Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Treating A Special Kind of Fever

Recently people have been falling sick here and there, Juan Or and Mommy included - the usual cough, sore throat and flu that comes over and over again. But both Juan Or and Mommy are also experiencing another kind of fever - the Transformers Fever!

These are the ways both Juan Or and Mommy tended to the fever......

1. Went to Parkson at Subang Parade to see Transformers toys, took photos with a Transformers standing poster.....

.....and thereafter to Toys R'Us at Empire Shoppng Gallery for another round of Transformers toy sight-seeing and poster pix session with.........Bumblebee!......

......and Optimus Prime! 

Well, Juan Or was so excited and energetic about the whole Transformers toy sight-seeing trips that he was totally knocked out upon reaching home. Guess he needs to recuperate from the fever! ^_^

2. Made a second time visit to the Chevrolet showroom in Puchong to see Camaro-Bumblebee again!

This time Juan Or remembered to bring along his toy Camaro-Bumblebee to compare with the real Camaro and also to show off his toy to the car executives on duty! ^_^

Other 'accompanying symptoms' include making funny faces....

....and checking at every nook and cranny of the car to look for any sign of robotic life.

And then a pose with Sentinel Prime!

3. Went to TGV cinema at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre and spotted this 3D Transformers deco.

Here's the same deco but taken from another angle.

Then Juan Or also spotted this Transformers popcorn and drink combo package at the F&B section of the cinema.

Well....he insisted that Mommy should capture a photo of him with the combo package as well. *Slap forehead!* What an odd photo composition here.....

4. Juan Or also asked Mommy's permission to have Bumblebee and Sentinel Prime accompany him in bed for his night time sleep.

5. Even insisted that Mommy should capture a photo of him as the peacemaker of the Optimus Prime vs. Megatron fight! ^_^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wanna Be Like Papa!

Everytime after taking bath (Note: still wiping the wet body, but not yet put on clothes), Juan Or will insist that he wants to show Papa that he is like Papa. So everytime after wiping the body, he likes to make a run over to the master bedroom (where Papa usually watches TV) clad only in towel just to show Papa that he is like Papa!

And once he shows himself towel-clad to Papa, he will then bend down to see whether his Precious One 'peeps' out from the slit that results from bending down low! ^_^

Here's another shot of Juan Or wanting to be like Papa, but this time sour-faced because Mommy scolded him for moving around too much while taking photos. ^_^ *Bad Mommy!*

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Juan Or's 'Toy Bed'

Recently, Juan Or reopened his old toy storage box where most of his infant toys are kept. He digged out everything, jumbled them up and then fill them back in a disorderly manner again. Then he went on to 'dip' his body in the jumble of toys as if taking bath in a bath tub! No just that, he even went on to use the Toy Story box as a backing to place a baby pillow to support his head which is dangling from the toy box, like the photo above.After that, he requested Mommy to bring him his big Mickey Mouse to hug.

Mommy was about to go to sleep already but he still didn't want to come out from his toy box. So Mommy gave him the mandate to use the toy box as his bed for that night, gave him goodnight kisses and lastly told him,"If you already feel uncomfortable sleeping there, then come and join Mama on  the bed ah?" He nodded with a smile. Mommy switched off the light and went to bed. Not even five minutes had passed, he came out from his 'toy bed' and felt for Mommy's body so that he can climb onto the bed to sleep!

The next day, Mommy purposely asked him if the toys pricked his skin when he slept in the box so much so he had to come back to sleeping with Mommy on the bed, to which he nodded with a cheeky smile! ^_^

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Of Camaro-Bumblebee and Transformers Fever

It all started when one night, Juan Or kept on telling his Papa "Bumblebee! Ai (Want) Bumblebee!" At that time, Mommy was ignorant about the characters in Transformers and later found out that Bumblebee is the yellow and black colour robot in Transformers. However, both Papa and Mommy were puzzled where this boy learnt to ask for Bumblee from because both Papa and Mommy never talked about Bumblebee before. We gathered he must have learnt it from the babysitter's son!

Soon after that, Mommy found out that there was a Chevrolet-cum-Transformers exhibition at One Utama during the second half of the recently ended school holiday. However, Mommy had to work seven days in a row that week so could not bring Juan Or to see this. Later after searching through resources in the Internet, Mommy found out that all hope is not lost yet! There is a new Chevrolet showroom in Puchong with its opening ceremony on Wednesday (15th June 2011) and the Bumblebee car called Camaro is displayed there!

So that Wednesday evening, after work, Mommy took Juan Or to the Chevrolet Puchong showroom to see the Bumblebee car live! The showroom is located somewhere between Tesco Puchong and IOI Mall. As expected, Juan Or was very excited to see the real thing right in front of his eyes!

More poses.....

Mommy even teased Juan Or and said,"Be careful that the yellow car suddenly springs up into a robot!!" ^_^ At one point, Juan Or even believed what Mommy said so much so he dared not go near the Camaro. Luckily, his fear didn't take long to overcome and soon he was happily posing with the car again.

More views of the Camaro from various angles.....

Chevrolet is also proud that its Camaro is associated with Transformers as what the evidences suggest here......

Hehehehe.....the car is nice to see, but the price is not so nice to see. In Malaysia, it costs about RM520K after adding all miscellaneous fees and road tax! ^_^ However, Papa went on a little further to do a check in the Internet. He found that a Camaro only costs RM100K if purchased in the US. Just see how much damage the Malaysian import duty has done!

Anyway, there are Transformers posters in the showroom to pose with!


Sentinel Prime! (The newest character added in the coming 'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon'. Sentinel transforms into a fire engine.)

 By the way, when Juan Or and Mommy were at the showroom, the car sales executives had been very kind to us, i.e., they never come to bother Mommy with buying a Chevrolet nor asking Mommy to see this, see that or to test-drive this and that. Mommy guessed they knew very well why we were there - to make a young child happy! ^_^

Anyway, back home, Juan Or has his Bumblebees: the small one.....

....and the one he fondly calls as "Bumblebee Big-big".

"Hail the Transformers Fever!!"

Friday, June 17, 2011

Juan Or at UCSI-CDC June School Holiday Programme

Mommy enrolled Juan Or again for the school holiday programme held at the kindergarten section of UCSI University, called UCSI-CDC. Mommy liked the previous one that Juan Or joined in last March, so Mommy is sending him again for this since he has not officially started kindergarten yet. This time, Mommy enrolled him for 10 classes (costs RM250 altogether), i.e., 5 scattered days of classes with each day having two different classes.

Day 1 (30th May 2011)

Juan Or was still sleeping in the car when we reached the Northwing parking lot. So Mommy fed him milk when he finally woke up.

Here he was at the kindy - no fuss and no crying, probably because he was mentally prepared about it. Mommy also noted a few improvements in how he carried himself there compared to last time:

  • he allowed the teacher to pin the name tag on him (Last time, he won't allow any unfamiliar people to touch him!)

  • he entered the classroom readily and did not fuss or cry at all even though he knows Mommy would be leaving the place. He even smiled readily when he realized Mommy was snapping his photo from outside the classroom. (Last time, he would cry frantically when he knows Mommy is leaving him with the teacher.)

The first class for the day was 'Kinder Cooking 1'. Here is Juan Or's yield from the class: a tuna patty bun, mashed potatoes and Honey Lime Melon fruit mix.

Here's a closer look at Juan Or's DIY (but of course with assistance from the teacher!!) foodies.....

See him digging through the bun? That's because he refused to eat the tuna patty, lettuce and tomato slice. So Mommy ate them while Juan Or ate the bread bun - that also was after he asked Mommy to lick away the butter coating on the bun! As what Mommy mentioned previously, this boy likes to eat things plain and not all the butter could be licked away, so Mommy passed the bread bun back to him to which he was hesitant to eat (just because a little bit of the butter was still there!). The solution? Mommy turned the bun upside down so that he sees only the brown bottom of the bun and not the inside part. Then only was he willing to eat it. After finishing the bun, he ended with a "Yummy, sedaaap (tasty)!" Can you believe it!? *Shake head*

 As for the mashed potato and Honey Lime Melon, Juan Or blatantly refused to touch them at all, so Mommy walloped all his rejected food! ^_^

The second class for the day was 'Cool Science 1'. There were 3 experiments done: pepper and water science magic trick, layer liquid and marbleized paper. After finishing all 3 experiments, the teacher rewarded each of the students with a pack of Power Rangers stickers!

As a reward for being a good  and cooperative boy, Mommy took him to Econsave Cheras for a quick outing-cum-shopping and kiddy ride before sending him back to the babysitter (while Mommy went back to office).

Back in the car, he kept on holding and flashing his new Power Rangers stickers! ^_^

Day 2 (1st June 2011)

Juan Or was not so cooperative on Day 2 as he was feeling unwell (gassy stomach) and kept on complaining of stomachache and wanting to vomit. So when Mommy left him there with the teacher, he cried. Anyway, he still went on with the classes and only had one incidence of small vomit.

The first class was 'Learning to Draw', in which all the drawing activities were compiled into a book.

The first drawing session was to place a string freestyle on a glued surface of sugarpaper. This is Juan Or's yield.

The second drawing session was to draw specific kinds of lines according to instructions and after that followed by freestyle lines, to which Juan Or drew his favourite - circles!

The final drawing session was to colour a picture drawn by the teacher. Actually Mommy was surprised Juan Or was able to colour within the space provided, but don't know whether it was because he did it with the teacher's guidance and supervision OR was it because he tends to be more compliant when taught by people unfamiliar to him! Way back home, Mommy had taught him to do his colouring before but somehow he just wouldn't comply and instead went on a scribbling frenzy! *Shake head*

The second class for the day was 'Batik Painting'. The picture with waxed outline was already pre-drawn by the teacher. He only had to colour the picture with the batik paint provided, but of course with guidance, otherwise the colour scheme would have been a disaster! Here is Juan Or's batik yield:

Day 3 (6th June 2011)

For that day, the kindy was opened a bit late (usually it would already have opened by 8am), so Mommy had no choice but to leave him there with some teachers who were already waiting there as Mommy had to quickly drive down to UCSI Southwing and start a lecture at 8.20am. That day, Juan Or showed eagerness to attend kindy, so there was no fussing nor crying.

Here he was, sitting obediently next to the teacher to wait for the kindy door to open. This is a great improvement compared to last time whereby he won't even allow any unfamiliar people to sit right next to him! 

The first class of the day was 'Cool Science 2'. As usual, there were three experiments conducted. The first was the 'Bouncing Egg' experiment whereby comparison was made between an egg placed in water versus an egg placed in vinegar. The students were allowed to take their eggs in vinegar home for further obsrvation for seven days to which it will become like a bouncy rubber ball.

The second experiment was 'Red Cabbage Rules' whereby the students were taught to make a simple pH tester by using boiled red cabbage water. They were then supplied with various solutions (e.g. Dettol, milk, lemon juice, sugar, etc.) to be dripped slowly into separate cups of boiled red cabbage water and then observe for colour change. A pH colour comparison chart was also provided in the booklet to let them compare the colour changes observed. Juan Or was also guided to make pH testers to take home to try by dipping cotton buds into the red cabbage water and leaving them to dry. So Mommy saw Juan Or's cotton buds placed in a small plastic pocket in his science booklet.

The third experiment was 'Invisible Ink' whereby students were taught to make make invisible ink from lemon juice mixed with water. The invisible ink can only be seen after heating up the paper. Attached in the science booklet was a secret message in envelope from Juan Or to Papa and Mommy. All Mommy had to do was to iron the paper. What did it say? "I (heart shape) U!" *Kiss-kiss from Mommy!*

The second class of the day was 'Art & Craft 2' in which Juan Or worked on painting a recycle bag which already had a fish picture drawn on it. Again, Mommy was surprised to see Juan Or's painting because Mommy can imagine a whole lot of disaster (spilt paint, dirty water dripped everywhere on the floor, etc.)  if Mommy is to do this with him at home.

Day 4 (7th June 2011)

It was a Tuesday whereby Mommy did not have to conduct any lecture, so Mommy decided to park the car at Southwing, let him loiter a while in Mommy's office and then quickly catch the UCSI shuttlebus to Northwing. So for Juan Or, it was a bus ride adventure day!

The first class was 'Drama: Lights, Camera, Action!' whereby the students were guided to act out characters of a story and the second class was 'Outdoor Sports Games'. Among the games played by Juan Or were football and golf. The teacher, Ms. Lenny Pang, also complained to Mommy that Juan Or was very possessive of his water bottle so much so that when she offered to put his water bottle in a storage cabinet while the students were out for games, Juan Or refused to give her his bottle and insisted on it hanging on his neck while he runs around playing the games!

Day 5 (8th June 2011)

That day, Mommy had lecture only in the late morning, so Mommy decided to do the same like yesterday, that is to accompany him to take the bus ride adventure to Northwing for his classes.As usual, Juan Or smuggled some snacks from Mommy's office first before hopping on the shuttlebus.

His first class for the day was 'Art & Craft 1'. There were two activities done. The first was to make a collage board on the word "KITCHEN" using assorted beans and a cinnamon stick for the letter 'I'. Mommy managed to stay on just a little longer to snap a photo of him doing the collage before leaving for office.

Mommy was very happy to note too that this time, he entered the class readily without any hesitation even though he knew that Mommy was still hanging around nearby. Notice his water bottle hanging on his neck? There he went as usual - possessive about his water bottle and not wanting to place it on the table. Here's his artwork which Papa has hanged in the kitchen.

His other artwork or craft for the day was making and decorating a photo frame with seashells and ribbon-shaped pasta.

The second and also the last class for his holiday class season was 'Baking & Decorating'.

So what did Juan Or bake for the day? It was bread and then he was guided to decorate his bread to look like a sports car!

As expected, Juan Or gave all the zucchini slices, frankfurter end and mayonnaised mashed hard-boiled egg to Mommy and kept the bread for his own eating.

When Mommy came to take Juan Or back, Juan Or looked a bit different. Mommy remembered putting on a pair of Kiko brown shorts (with hook and zipper) but now he had a pair of black-and-white-stripe pants on!

So you can guess what probably transpired! Yes, he urinated in his pants! According to the headmistress, usually the teacher will organize a toilet trip for the students but Juan Or had ran to the toilet ahead of the others before the trip was even organized (due to emergency!). And because of wearing a hook and zipper type of shorts, he leaked before he could even figure out how to undo the hook and zipper!

Then at the end of it all, Mommy asked Juan Or whether he would like to go to school again and whether he likes his teachers, he eagerly replied "YES!!" *Smile*