Friday, April 1, 2011

Ben10 Calciyum

Lately, Juan Or has caught the Ben10 fever, most probably from the babysitter's son who is now in Standard 3. 

"Wanna see what my Mommy got for me?"

"I would  prefer to say that she has gotten me Ben10 cards although Mommy insisted she has actually bought Calciyum for me to eat, not the Ben10 cards."

"Actually, at one point of time not too long ago, I got fed up of eating Calciyum almost every night although I loved eating it since I was 1+ year old. But now that Calciyum has Ben10 picture on it, I love to eat it again!"

"There is something more to it than just the Ben10 cards. There's this scratch-and-win thing on the card. Scratch-scratch and if I see a Sony PSP icon, then that's what I'll win. All I have to do is to attach the winning card on the attached form and send it to them. But if it merely shows some Ben10 character power score, then too bad-lah!"

"One pack of Calciyum contains 3 packs of Ben10 cards. Each pack has 4 cards. I scratch and scratch and scratch, in the end also I don't see any Sony PSP icon. Hmmmph!"

"But hmmmm.......on second and on we have been seeing in the newspaper how many people got cheated by the scratch-and-win scheme and that those people who got cheated are adults. we have the scratch-and-win at the kiddy level!!? But ok-lah, even if didn't get to win the Sony PSP, at least get to enjoy the Ben10 cards also good enough already, so as long as there are Ben10 pictures, right?"

"Anyway, the week after, Mommy told me she went to Tesco again to look for Ben10 Calciyum because Tesco is selling it cheap for RM6.49 per pack of 8. Turned out, there's nothing left on Tesco's chiller shelf. All has been grabbed already. I think that's because of the price itself and Ben10...."

Mommy's disclaimer: This blogpost is not meant to implicate/connect Calciyum with any of those scratch-and-win schemes. Mommy understands that the Ben10 Calciyum scratch-and-win thing is just for promotional purposes on Calciyum's part and 'fun-fun' only on end users' part. There is purely no malicious intention on Mommy's part. Mommy bought the Ben10 Calciyum purely on Mommy's own free will.


mNhL said...

both my kids addicted to calcyium. haha......their dessert after dinner.

suituapui said...

I sure am glad my daughter's grown now... Spent a fortune on this kind of things when she was small...but then again, spending a fortune on different kinds of things that she wants now.

P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've linked you.

Alice Law said...

Ben 10 fever... it infected Ah Xuan too, nowadays refuses to wear any other shoes but his Ben 10 flip flop! Both of them never watch Ben 10 at home, I reckon they were influenced by my nephew and Juan Or, muahahaha!

Puan Isah said...

Happy Weekend to you & family... :)

Hayley said...

Calciyum, a very good suppliment for kids.. hehe, saw the advertisement thru TV =)

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Hi Alice Phua,

Thanks for dropping my blog and I guess this blog must be dedicated to your son Juan.

I am surprised to see that at such a young age, your son already has a TV Idol. My son dislike any sorts of superhero cartoons. The cartoons he likes are Dibo the Gift Dragon, Mickey Mouse Club House, Little Einstein and Pocoyo. And he is already 5 years old.

I think kids like the fun of scratching the cards. It's the parents who are excited about the gifts! Hahahaha! Am I right?. Anyway, you are right. The Sony PSP is just to attract people to buy but the product. I myself rarely win anything from any competition. Probably I do not have the luck or talent like anybody else. Hehehe!

Ok Alice, Have a nice day yeah.

Small Kucing said...

haha...another struck by Ben 10 fever

Kiasu Mom said...

My daughter does not have any preference for any cartoon characters at the moment and I hope it stays that way. I heard so many of my colleagues, friends and now you talking about their sons liking Ben 10 and I still can't really figure out what it would feel like buying things to satisfy them because of the cartoon. I hope my boy won't be one of it else I will go crazy.. haha

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, ya, I remember reading your blogpost about this before. It was from your blogpost that I thought of letting Juan Or try eating Calciyum as his snack when he just turned 1 year old. Thanks for sharing.

Suituapui, thanks for linking up. I think spending money on these kinds of things and other things along the way as the child grows up is part and parcel of long-term parenting.

Alice Law, LOL, I guess so too! Anyway, on the bright side, since Ah Xuan can like it (and I presume Juan Juan is indifferent about it, right?), that means he is a male at heart!

Puan Isah, thanks and wishing you a bright and happy week ahead!

Hayley, whenever my son saw the Calciyum ad on TV, he will point at it and says he wants.

Willie, yes, this blog is indeed dedicated to my son. Actually I also didn't expect my son to end up interested in Ben10 becos I notice the cartoon is quite complex for a very young child in terms of picture (aliens and monsters in science fiction kind of setting) and perhaps storyline too. To me, Ben10 looks more suitable and understandable for older children (maybe at least 6 yrs old). But since he enjoys watching it, then never mind, let it be. But he still enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Thomas and Friends. His interest in Winnie the Pooh cartoons is fading, yet he's still keen on his Winnie the Pooh board books! Yes, you are right, we parents are more interested in knowing what we may potentially win from buying the product although the possibility of winning is just secondary! ^_^ By the way, I must thank my lucky stars that my luck had been good in joining proof-of-purchase competitions such as this:
Have a nice day ahead too! :-D

Small Kucing, who else got struck by the Ben10 fever?

Kisum Mom, ya, I hope too your daughter stays that way, then no headache for you. Well, my son has told me before that he wants Ben10 baju, Ben10 figurine toys and Ben10 books/comics. So far, I have rejected his requests for the baju and toys telling him that it's too expensive and not worth at all to buy (yes, just one Ben10 tiny-sized figurine itself is already about the same price as one basic set of Thomas and Friends!), but for books, I have so far bought one Ben10 factfile-cum-activity book for RM6.95 from a recent Popular Warehouse Sale in Summit. Hopefully your son won't get this, but again, be mentally prepared-lah becos nowadays young kids are much more exposed than us when we were at their age.

Yvonne said...

Oo~ Ben10 cards come with Calciyum? My children don't really like yoghurt. If they saw this on the supermarket rack, they will only pester me to buy for the sake of Ben10 and leave the yoghurt alone... tsk tsk.

Sheoh Yan said...

My girls love adult brand yogurts like marigold or dutch lady. They found Calciyum too sweet for thier liking.

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, LOL, ya, I know some kids will only take the card and ditch the food. Phew, I'm glad my son didn't do this. ^_^

Sheoh Yan, I see. Anyway, good also that they prefer the adult ones because it's more economical than Calciyum - for almost the same price but more volume of yoghurt.

Ann said...

Ben 10 fever hit my son too. Now whenever I want him to do something....say Ben 10 does it and he will do!


CareSpa said...

my son used to have oso!

cheeyee said...

Haha my gal likes Ben10 too. Less than RM6.50 for pack of 8 indeed is cheap. Some more have free goodies, sure finish fast.