Juan Or's head rested on while breastfeeding also had milk and there was milk all over the floor. What a mess! And Papa was angry with Mommy for not taking precaution and Mommy was very angry with Juan Or because he was still able to struck the container down even though Mommy was holding it.

Mommy scolded Juan Or. And Mommy can't help lecturing him about the spilt milk. Juan Or seemed to sense Mommy's anger. It all showed on his face - long, dull-looking face, sullen of sorts. And just before Mommy left the room, Mommy turned at Juan Or again and scolded him "Stupid!" (but later Mommy regretted saying it) and Juan Or jumped in startle.

This leads to another developmental milestone of Juan Or at 7 months of age - he is able to differentiate and react to friendly or unfriendly voice tone. He knows whether or not someone is scolding him.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby's Breath

It was early in the morning and Mommy was lying next to Juan Or and Juan Or, on his tummy, turned his head towards Mommy with his mouth wide open, asking Mommy to breastfeed him. So unavoidably, Mommy smelt his breath. His baby breath. There is no hint of stinkiness, not at all. And Mommy has not yet washed his mouth for the day. Mommy wonders why babies don't have the stinky morning breath unlike what most adults do.....

The 'B' (Part 2)

Remember the post on "The 'B'" ( In the previous part, Juan Or encompasses the 3Bs: 'B' for baby, 'B' for boy and 'B' for buffalo. Now, Mommy declares that Juan Or encompasses the 5Bs.

The first 3 Bs remain.

The 4th 'B' for bite because Juan Or bites Mommy's nipple when breastfeeding!

(Sorry, no photo, censored item! ;-)

And the 5th 'B' for bising because Juan Or makes noise when Mommy's attention goes away from him, even if it is just for a short while!

(See the picture but imagine the sound!)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scholastic Book Fair in Midvalley Megamall

On 5th December 2008, Mommy and Daddy took leave from work to go for outing. Unfortunately, Juan Or had to stay with the babysitter because this outing was for long hours and Juan Or can't stand long outings. On that day, Papa and Mommy went to Midvalley Megamall because Mommy wanted to go to the Scholastic Book Fair located at North Court, highest floor. Several days ago, Mommy saw this book fair's advertisement in the local newspaper stating value buy from as low as RM1.

Along the way, Papa and Mommy stopped by the many Christmas deco spots in Midvalley Megamall. Unfortunately, Papa forgot to bring his proper camera, so had to make do with Mommy's handphone camera. Here are the results:

Mommy has no idea why this time the photos can be rotated in Mommy's computer file but remains unrotated when uploaded here :-( Mommy is at wit's end over how to solve this problem!

Mommy also got this advertorial Christmas story book for Juan Or. This colourful story book can be obtained free from Midvalley's leaflet booth near the BreadTalk choo-choo-train. The notable thing about this story book lies in how the advertisements of the sponsors are all weaved together to form a coherent story. It is the story of how a pair of siblings were brought by a clown who was asking for direction to go set up a Christmas carnival. So it was at the carnival setting where the advertorial elements were inserted. And finally the story ends with the siblings waking up from sleep feeling like the carnival was real and yet was a dream.

Finally, Papa and Mommy reached the Scholastic Book Fair. The booth was not very big. The books sold were all children books. Price-wise? Some were very cheap, some were OK price, but some not so. So, these are the books Mommy bought for Juan Or:

(Each book costs only RM1! Cheap and good!)

(The book on the left costs RM2 and the right RM3.)

(The book which was on the left is now bottom and vice-versa.)

(Each book costs RM3.)

(Cubix is now at the top and Dinofours at the bottom. See! Nice and colourful illustration for only RM3 per book!)

All in all, Mommy spent RM14 for all seven books. After paying, Mommy was entitled to a lucky draw and Mommy picked a Scholastic 2009 table calendar.

So much so for the good buy, but the anticlimax? Papa got impatient already even though Mommy only spent 15 to 20 minutes at the booth!

Pun Chun Chicken Biscuit

Yesterday, Papa was finishing up the famous crispy Pun Chun Chicken Biscuit which was given by Mommy's friend (the music school boss). Then out of mischief, Papa wanted to tempt Juan Or (who was on the baby walker) by putting the chicken biscuit near Juan Or's mouth. And everything else happened so fast....Juan Or quickly opened his mouth and took a small bite! Juan Or had no teeth at the upper gums and yet he was able to break that small bit. So Mommy tried to pry Juan Or's mouth open, but he refused! Then, finally, Mommy managed to part his lips open, but the fragment of chicken biscuit was no longer there! Had Juan Or swallowed that chicken biscuit? Papa kept on asking Mommy whether Juan Or showed any sign of choking. Well...obviously Juan Or was not at all choking, but he sure does like the taste of chicken biscuit, eh?

Trip to 1 Utama: Buying Books for Juan Or

Yesterday was Hari Raya Haji, so Papa took Mommy and Juan Or for some window shopping in 1 Utama. Priority in Mommy's agenda was to let Juan Or see and experience Christmas decoration and of course to go to MPH because there was this "Buy 3 for the price of 2" promotion which Mommy recalled seeing in Midvalley's MPH outlet.

Again, Papa forgot to bring his proper camera and had to make do with Mommy's handphone camera. Here are the results:
(White Christmas theme)
(This is actually Parkson's booth)

(Juan Or said,"No, no, I don't want to take anymore photos!")

(Again, Mommy has no idea how come these Christmas photos don't rotate the way Mommy wants, but those photos on books rotate the way Mommy wants!)

Finally, we reached MPH. This time, in conjunction with their Christmas-cum-Back-to-School Fair, MPH set an external booth (quite big area) just outside their shop unit. So Mommy chose some books for Juan Or while Papa moved Juan Or on the stroller so that he could fall asleep. (Actually Mommy already had these books in mind during visit to MPH outlets in Midvalley and The Curve. The only thing stopping Mommy from buying was because Papa was too impatient to wait.). These are the books that Mommy bought:

(This baby board book series is under MPH's "Buy 3 for the price of 2" promotion. Each book is tagged at RM9.90. Under this promotion, each book costs RM6.60....considerably cheap judging from its size, vivid colours, cute and large illustrations, and it being hard bound.)

(Mommy first saw these books in The Curve's MPH but had no time to buy them. Each book has 400 pieces of reusable stickers. Each book costs RM19.90.)

(The inside of the sticker book. Good activity book for pre-schoolers to play with stickers and at the same time enriching their vocabulary.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is This Thing Called "Free Time"?

Mommy was browsing through the Huggies Baby Network website (for the link, please see right hand panel and scroll down to Pregnancy and Parenting Websites and Resources) and stumbled on a webpage that features the Huggies monthly poll. This month's poll question goes like this:

When you need a break, what comes closest to your favorite way to spend some free time?

and the option answers go like this:

  • Hanging out with a good book
  • Visiting with friends
  • Something physical: biking, hiking, etc
  • Catching up on a hobby
  • Um, what is this thing you call "free time"?

Mommy thought for a while. For all the first four option answers, Mommy had not been doing them at all ever since Juan Or was born. Probably the only 'good book' that Mommy hanged out with was "reading theses", but heck that was WORK! "Sleep" seems the most appropriate answer but there's no option for that. So Mommy thought probably "sleep" doesn't count as free time here....probably "sleep" is a necessity and NOT "free time". So Mommy decided to check the last answer and click "Vote". And guess what? Out of 53 respondents so far, the majority vote (58%) goes to Um, what is this thing you call "free time"?

Hmmmm.....looks like Mommy is not alone after all.......

Monday, December 1, 2008

Juan Or and the TV Remote Control

Juan Or was in a playful mood, so Papa played with him while watching television. Papa played "Catch the remote control" with Juan Or. Watch (from two different angles) how Juan Or laughed when he was outwitted by Papa in catching hold of the remote control.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

"Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Gong Xi Fa Cai!"

Little Juan Or just can't wait for Chinese New Year! Christmas is not even here yet and here he is putting his little hands together to do Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

Actually, Juan Or does that gesture when he wants to hear his voice being muffled and unmuffled repeatedly (and as rapidly as possible)...much like how warrior Red Indians do to their voice when facing a battle.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turning the Page

Just two nights ago, Juan Or was playing by himself (with a squeaky toy) in lying down position on his baby mattress. So Mommy gave him his rattle just for a change. Sure enough, Juan Or dropped his squeaky toy and turned his attention at biting the rattle. A few minutes passed and Mommy decided to read a book (baby boardbook type) with Juan Or. Mommy thought that Mommy might as well start reading with him first before he felt too sleepy and became fretful. So after going through the first two pages, Mommy said,"Juan Or, turn the page now." And much to Mommy's surprise, although Juan Or was using both his hands to hold his rattle to his mouth, his right hand left the rattle (left hand was still holding the rattle) and reached out to turn the page! Wah! Juan Or actually understand what Mommy said!? Mommy was taken in by surprise!

Anyway, below is just a representative photo of Juan Or reading the book with Mommy, but in sitting position:

This photo was taken when Juan Or was between 4 to 5 months old.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Putting Juan Or into Personalized Baby Movies

Mommy checked her Yahoo Mail today and found a mail from The mail was about joining the Huggies Baby Network and getting free goodies. Free goodies!? Sure, why not! So Mommy opened the mail and clicked on to complete the registration process. In the Huggies Baby Network website, Mommy found this interesting page: This page allowed Mommy to create free videos featuring Juan Or as the main star. Oooohh.....this was fun! So Mommy managed to create three movies (actually movie trailers) by making use of some cute Juan Or photos, went through long wait to upload, download and playing the interface despite the slow Internet traffic, sent these movies back to Mommy's Yahoo Mail again so that Mommy can copy and paste the URL links into this blog (right hand panel, scroll downwards, it's just after the Blog Archive, the section called "Juan Or's Baby Movie Trailers"). Enjoy!

A-neh-neh (Part 2)

Remember the posting ( on how Juan Or shook his head from side to side just like how Indians do? Well, this time, Juan Or took it one step further by shaking his head from side to side whenever his Grandpa does the chirping bird sound. Watch this video:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Juan Or is Teasing Mommy

It was near midnight and as usual Juan Or refused to go to sleep and wanted to play. Mommy put him into the baby walker so that he can play by himself. In the midst of playing, Juan Or discovered the backrest of the rattan stool to be his best play thing of the day. At first, he pulled the backrest so much so the stool tilted backwards. Then, he bit and sucked the backrest. On seeing that, Mommy quickly intercepted and said,"Eiiiikkk.....dirty! Cannot!" Juan Or immediately let go and laughed heartily. Then he bit and sucked the backrest again and again Mommy reacted in the same manner. Again Juan Or laughed heartily. And again Juan Or repeated the same thing, this time, as he was about to bite and suck the backrest, he cheekily glanced at Mommy, anticipating Mommy to react. Of course Mommy reacted and Juan Or quickly let go off the backrest. Juan Or burst into squeals of laughter to see Mommy reacting like that. Mommy's boy is so cute! Muah! Kisses for Juan Or!

The 'B'

Many things in life come with acronyms. Take the example '4Cs' which stands for car, cash, credit card and condominium. Another example is '3M' for membaca (reading), menulis (writing) and mengira (counting) which was a popular element during the Malaysian education policy of the 1980s. Juan Or has his own acronym too. Juan Or encompasses the 3Bs.

'B' for baby,

'B' for boy and

'B' for buffalo!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Everybody Wants Kung Fu Fighting

Remember that oldies song "Everybody wants kung fu fighting"? Well, looks like Juan Or doesn't want to be left out too. Here's his monkey stance when he was about 1 week old:

Now let's take a closer look.

Here's another pose - after he had done a punch and kick!

And Juan Or indicated he had won. He had victory! Yay!

Now that Juan Or is 6 months old, looks like he has not yet forgotten his kung fu.

And here is a beaming Juan Or for showing off his kung fu to Mommy!

Sometimes, when Juan Or was sleeping, Papa and Mommy swear seeing Juan Or kicking while sleeping. Sometimes, Juan Or would cry (in defeat, perhaps?) or smile (in victory, perhaps?)while sleeping. Is Juan Or dreaming that he fought with other people? His Grandpa says that perhaps Juan Or could be a warrior or fighter in his past life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mommy's hands got "itchy" again!

Last Sunday (16th November 08), Papa, Juan Or and Mommy went for shopping in Tesco Extra Cheras. The ground floor of Tesco Extra are all tenants' shops, and one of them is Anakku. So Mommy suggested that Papa go see the Anakku spring cot frame (selling for RM199.90) that is supposedly OEMed from My Dear which we bought for RM130 in the most recent My Dear Warehouse Sale (which we bought on 1st November 08).

Everything else about the Anakku and My Dear spring cot frame is the same, the only difference being My Dear's has 3-level adjustable height whereas Anakku's is not height-adjustable.

Anyway, that has got nothing to do with Mommy's "itchy" hands.......

Mommy's "itchy" hands story actually begins here:

The Anakku outlet also had a Best Value Sale going on for selected baby clothes, and this time was some nice Baby Mickey Mouse set suits (T-shirt and shorts in a set). The Best Value tag said,"2 suits for RM29.90." Meaning, one suit costs only RM14.95. Mommy recalled seeing The Store selling Baby Mickey Mouse set suits for RM18.90 each and that was supposedly offer price! The normal price on the cardboard price tag is RM26.90. So Mommy's hands got "itchy" and decided to buy from Anakku. Luckily, Papa occupied himself by pushing Juan Or on the baby stroller. Otherwise, Papa would have been fuming with impatience while waiting for Mommy to choose which designs to buy. By the way, Mommy bought the two suits at sizes 12-18 months and 1 year, respectively (actually both are of the same size although the size tagging seems different).

Finally, after paying for the Baby Mickey set suits, and stepping out from Anakku, Papa told Mommy that actually this type of sale is to 'cheat' people like Mommy. Yes.....Mommy knows that Juan Or already has sufficient number of clothes for his first toddler year, but most of them are for house wear (including those hand-me-downs from a colleague called Dr. Chan). As far as Mommy remembers (Mommy actually remembers in detail all clothes bought for Juan Or!), his 1-year old toddler clothes for jalan-jalan are:

  • one Winnie the Pooh T-shirt (bought for RM5 at Hytex Warehouse Sale),

  • one army set suit (Made-in-Thailand-type, bought for RM4.90 at a tenant in Central Supermarket) and

  • one Little Koala collared T-shirt (bought for RM5 at a warehouse sale renting in Giant Taman Connought).

  • one Kiko short pants (bought for RM10 from Kiko Warehouse Sale early this year)

  • one blue colour Chinese New Year long sleeve and long pants suit (bought for RM2.98 at a stock clearance sale in Tesco) - not practical for jalan-jalan because the material cannot absorb sweat. Mommy bought it more for Chinese New Year photography purposes!

(See......Juan Or's neck is already too thick at 3 months old so much so the uppermost button has to be left undone!)

Other clothes that can both be used for jalan-jalan and house wear are:

  • 3 singlets (with cute cartoon pictures) obtained as free gifts from the purchase of Hey Baby! disposable diapers and

  • one Baby Mickey Mouse T-shirt (exclusively made for Carrefour type, bought for RM1 from Carrefour's stock clearance).

So Mommy thinks it's justified to buy only two more (no more buying after this!) set suits of the Baby Mickey Mouse type that can be used for jalan-jalan and festive season.

Hehehe....see.....Mommy is making excuses for herself again!

P/S: the way, those clothes for jalan-jalan can also be used for house wear, right? (Of course, the exception would be the CNY suit)

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Look! I'm a big boy now!"

"Look at me! I'm a big boy now! I can hold my own bottle already!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I don't wanna go to sleep!"

At around 11 pm, after breastfeeding, Mommy had to take Juan Or downstairs because he was making so much noise and Papa wants to sleep. So upon reaching downstairs, Mommy put Juan Or on the baby walker and he started 'walking' around happily. Then Grandpa asked him,"Juan Or, don't you want to go to sleep?" Immediately Juan Or shook his head from side to side. Eh!!! A 6-month-old baby already can understand spoken words and respond no by shaking the head from side to side!? Great-grandma, Grandpa and Mommy all laughed. So cute! Later, Grandpa asked Juan Or the same question again and again Juan Or gave the same response - shaking his head from side to side as if to say,"No, I don't wanna sleep!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008


No teeth also want to eat!? Well....that's Mommy's Juan Or....asking food from Grandpa even though he can't eat adult type of solid food. At the time of blogging this, Juan Or already has an eeny weeny tiny tooth sprouting from his lower jaw's gums.

Juan Or Negotiating His Way Through Tight Corners

Ohhhh.....look at me! I'm walking! I can negotiate my way through tight corners! Let me go for Papa! Then let me go for Mama!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Syndrome

On 30th October 2008 (Thursday), Mommy has had this shooting pain felt when moving the right hand thumb. This shooting pain has the feeling like a tendon being pulled to the extreme. That Sunday (2nd November 2008), the right hand thumb felt better already (but a more bearable pain now), and now the left hand thumb has the shooting pain instead. This must be the result of carrying Juan Or when breastfeeding. This baby is getting too heavy already! So Mommy was hesitant whether to bath Juan Or or to leave to the babysitter to bath him on Monday. Then Mommy decided that Juan Or should have his bath, but Mommy will modify the bathing method: Use the changing mat instead of the baby bath tub! In that way, if Mommy's hand could not support baby, at least baby can just lie down or do tummy time on the changing mat while taking bath. Had it been a baby bath tub, there's no way baby can lie down or do tummy time and Mommy's hand will have a painfully hard time supporting him all the time. For my 'lecture' on how to bath the baby when your hands ache like hell, go to this URL:

Then on 9th November 2008 (Sunday), Sister-in law bought the November 2008 "Parenthood" magazine. An article that seems to describe my condition is there. So now I know what it's called: De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Syndrome. Web resource regarding this syndrome:

Anyway, Papa had been massaging the heat type of Axe Brand Oil into the affected areas. And the condition is improving. Mommy also had been taking precautions to carry Juan Or using strength from the elbow or using the edge of the bed to support Juan Or's head when breatfeeding.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Separation anxiety

This morning, as Mommy was reversing the car out of the porch, Mommy saw Grandma carrying Juan Or out of the house and heading to the porch. Once Mommy's car was fully reversed out of the porch, Mommy stepped on the brake to stop the car and waved goodbye to Juan Or who was now at the gate. Grandma took Juan Or's hand to wave back at Mommy. Mommy can see Juan Or's face turning sober. Mommy can see into his eyes that his heart felt heavy to see Mommy going away. Does Juan Or really know Mommy is going away to work? Or does he see it as Mommy going away from him for whatever reasons? Mommy wonders. Juan Or didn't end up in tears, but the soberness was obvious. No smiles whatsoever from him. No twinkle in his eyes. Just the grave look.

Mommy gave Juan Or one last wave and put the car to first gear and started moving. Tears started rolling down Mommy's cheek. Poor baby! Having to experience separation at such young age. But Mommy has no choice. Mommy has to go to work to earn money. In this day and age, it is difficult to survive if only one parent is working. So Mommy has to work too to help Papa and so that baby can have a better life.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Juan Or Chatting with Papa

Last week Friday (31st October 2008), Juan Or had a good chat with his Papa. His chat consisted of only "Ah-pau-pau-pau-pau". Mommy wonders whether he was actually calling his Papa similar to "Ah-pa-pa-pa-pa" or he actually chatting using his baby language?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Tumbuk Cili'

Juan Or loves doing the 'tumbuk cili' (pounding the chili in the pestle and mortar) act - lifting his legs up high in the air and then stamping the legs down onto the floor with force, producing a thudding sound. The 'tumbuk cili' phrase was coined by his paternal Grandma and it began like this:

In the wee hours of the morning at about 4.00 am, Mommy had already finished breastfeeding Juan Or but Juan Or refused to go to sleep and wanted to play. So Mummy left him on his mattress to play by himself. So he started pounding the floor repeatedly with his legs. A few days later, his paternal Grandma started mentioning about the pounding sound she heard that day and thought that this must be the work of some crazy neighbour who started pounding chilies (to prepare sambal for nasi lemak, perhaps?) during the wee hours in the morning, only to know later that it was actually her grandson's work!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rock-a-bye Baby

Juan Or woke up for milk at 1.30 am today. The room was dark and only a little light entered the room. After changing his diaper, breastfeeding him and manually expressing out some more milk for storage, Juan Or was still not anywhere near sleepiness. By the time Mommy went downstairs to store the milk in freezer and went up to the room again, it was already 2.30 am. Juan Or was happily playing by himself. He grabbed a squeeky monkey book and was biting the edge of the book. So cute! But Mommy had to take the book away from him or else the book would be too wet from his saliva.

Juan Or looked on at Mommy - wanting Mommy to play with him. So Mommy put him on the bouncinette and started rocking him. His cute little right hand held on to the side frame of the bouncinette, his face turned to look tenderly at Mommy. Mommy looked into his eyes. Mommy can see that Juan Or felt thankful and happy that Mommy played with and entertained him even in the middle of the dark night and even though Mommy was feeling sleepy. Such loving eyes! Mommy will never forget such tender moments!

After that, Mommy put Juan Or on the bed to lie next to Papa. Shhhhhh.....Papa was sound asleep! Juan Or put out his hand to pat on Papa's rib, chest and upper arm. Papa awakened a little and gave Juan Or a pat on his head and went back to sleep. Zzzzzzzz...........what a Papaboy!

Later on, Juan Or indicated that he wanted to suckle again. So Mommy cradled him in the arms to breastfeed him. Just before starting to suckle, Juan Or paused and looked at Mommy with a smile and then smiled again. How sweet! Mommy will never forget your loving smile. Mommy loves you, Juan Or!

After suckling, Juan Or struggled a little and Mommy quickly put him back to his mattress. Juan Or immediately zzzzzz........

Mommy quietly climbed to the bed, lay next to Papa and zzzzz........

It was 4.00 am.

A-neh-neh: Juan Or in Deepavali mood

On the eve of Deepavali (i.e., 26th October 2008), Mommy started noticing Juan Or shaking his head from side to side....very much like how Indians shake their head when they talk. And it's not only one time that Juan Or did that, but few times in a day, and few times also on Deepavali day! Hehehe....does Baby know when is Deepavali? Does Baby know that some Indians shake their heads as they talk?

Papa jokingly asked Mommy whether Mommy had taken the wrong baby home from the hospital. Mommy laughed and said,"Who knows....we could have taken a Brahmin baby home!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Juan Or a.k.a. Lok Yuan Xue

Hello! My actual (or official name) is Lok Yuan Xue. "Yuan" as in 'money' and "Xue" as in 'school' or 'study'. I am half-Hainanese and half-Hokkien, but actually I do have some Cantonese blood inherited from my paternal Grandma. My Hainanese name equivalent to Yuan Xue is Juan Or. I think Juan Or is much easier to call, Yuan Xue is not that pronunciation friendly! In fact, everyone at home including the babysitter call me Juan Or. It is only at the clinics that I'm called Yuan Xue. I was born on 12th May 2008 at 4.35 am in Hospital Kebangsaan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM). It is based on the hour of my birth that my paternal Grandpa suggested that name for me and both my parents agreed to it.

This is how I looked like on the day I was born:

On the day I was born, I had small white spots (looks like white heads) called milia on my nose.

My Papa was wondering whether the milia is OK or not, so Mommy said that's nothing to worry will disappear in no time at all and sure enough it was gone by 2 weeks! Can you see that frown on my eyebrow? I got that from Papa who got it from Grandpa! Hehehe....some more frowny face photo....

But actually I'm now a cute, cute baby! This is me at 4 months plus!