Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Juan Or's Potty Training Updates

It has been a long time since Mommy last wrote updates about Juan Or's potty training. This is a flashback of Juan Or's past chronological history of his potty training:

  • 9-10 months old: Knows how to instinctively urinate or pass motion when seated on the potty.
  • 12-13 months old: Goes nappy-less during daytime only (but at the babysitter's house only!) and periodically put on potty to urinate to which he did. 

Now Mommy is reporting his updates starting from where Mommy last stopped:
  • 13-23 months old: No progress on Mommy's effort to potty train Juan Or as we were still staying in the in-laws' house because in his paternal grandparents' presence, he would refuse to do many essential things such as drink milk, eat solid food and conform to routine schedule. Also if Mommy was to bring the potty training effort to higher levels, Mommy could foresee a lot of reprimanding/scolding on Juan Or which will 100% lead to quarrels with the in-laws as they always go all out to comment or criticize Mommy for going hard on Juan Or. We moved out of the in-laws' house when Juan Or was 23 months old.
  • 24-27 months old: Still no progress on Mommy's part to potty train Juan Or as Mommy was still getting used to the routine of staying on our own and at the same time juggling with the most stressful part of Mommy's job, i.e., preparing the documents for programme accreditation renewal from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).The only insignificant effort that Mommy made was to put him to sit on the toilet bowl (with the kiddy adaptor) when he said he wanted to pass motion, but he was too terrified to sit on the adaptor!
  • 28-29 months old: Mommy started to bring potty-training to a higher level whereby Juan Or went diaperless in the daytime when at home. Generally he won't have accidents but he tends to have accidents when Mommy scolded him for something unrelated to potty training. So probably in times of stress, he lost control of the muscles that control urination.By then, Juan Or is also no longer terrified at sitting on the kiddy adaptor on the toilet bowl when passing motion.
  • 30-33 months old: Juan Or is already capable of going diaperless without accidents when at home, regardless of whether it's daytime or night, but Mommy dared not let him go diaperless when sleeping through the night. Also when Mommy disciplined him by scolding (and beating), he no longer has accidents. However, when we go for outings, Mommy still put on the diaper for convenience. And just because he had the diaper on (even when at home), he won't bother to tell Mommy that he wants to urinate or pass motion - he would just let it all go into the diaper!
  • 33-34 months old (at present): Just because Juan Or had the diaper on, he would just let go without telling. One day, just after changing into a fresh diaper to prepare to sleep, he 'shitted' into the fresh diaper which made Mommy very angry! So Mommy punished him by making him sleep through the night in standing position (but upper part of body was leaning on the side of the bed) and with him still wearing the soiled diaper! Sure enough, the lesson taught him well and from that day onwards, he told Mommy that he wanted to pass motion even though he had the diaper on. Yippy! ^_^
  • 34 months old (at present): Mommy decided that it's high time to train him to go diaperless throughout the night. So on the night of 27th March 2011, Juan Or went diaperless. Mommy asked him to go urinate first before sleeping to which he said he had no urine. Mommy remembered checking whether his shorts was wet or not at about 2am, it was not wet, so Mommy went back to sleep. Another check done at 4am and his shorts and the mattress were all wet! Mommy was furious and scolded (and lectured) him repeatedly! Mommy even threatened that should he wet his shorts and mattress again, Mommy would impose the sleep-standing-up punishment on him again. Sure enough, the scolding and threat worked and he didn't wet himself nor the mattress on the nights of 28th and 29th March. He even obliged to go urinate at the toilet bowl when Mommy asked him to. Anyway, on Mommy's part, Mommy also woke him up at approriate intervals to go urinate to which he did, sometimes with fuss, sometimes without fuss. Anyway, Mommy's objective is reached already! Yippy! :-D

 Photo of Juan Or sleeping soundly, diaperless and without any accidents for the first time ever taken on 28th March 2011 at 6.22 am. 

What about his leftover unused diapers? Mommy will now reserve them for outings only (for convenience sake) and also leave some at the in-laws' house since they still have not successfully potty-trained him in their own house.


Sheoh Yan said...

This is a great milestone that Juan Or achieved. Bravo to Juan Or and Alice.

mNhL said... are very strict! haha....

Well done to Juan Or!

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, thanks! Now the most challenging part of potty training has finally been overcome! :-D

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, LOL, that's why when I was still staying with the in-laws, I had numerous quarrels with them, and unthinkably, with the unmarried brother-in-law as well who interfered when my in-laws and I were quarreling. Can't imagine how it happened when I think back about it.....hehehe.

Shenny's mommy said...

Well done, Juan Or.
Diaperless training success or not really depend on mommy's hard work and determination. Kudos to you, Alice too. :)

Yvonne said...

I agree with you, regardless what tough methods used as long as the objective is achieved, that's good enough. Hahaha! Sometimes I feel that I'm a devil mom, but I've got what I want... *wink*

Bravo, Juan Or!! And you, too, mummy~

Alice Law said...

Sleep-standing................. with poop poop?!! *sweats!

I also got terrified let alone Juan Or,( I have yet experience any sleep standing, lol)anyway, congratulation to Juan Or and mommy!^-^ Happy for you too!

Sheoh Yan said...

Alice Phua, I come back again to this entry, as I really salute you for your stern and firm towards Juan Or, your only son. At the end, you get what you want. At time, I am as stern as you to my two precious girls.

prince n princess mum said...

Wow! New milestone achieve! Bravo!

Kiasu Mom said...

My girl is 37 mths now and still uses diaper at night. She was diaperless in the day since she was 1.5 years old. Probably its high time that I teach her to go diaperless at night too...

well done to your little boy!

Alice Phua said...

Shenny's mommy, thanks! :-)

Yvonne, thanks! :-) Hehehe.....we can high-five for being a devil mom!

ALice Law, thanks! :-) Well, Juan Or can already understand the yuckiness of poop-poop, so that's why I made him wear the soiled diaper throughout the night. Another thing also is that when he already poops into his diaper (even during waking hours), I notice he won't dare to sit on his buttocks - he would remain either standing, or kneeling or walking or running so as long as his buttocks don't press onto the shit. That's why I made him stand while sleeping. THen at the same time, the punishement gets to be implemented, yet won't cause his buttocks to get rashes.....hehehehe!

Sheoh Yan, thanks! Yes, I can see too that you are also stern and firm with your 2 daughters (the blogpost about the exam results). Well, actually that's the mother's love and care for her child behind all the sternness.

Prince n princess mum, thanks! :-)

Kiasu Mom, thanks! :-) Yeah, can start to try it out on her already.

Pete said...

Wow, potty training record!
See this funny video at my blog about potty training, really cute, my kids love this video

PS : Added your link to my peteformation blog list. Cheers! have a nice weekend!

Alice Phua said...

Pete, yes, that's a cute and funny video! THanks for the video link and for linking up! CHeers and nice weekend to you too!

cheeyee said...

Wah sleep standing..... mommy really very strict! I have not started training my boy to be diaperless at night and I'm not rushing to that. Just let him tell me when he's ready. But he's fully diaperless during daytime (even during taking afternoon nap) and whenever we go out.

Anyway, bravo to Juan Or! Since he can go diaperless all the time at home. I'm sure you can make him go diaperless when you go out with him too. Just need to ask if he needs to go toilet from time to time. :)