Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Juan Or at UCSI Child Develoment Centre's School Holiday Programme (Day 1)

Yesterday was Juan Or's first day of 'school' at UCSI Child Development Centre (UCSI-CDC) that organizes a week long of school holiday programme. UCSI-CDC is actually a subsidiary company of UCSI Education Sdn. Bhd., i.e., the company that runs UCSI University where Mommy is working in. Out of 10 classes (2 classes per day from Monday to Friday), Mommy enrolled Juan Or for 4 classes. Fee per class is RM30, but if 4 classes are purchased, then the fee is RM100, i.e., RM25 per class. Since Juan Or has not yet started schooling, Mommy thought why not let Juan Or try, experience and get a feel of what it is like to go to school.

UCSI-CDC is located at the Northwing of UCSI University, i.e., at Taman Taynton View, Cheras, whereas Mommy's faculty is at the Southwing in Taman Connought. So actually, this kindy is just across the East-West Link Highway from where Mommy is working.

Monday's school had 2 classes: Cooking I (8.30am-10.30am) and Science (11.00am-12.30pm). Mommy drove Juan Or there and arrived at 7.40am. Juan Or was still sleeping.

But shortly after arriving, Juan Or woke up by himself, Mommy got him to drink milk and changed his diaper. We were almost ready to go to the kindy when suddenly Juan Or notified Mommy about his urine leaking out! Mommy's reaction was like "Whaaat!!!??? The diaper has just been changed!" Upon checking, apparently his penis had moved to point towards the edge of his diaper pants such that his urine cannot be captured or absorbed. Anyway, Mommy clearly remembered tugging onto his penis to make sure it was in correct position when donning the diaper pants on him. So this boy's penis must have 'moved' when he crawled, climbed and scrambled around in the car! Hmmmph!!! So in the coming photos, you will notice why Juan Or seems to be wearing different clothes from what you see in the sleeping picture.

Juan Or and Mommy entered the kindy. Juan Or surprisingly did not resist going into this unfamiliar place. The teacher at the reception handed his name tag for Mommy to pin it on him to which he wore rather reluctantly.

At one corner of the reception area, Juan Or was attracted to a display cabinet containing colourful toys and children's crafts and works, so Mommy asked him to pose there.

After that, Mommy led him into the assigned classroom. Class had not yet started, so Mommy asked him to pose some more. First pose was with baking ingredients to be used for today's class. Surprisingly, Juan Or's hands didn't become too 'itchy' at wanting to touch this and that of the baking ingredients and equipment. He even asked for permission from Mommy whether he can touch something or not! *Surprise for Mommy!*

Then Mommy asked him to choose a sitting position. Again, it's time to snap photos of this boy but this boy quickly turned his face away to avoid being photographed!

Anyway, Mommy won't give up so easily and after few tries, Mommy managed to 'catch' him when he turned his face back to Mommy again! ^_^

Here's a view of the overall sitting arrangement and classroom setting.....

.....and the ingredients and apparatus for today's class.

Class still had not yet started but the teacher had turned on one Barney song "Mr. Golden Sun" and Juan Or became excited that it sounded so familiar!

Then when class was about to start, Mommy asked Juan Or to get seated again, but he insisted on sitting on Mommy's lap! *Slap forehead!* Mommy refused and he started to become agitated. Then when Mommy started to walk away, he started following Mommy and crying at the same time! Since the teacher had to start the class already, so the headmistress, Ms. Adeline Tan came to handle Juan Or instead. She signalled for Mommy to get out of Juan Or's sight, so Mommy hid on the other side of the classroom's wall and peeped. Mommy could see her carrying Juan Or by his armpits and Juan Or was 'battling' with her! So Mommy walked away to the reception area and his loud cries still went on. Turned out, Juan Or was the only one in class to cry! Then judging from the movement of the sound, Mommy can tell that the headmistress brought Juan Or to another room to pacify him. Mommy heard the headmistress telling Juan Or that Mommy had gone away but will come back to pick him up again. Then Mommy could hear Juan Or telling the headmistress "It's here" referring to him remember seeing Mommy at that room! Mommy lingered on a little at the outside of the kindy and couldn't hear anymore cries from Juan Or. So Mommy left the kindy but loitered at the university's part of Northwing, specifically at the reading area whereby Mommy took the opportunity to fill up the income tax form and to read the My Husband Puyi book.

Then at 12.30pm, Mommy went back to the kindy. Upon seeing Mommy, immediately tears welled up in Juan Or's eyes. Is it tears that he missed Mommy? Or is it tears why Mommy 'abandoned' him at the kindy? Anyway, when Mommy bent down to hug him, he didn't resist, so most probably it was tears that he missed Mommy? ^_^

Anyway, soon after that, he cheered up and gradually became jovial again.

The headmistress handed Juan Or's works to Mommy. For the cooking class, Juan Or made mini croissants and chocolate cookies (but of course with the teacher's guidance!)!

The headmistress said that Juan Or rolled the batter and shaped them himself. Mommy asked whether Juan Or behaved naughtily by splattering the batter onto his classmates to which the answer was no. By the way, don't the mini croissants look like little fetuses!?? ^_^

And here's the evidence of his work for the Science class. According to the headmistress, the children were separated into 3 groups. Each group will do one experiment at one station first before moving on to the next station for the next experiment.

The headmistress mentioned that during the break between the two classes, the children were given bananas and fried vermicelli to eat and that Juan Or willingly ate all that was given to him! *That's a surprise for Mommy again! Now Mommy can rest the heart and mind in peace should Mommy decide to enrol him full-time in UCSI-CDC one day* The headmistress also mentioned that when she was helping him to settle down in class, she had to make two pretend calls to Mommy to convince him that Mommy will be coming back later to pick him up and that did the trick! ^_^

Immediately after the kindy, Juan Or was not keen at all to eat the things he baked, but by night time, when both Papa and Mommy were 'walloping' his produce, Juan Or indicated desire to eat the cookie he baked, but not the croissant.

"Hmmmm......that's the taste of my hardwork!"


Hayley said...

Wayy to go Juan Or~

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, thanks! :-D

Sheoh Yan said...

This is indeed a very fun and interesting course. I would love to have my girls enrolled, if there is one in my area.

Yvonne said...

Different subject for different day? This sure is fun, especially when engaged in cooking or art activities. How I wish the kindy my girl goes would organizes such activity. She hearts cooking.

Alice Law said...

Very interesting enrichment class, at least you don't need to clean up the mess after baking and can get some 'me' time at the same time!

Juan Or considered well behaved liao, mine on her 1st kindy(once I dismissed) she cried like hell, pestered the headmistress to phone me, moreover when she came back she boycott me and refused to talk to me!=_=""

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, yes, it's an interesting holiday programme for little kids and the thoughts of the little ones doing things there also makes any mummy go excited. :-D

Yvonne, yes, one class has one kind of thing, so there are classes for craft time, music appreciation, speech & drama, story telling & character building, and Malaysian traditional children games. But I only enrol him for cooking, science, craft and speech & drama which I will blog about soon. Stay tuned!

Alice Law, yes, it's true, I don't need to prepare those things or even clean up the resulting mess plus I get some peaceful time to settle my own stuff. ^_^ Only thing is that money has to keluar loh! Wow, your girl has really dramatic reactions to the point of boycotting you.

Yin Yue said...

wah, how i wish we have that program here. :(

Alice Phua said...

Yin Yue, I see, so I guess Penang kindergartens don't do this kind of thing, right?

Nurvv Nabihah said...

Hi, stumbled upon your blog while searching for UCSI pre-school. I'm going to start working with UCSI in April. May I ask whether they have discounted fees for staff's children?



Megann said...

How about the ucsi cdc school fees?

san said...

I m looking pre school for my boy near cheras leisure mall or tmn muda area... any recommendations? Roughly the fee range.