Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CNY Visit to Mommy's Boss' House

This is a quick and outdated post dating back to 13th February 2011 when Mommy brought Juan Or along for Mommy's boss' open house. By the way, Mommy's boss is the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, UCSI University.

For those of you who are familiar with Juan Or's temperament, Juan Or is one who dislikes new or unfamiliar house environment. So whenever Mommy brings Juan Or to people's house, he would usually cry and fret, which is a headache for Mommy. Juan Or's worst reaction would be when someone unfamiliar to him attempts to touch or hold or carry him.

But for Mommy's boss' house, it turned out differently and unexpectedly for Mommy! Of course, as usual, when we were about to enter the house, Juan Or was hesitant. Once in, Mommy's boss quickly took out her daughters' Lego toys for Juan Or to play with (Mommy's boss' daughters are already in primary school) and Juan Or played happily! Then later, Mommy's boss took out a set of DIY-type toys and Juan Or played happily too! Later on, Mommy's boss' daughters came to join in to help babysit construct a machine gun for Juan Or and Juan Or still went on playing happily and was not bothered at all by their presence! After that, Mommy's boss played a balloon game with Juan Or to which he played happily and ethusiastically, much to Mommy's surprise! Not just that, Mommy's boss went on to show Juan Or the pet hamster she reared and then she attempted to carry him in her arms and no cries from Juan Or at all! Juan Or also did not at all resist her! OMG! This is really, really a surprise for Mommy!

So when we were back home already, Papa and Mommy jokingly deduced that probably Juan Or likes to rub shoulders with rich and well-to-do people only considering that Juan Or also did not fret when entering the house of one more well-to-do relative of his paternal grandmother.....hehehehe!


Small Kucing said...

Juan Or good boy...of course he gentleman play gentle with girl. :D

Hayley said...

Haha, mommy's boss so smart, took out the Lego toys upfront.. ;)

mNhL said...

1st impressions is important. Because Juan Or already felt so at home when he got all the toys to play with. hehe..... Another point is to show that Juan Or is growing up!

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, hehehe...that's a good one! With boys like Joshua, JuanOr plays rough, with girls, play gentle! ^-^

Hayley, hehehe....she's an experienced mum mah! ^-^

mNhL, I agree too that whether toys are there or not makes a big difference on his reaction when going to people's house. :-D

Yin Yue said...

bravo juan or.

Alice Phua said...

Yin Yue, thanks! :-)