Monday, March 14, 2011

Education & Further Studies Fair (EFSF) at MidValley Convention Centre (12th-13th March 2011)

Just one look at the title of this post and Mommy bet readers might be thinking that Mommy had gone as far as shopping for institutions of higher education to plan for Juan Or's future! Hehehehe! No, of course not! Mommy has not even started real shopping for pre-schools for Juan Or let alone to shop for higher education institutions! ^_^

Actually, on 12th March (Saturday), Mommy was assigned as academic counsellor and representative for (or rather market) UCSI University and also the Faculty of Applied Sciences. So it was a full working day for Mommy even though it was term break for Mommy's part-time piano teaching.

Putting aside the serious part of being an academic counsellor, Mommy discovered some 'fun' side to it, thanks to the fair's organizer for giving out door gifts and holding fun quiz. The door gifts were in the form of cute and colourful pencil-shaped boookmarks and the door gifts were given out together with a piece of paper containing the fun quiz questions. The good thing was that the way to the convention centre's washrooms passes by the youngsters hired by the organizer to give out the door gifts and quiz question papers. So all in all, Mommy went to the washroom 7 times, so managed to collect 7 sets of bookmark door gifts and 7 pieces of quiz question papers! All Mommy had to do was just target at one youngster, look at him/her straight in the eye and automatically he/she would hand those things to Mommy! As for the fun quiz, Mommy submitted altogether 13 entries (not 7!) - 8 entries for the lucky pick at 3pm and another 5 entries for 5pm. You may then wonder how on earth did Mommy make 13 entries? Well, simple. Along the way when Mommy counselled potential students and parents, some of them left their fun quiz papers behind (but not the bookmark door gifts!), so Mommy collected them, filled up and submitted! The good thing also was that the box to drop the fun quiz papers was somewhere near the washrooms! So everything was in the way. Mommy didn't have to 'stray' from the job to get the door gifts and participate in the fun quiz! Anyway, one of Mommy's entries won a prize at the 3pm session (but not the 5pm one), so Mommy called Papa (who went along with Mommy but for window shopping purpose) to go collect the prize.

Anyway, it is always a mother's wish to see her child enjoy the fun things in life, so Mommy decided to leave the prize for Juan Or to tear open.

The tearing of the wrapping paper went on .......

....and on...... reveal a box of Mickey Mouse something!

It's a Mickey Mouse-and-Gang-designed set of mugs plus a Mickey-shaped stand!

Juan Or carefully hanged each mug on the stand.


Just to encourage learning, Mommy asked Juan Or to count the number of mugs.

Then Mommy asked Juan Or to repeat the counting so that Mommy can take another photo of him in action, but instead, he used the stand to point at the mugs as he counted! *Slap forehead!*

After that, it was time to show off the door gift bookmarks!

Here's one that was already opened. See?

Mommy decided to pluck one bookmark out for use in Mommy's latest read My Husband Puyi which Mommy bought from one recent sale in Popular Bookstore. Mommy managed to buy it for RM29.90 (normal price is RM49.90). By the way, Mommy loves to read anything about the Last Emperor of China, the Forbidden City and Chinese eunuchs.

Mommy put the bookmark right here for Juan Or to imitate.

So there he went plucking the bookmarks out.....

....but he chose to insert the bookmarks at the sideway instead.

Then finally he removed all the bookmarks and stashed them into one of the mugs instead!

After that, Mommy decided that it's time to keep the bookmarks, back to where they belong. So again, to encourage learning, Mommy asked Juan Or to match the bookmarks with the colours shown on the holder.

After that, Juan Or's attention went back to the mugs. He started stacking them.

Mommy's heart went pounding when he stacked the last piece. The stacking was somehow crooked because of the mugs' ears.

After all the stacking, Mommy decided that it's time to keep the mugs before he does further damage. Mommy placed the mug set onto the kitchen cabinet top where it's unreachable for Juan Or. And this was how Juan Or reacted.....

"I protest!!!"

So this boy was still not done with playing with the mugs. But anyway, we were about to go for our usual weekend outing already, so by hook or by crook, the mug set has to be kept already.

And here is this boy seeking solace from his Papa because he was very angry with Mommy for putting his favourite mugs out of his reach. ^_^


prince n princess mum said...

nice mugs you have there!

Small Kucing said...

i protest...i want the mugs tooo

Alice Law said...

Yalor, all your efforts worth it, the mugs are adorable!

Alice Phua said...

Prince n princess' mum, thanks! :-)

Small Kucing, hehehe.....I knew any mummy who sees this mug set is sure to like one! ^_^

Alice Law, hehehehe, yup, no regrets for taking the trouble to submit as many as I can, it's really worth it! :-D

Hayley said...

Wow, the mugs set is very nice leh... I want I want! :P

Broccoli Ginger said...

:) Hahaha.... my heart was pounding too when I saw the stacking mugs!

Alice Phua said...

Hayley, hehehehe....Mickey Mouse mugs....anyone see sure like one! :-D

Broccoli Ginger, if the mugs tumble down and breaks or chips, then it's really sayang, then I'll be very angry with myself and with Juan Or as well. ^_^

mNhL said...

Nice the mickey stand.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, thanks. I said before, almost anyone see sure suka one.

Sheoh Yan said...

The last picture of Juan Or is so cute. Hahahaha!

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, hahahaha! If don't like Mummy means looks for Daddy loh!