Friday, March 18, 2011

Juan Or at UCSI Child Development Centre School Holiday Programme (Day 3)

Today is the 4th class, but the third and the last day of Juan Or in the UCSI-CDC school holiday programme.

Similar to the 2nd day, Juan Or's class would only start at 11.00am (but refreshment at 10.30am), Mommy took Juan Or to Mommy's office first since it was still very early. This time, Juan Or was already able to pin-point which room is Mommy's.

See the new drinking bottle next to him? Mommy just bought it from Mr. DIY yesterday for RM5.90. He loves drinking from this bottle. Because of the excitement of flipping open the bottle to reveal an erect rubber straw, he has been drinking more water ever since! ^_^

Just like Day 2, Mommy wanted to take Juan Or to experience riding on the UCSI shuttle bus again. So here we are at Southwing's Block C waiting for the bus to arrive. The wait took about 10 minutes long during which Mommy managed to read two Winnie the Pooh board books with him.

When the bus arrived, everyone went in, but the wait for the bus to start moving again took about 20 minutes!

Mommy doesn't know exactly what the bus driver was up to, but one thing for sure was that he went in and out and in and out from his driver seat before he decided to move again!

"Hey, Mr. Bus Driver, what are you waiting for!? The bus is already almost full!"

Finally, by about 10.05am did the bus started moving again - to Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Station.

 "Yippy! The bus is finally moving!"

During the bus ride, Juan Or put his hand on Mommy's and Mommy's on Juan Or's lap. This is Juan Or's affection for Mommy and Mommy's for Juan Or.

We reached Northwing at about 10.15am - only 15 minutes left before the kindy refreshment started at 10.30am. So Mommy quickly took him to see another fountain. This fountain is actually part of the brick fence.

And as usual and as expected, this boy can't get by without stealing a touch of the fountain's water!

Then Mommy took him to see the main fountain again, but too bad, the fountain was not 'switched on'. But that still did not stop him from wanting to play with water! ^_^

After that was already time to make a move to the kindy. This time, Mommy decided to take another route within the Northwing's complex of buildings to reach the kindy.

Upon reaching the kindy, Juan Or's face turned to like this.....   :-(

Today, other teachers handled Juan Or as the headmistress was away for a meeting. He was still crying when they took him to the room where children eat their refreshment food. Luckily, the crying didn't last long. Mommy found out later that today's refreshment food was Honey Stars with milk. However, the teacher mentioned that Juan Or merely ate the Honey Stars minus the milk! (*as what Mommy expected!*)

So Mommy walked away from the kindy and hanged around at the same reading area again (at the university's section). Mommy made use of this free time to confirm Mommy's selection of books to be purchased from the leaflets of Scholastic Book Clubs' buy-books-through-school programme and of course some good read from the book My Husband Puyi.

By 12.25pm, Mommy was already at the kindy and Juan Or was still not yet at the reception area. So Mommy waited awhile but soon heard a familiar but almost-crying voice asking "Where's Mama?" The sound came nearer and nearer until the voice bearer appeared (in this kind of state!).......

Anyway, soon after that, Juan Or cheered up and kept on pestering Mommy that he wanted to go to the babysitter's house. By the way, notice the wrist watch he's wearing? That's because he kept on asking to snap onto some Ben10 watch! So Mommy took out his Buzz Lightyear watch instead (which Mommy has always been keeping in the handbag). And see also how Juan Or chose to hang his water bottle? Always hanging on his neck in front of him but never wanting the strap to go over one side of his arm. Hmmmmm.......

And don't know why for today, whenever Mommy wanted to snap a photo of him, he seemed to have the tendency to put his hand onto his nose such that a substantial part of his face was covered, thus making the photo look 'handicapped'.

Anyway, today Juan Or made friends with one Kor-kor (Big Brother) simply because he was wearing Ben10 clothes and a Ben10 watch.

Then this Kor-kor went on to tell Mommy that he actually has a few types of Ben10 watches at home. Now, aren't children these days very lucky? And as usual, boys being boys, or perhaps children being children (or is it more like human being human?), they put their hands together to compare their watches and Juan Or kept on saying,"Yay! Same Ben10 watch!"

Juan Or even went on to "Press, Press" the Kor-kor's watch, perhaps to see whether any Ben10 Hantu (Ghost) appear or not (if you have watched Ben10 before, you will probably know what Mommy means)!

How about Juan Or's progress for today? Well, today's class was "Speech & Drama II" and the children were required to act out and make the sounds of gorilla and tree bear. The teacher reported that Juan Or basically participated and followed what was required but at times strayed way. Not just that, off and on, he would pop the "Where's Mama?" question to the teachers during the class! ^_^

Once we stepped out of the kindy, Juan Or requested to go play at the kindy's playground.

We took the shuttle bus back to Southwing and as usual, the bus was fully loaded. By the time Juan Or and Mommy got up the bus, there were no more empty seats left and one kind male Chinese student (Malaysian, not China Chinese) quickly got up and offered his seat to Mommy! Mommy graciously accepted. The rest who got up the bus after Mommy were all standing towards the exit of the bus throughout the journey.

Finally we reached Southwing and were back in Mommy's car again. Again, Juan Or asked to drink water and Mommy managed to capture this cute photo of him sipping water from his now favourite bottle.

Till then and bye-bye to UCSI-CDC's school holiday programme for this season. Mommy will now eagerly wait for the next announcement of the kindy's holiday programme because Mommy finds this a very good experience for Juan Or before he officially starts his kindy considering that currently he has not have much opportunity to interact with other children.


Alice Law said...

Juan Or's 1st crying picture looks exactly like papa leh! Big boy now, time to go to school liao!

Hopefully I can send Xuan to school next year too, then I can probably get back to my battle field!

Hayley said...

I think Juan Or is progressing, eh?
Here wishing you and family a happy weekend!

Small Kucing said...

so kesian him crying like tat

Mom Daughter Style said...

your little man is having so much adventure at his young age. you're doing a great job as his mommy.

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, actually I'm still undecided whether to start sending him to school at 4 or 5 yrs old - am still weighing the pros and cons of attending pre-schools for 2 or 3 yrs both on himself and my financial capability.

Hayley, his progress so far in the 3 days fluctuates, looks like depends on his mood.

Small Kucing, what to do? He still has to face school one day, don't care whether cry or not.

Mom Daughter Style, thanks! I'll try to do whatever I can within my capability and availability of time to let him grow up well in every way possible.

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Alice Phua said...

Find Babysitter Australia, thanks for sharing about this! I think some students from UCSI University who are doing twinning with some Australian universities may also be interested in this programme.

Anonymous said...

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