Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trip to National Science Centre at Mont Kiara

This is an outdated post dating back to 9th February 2011, i.e., the 7th day of Chinese New Year. Papa was already back at work but Mommy was still on leave because the babysitter had gone back to Thailand (she is a Thai lady lady married to Malaysian Chinese man).

Trips with Mommy alone also means it's going to be a marathon outing - covering several destinations in a day. In the morning, Mommy took Juan Or to MidValley Megamall for window shopping. Juan Or's usual target areas are Jusco's toy and kiddy ride departments and then we went on to MPH to see if there is any non-fiction book on choo-choo trains. After that, we went to McDonalds for lunch before heading off to Mont Kiara for National Science Centre.

To go to National Science Centre, Mommy used the toll-free way, i.e., from MidValley onto Federal Highway, exit into Kampung Kerinci but heading towards University Malaya. Then from University Malaya, Mommy went into Section 16 until the major crossroad where Eastin Hotel is, turn right at the crossroad and head into Mont Kiara and (after a substantial distance) viola, there's  the National Science Centre!

Mommy parked (for free) at the other side of the highway from the science centre building. There were very little cars that day because it was a working day (*Yahoo!*). From this point onwards, Mommy will let the photos do most of the 'talking'.

Juan Or had just awaken from his nap in the car, and still looking blur, of course!

The day was very hot and Juan Or was very sweaty. Mommy asked Juan Or to pose at the pedestrian bridge that connects to the science centre's side since Juan Or loves bridges a lot. Oops, he was so sweaty until his armpit itched. Scratch! Scratch!

Here's another bridge photo.

After crossing the pedestrian bridge, there is a walkway that leads to the science centre, but with drains on the left side. Juan Or chose to walk on the drain coverings instead because that is the 'bridge' according to him.  ^_^

Finally, we were near the entrance to the science centre building. Here's another pose in front of the building.

Juan Or said he particularly liked the robotic hands at the entrance and he kept on saying "Robot-monster" - referring to the animation DVD 'Alien vs. Monster' that he frequently watches at home.

Upon entering, Juan Or was attracted to one open fish tank which has fish that nimble on the dead cells of the skin. And of course Mommy can't help 'trying out' the fish because Mommy was very sure Mommy's hands had lots of dead cells! The fish did come to nimble on Mommy's hands.....

but when it came to Juan Or's hands, the fish didn't come to nimble at all because he kept on moving his hands thus scaring the fish away. Anyway, Mommy managed to get Juan Or not to move his hands and finally the fish came to nimble at his fingers. Juan Or showed one kind of facial expression whenever the fish nimbled, but all in all, the fish tend to nimble at Mommy's hand more often than Juan Or's. What does this mean? Mommy's hand has a lot more dead cells! ^_^

Then Mommy went over the counter to buy entrance ticket. Since there is a dinosaur exhibition going on, the ticket costs RM10 per adult (otherwise is RM6) and free for children below 6 years.

Here's the short 'underwater' tunnel passageway just before entering the science exhibition hall.

Here's a science exhibit that Juan Or was really interested in....

This exhibit works on the principle of air pressure moving from high to low. But what he was more keen of was the 'ba-ball' moving around the maze and then popping out from one entrance rather than the scientific principle itself! When we were about to leave the exhibit, Juan Or managed to smuggle the 'ba-ball' but Mommy managed to grab it away from him.

After that part of science exhibits, we were greeted by giant-sized dinosaurs - roaring and moving slowly!

But of course for Juan Or, those roaring sounds are not greetings. Those are sounds of terror! Yes, Juan Or actually cried in fear whenever he hears the roaring sound plus seeing the ferocious-looking dinosaurs! *Slap forehead!*

Instead he chose to hang around at the science exhibit section neighbouring the dinosaur section.

Somewhere neighbouring the dinosaur and the science exhibit sections is the indoor playground section. Although Juan Or is a fan of playgrounds, however for this particular playground, he didn't enjoy it at all because it was too near the dinosaur section. Off and on, he got scared at the playground whenever the dinosaur's roaring sound was heard.

After that, we went upstairs to see more dinosaur exhibits! was Mommy who wanted to see the dinosaurs (paid for the ticket already, sure must see-lah!), not Juan Or. Same reaction - Juan Or clinged on tightly to Mommy and refused to see any dinosaurs at all. By the way, in the upstairs exhibit halls (separated into carnivorous and herbivorous types of dinosaurs), the roaring went on all the way which scared Juan Or even more!

So it was just a quick dash here and there for Mommy to just catch a glimpse of the dinosaurs before heading out and finally landing at the technology and innovation exhibit section which turns out to be Juan Or's liking!

And best of all, there's the telephone to play with (Juan Or's favourite!)!

After seeing things here and there in the science centre, it was time to head back home, preferably before the office rush hour started. We arrived home at near 5pm (no traffic jam all the way, thank goodness!), just in time for Mommy to start to prepare and cook dinner.


Hayley said...

Wow, what an eventful day for Juan Or and mummy!
Kesian him when he cried after hearing those roaring sounds...

Sheoh Yan said...

This seems like a nice place to visit. The dinosaurs are so big an real, no wonder Juan Or would freak out.

Alice Phua said...

Hayley and Sheoh Yan, yes, the dinosaurs realy, really freaked him out. :-D

Alice Law said...

Wah, he looked terrified! I thought kids especially boys should love dinosaur?! But nevermind lar, most important at the end of the day both of you still have fun and enjoy your bonding time!^-^

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, hahaha, I don't know bout this boy, seems terbalik one. Even nowadays he's afraid to watch lion dance from near, only willing to watch from a distance - so very much unlike the brave boy that he used to be. Same for sound of thunder and exploding fire crackers - last time not scared, but now scared.

mNhL said...

Interesting. I've been pestering hubby to bring us there but he does not have the mood these few weekends.

Poor Juan Or crying.....haha...mummy shouldn't scare him.

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, hehehehe....similar here with my hubby. My hubby too is not keen to bring him there becos hubby doesn't like crowds which is unavoidable during weekends. That's why I took the opportunity to take him there myself during my on-leave days. About his crying, next time when Juan Or is big and he reads this, he will probably laugh about it! :-D