Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Way to Play with a Toy Wrench

Hello! Mommy is glad to be back again at blogging after a bout of 'silence'. Please forgive Mommy for not being able to visit your blogs as frequently as Mommy wanted to. Anyway, today's post is a short one as Mommy is still hard-pressed for time with office work.

This is Juan Or's old toy wrench. Mommy bought the DIY toy tools set from the Litt Tak'sWarehouse Sale about 2 years ago.

Then, Juan Or's itchy fingers went on to dismantle the wrench into 3 parts.

Juan Or used the middle-sized piece as his gun, .....

....and the smallest piece as his ring.....

....or rather his wedding ring!

There he is....sitting and posing like a big tai-ko (big brother)!^_^

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommy's Articles Published in CozyCot.com

Somewhere towards the end of year 2010, CozyCot.com, an online women's magazine based in Singapore, contacted Mommy to invite Mommy to be one of their guest writers for the Motherhood section. Mommy accepted the invitation and so far, Mommy had contributed two articles to CozyCot.com. CozyCot.com would give Mommy a topic to write about and of course the deadline to submit the article. Of the two topics given so far, Mommy always end up scratching the head as to what to write about the topic because somehow, the given topics don't seems to 'click' well with Mommy. Because of this, Mommy always end up writing and submitting the articles at the very last minute. For that, Mommy must thank Mommy's 'last-minute' lucky stars for always being able to spring an idea on how to approach or write about the topic that didn't seems to 'click' well with Mommy at first.

The first topic assigned (in January 2011) to Mommy was about pregnancy fitness. Mommy isn't one person so keen on exercise and fitness to begin with, so Mommy finally came up with Mommy's anecdote called "Confessions of a Fitness Non-enthusiast", which was published on 4th March 2011. The second topic assignment on children's party only came in early March 2011 and the deadline was 21st March 2011. But Mommy remembered submitting the article only on the 22nd March 2011 (as usual, the inspiration to write only came in on the deadline iteself!). So that's how Mommy's second article called "Children's Pseudo-party Ideas (for Parents Who Are Not That Into Parties!)" came about and was published on 25th March 2011.

Happy reading! ^_^

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ben10 Calciyum

Lately, Juan Or has caught the Ben10 fever, most probably from the babysitter's son who is now in Standard 3. 

"Wanna see what my Mommy got for me?"

"I would  prefer to say that she has gotten me Ben10 cards although Mommy insisted she has actually bought Calciyum for me to eat, not the Ben10 cards."

"Actually, at one point of time not too long ago, I got fed up of eating Calciyum almost every night although I loved eating it since I was 1+ year old. But now that Calciyum has Ben10 picture on it, I love to eat it again!"

"There is something more to it than just the Ben10 cards. There's this scratch-and-win thing on the card. Scratch-scratch and if I see a Sony PSP icon, then that's what I'll win. All I have to do is to attach the winning card on the attached form and send it to them. But if it merely shows some Ben10 character power score, then too bad-lah!"

"One pack of Calciyum contains 3 packs of Ben10 cards. Each pack has 4 cards. I scratch and scratch and scratch, in the end also I don't see any Sony PSP icon. Hmmmph!"

"But hmmmm.......on second thoughts......off and on we have been seeing in the newspaper how many people got cheated by the scratch-and-win scheme and that those people who got cheated are adults. Whoa.....now we have the scratch-and-win at the kiddy level!!? But ok-lah, even if didn't get to win the Sony PSP, at least get to enjoy the Ben10 cards also good enough already, so as long as there are Ben10 pictures, right?"

"Anyway, the week after, Mommy told me she went to Tesco again to look for Ben10 Calciyum because Tesco is selling it cheap for RM6.49 per pack of 8. Turned out, there's nothing left on Tesco's chiller shelf. All has been grabbed already. I think that's because of the price itself and Ben10...."

Mommy's disclaimer: This blogpost is not meant to implicate/connect Calciyum with any of those scratch-and-win schemes. Mommy understands that the Ben10 Calciyum scratch-and-win thing is just for promotional purposes on Calciyum's part and 'fun-fun' only on end users' part. There is purely no malicious intention on Mommy's part. Mommy bought the Ben10 Calciyum purely on Mommy's own free will.