Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Of Camaro-Bumblebee and Transformers Fever

It all started when one night, Juan Or kept on telling his Papa "Bumblebee! Ai (Want) Bumblebee!" At that time, Mommy was ignorant about the characters in Transformers and later found out that Bumblebee is the yellow and black colour robot in Transformers. However, both Papa and Mommy were puzzled where this boy learnt to ask for Bumblee from because both Papa and Mommy never talked about Bumblebee before. We gathered he must have learnt it from the babysitter's son!

Soon after that, Mommy found out that there was a Chevrolet-cum-Transformers exhibition at One Utama during the second half of the recently ended school holiday. However, Mommy had to work seven days in a row that week so could not bring Juan Or to see this. Later after searching through resources in the Internet, Mommy found out that all hope is not lost yet! There is a new Chevrolet showroom in Puchong with its opening ceremony on Wednesday (15th June 2011) and the Bumblebee car called Camaro is displayed there!

So that Wednesday evening, after work, Mommy took Juan Or to the Chevrolet Puchong showroom to see the Bumblebee car live! The showroom is located somewhere between Tesco Puchong and IOI Mall. As expected, Juan Or was very excited to see the real thing right in front of his eyes!

More poses.....

Mommy even teased Juan Or and said,"Be careful that the yellow car suddenly springs up into a robot!!" ^_^ At one point, Juan Or even believed what Mommy said so much so he dared not go near the Camaro. Luckily, his fear didn't take long to overcome and soon he was happily posing with the car again.

More views of the Camaro from various angles.....

Chevrolet is also proud that its Camaro is associated with Transformers as what the evidences suggest here......

Hehehehe.....the car is nice to see, but the price is not so nice to see. In Malaysia, it costs about RM520K after adding all miscellaneous fees and road tax! ^_^ However, Papa went on a little further to do a check in the Internet. He found that a Camaro only costs RM100K if purchased in the US. Just see how much damage the Malaysian import duty has done!

Anyway, there are Transformers posters in the showroom to pose with!


Sentinel Prime! (The newest character added in the coming 'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon'. Sentinel transforms into a fire engine.)

 By the way, when Juan Or and Mommy were at the showroom, the car sales executives had been very kind to us, i.e., they never come to bother Mommy with buying a Chevrolet nor asking Mommy to see this, see that or to test-drive this and that. Mommy guessed they knew very well why we were there - to make a young child happy! ^_^

Anyway, back home, Juan Or has his Bumblebees: the small one.....

....and the one he fondly calls as "Bumblebee Big-big".

"Hail the Transformers Fever!!"


Sheoh Yan said...

Boys being boys, love transformer, Ben10, Thomas and so on. My girls are quite ignorant to these characters.

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, I used to be very ignorant about Transformers too.....until the day my son showed interest in it. Then only was I keen to read up to see what this Transforemrs thing is all about. :-)

Alice Law said...

Me and my big brother used to be a big fan of transformers, can actually repetitively watch the same episode umpteen times, our favourite jap anime beside Doraemon, lol... those fondest childhood!

However I stopped following Transformer after the death of Optimus Prime, my all time hero!:( Now I'm glad to find someone like Juan Or who love transformer as I did, HIGH 5 Juan Or!

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, wah, didn't know you used to be a big fan of Transformers! Yes, both of you can High 5!

P/S: Anyway, now only I want to catch up on what Transformers had been showing before by watching hubby's collection of old Transformers DVD together with Juan Or. ^_^

cheeyee said...

I used to watch Transformer when I was a little kid. But honestly, I have forgotten all their names already!!!!

Btw, even if I have the money, I will not buy the Camaro here. Why? No chance to fully utilize it. Our highway always traffic jam, any hours.

Little Kit Boy said...

what a surprise to you...so, never under estimate little boy...sometimes they know even more that us, parents. No play play.

so, your next step will be logging in to get movie tickets when the gigantic yellow Bumblebee starts showing on the big screen?

btw, I din know that the new one can transform into a fire engine (sorry, not a fan of Transformer).
I think my boy will loves this too if he knows about if cos he likes fire engines very much.

Yin Yue said...

another fan of transformers? wow. my daddy n aunt also like transformers.

Alice Phua said...

CHeeyee, LOL, that's exactly the reason that my hubby cited also for not buying a Camaro even if he can afford it.

Little Kit Boy, yup, nowadays children are more exposed compared to last time children. I remember last time when I was at his age, I was still quiet-quiet and bodoh-bodoh. Hehehehe! Actually I haven't booked any Transformers tickets yet becos am waiting for a Transformers blogging contest result to be announced anytime soon (I joined the one held by Nuffnang). Even if didn't win anything in the blogging contest, I think my hubby will eventually get a Transformers 3 DVD or blu-ray one day becos my hubby is also a Transformers fan.

Yin Yue, can high-5! Btw, Juan Or's Daddy is also a Transformers fan since childhood.....and Mommy is currently a catching-up fan....heheheh!

yvonne said...

Ah... little huge fan of transformers, eh? Same here - my hubb, my girl and I. Must not miss any of the transformers films or cartoons, hehehe!

I like that Camaro, but RM500K is wayyyyy too expensive!!

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, can high 5 too! :-D

Bananazஇ said...

Wow Juan Or got great taste eyeing the over half a million ringgit Camaro..haha.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Alice, Holy Smoke! I am really surprised to see Chev has come to Malaysia. And bringing in that hot Camaro.
Yes, its a muscle car as we call it here.
But that price is sure in heart attack territory, ha ha.

Love your boy and his thoughts. Great that he loves cars. And I enjoyed your thoughts here, ha ha.
I thought he interested in a toy bee.
Incidentally that car cost approximately Cdn $50.000 here give or take some loose change. About your Rgt 156,0000.
You have fun, stay young and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards, Lee.
ps, love your thoughts at my place.

Alice Phua said...

Bananaz, LOL, actually I myself am surprised that he likes that kind of car.

Uncle Lee, yes, the price is definitely a heart attack. ^_^ LOL, the fact that he loves cars means he's a total male at heart! ^_^ Thanks for dropping by. :-)

eugene said...

You know the first time i watched transformer, i already love it so much..............and i like Bumblebee the best

Alice Phua said...

Eugene, yes, I'll tell Juan Or that Uncle Eugene also loves Bumblebee very much! Same gang! :-D

ken said...

the car is such a beauty.. i wish i can own one :)

Alice Phua said...

Ken, if got really, really a lot of money, then not a problem in owning one. :-)