Monday, June 6, 2011

Our World, Their War (Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon)

This is our world – the world of the earthlings, but the war is theirs, the Transformers – Autobots and Decepticons. It’s a war that has gone on for centuries. I would choose to be Megatron – leader of the Decepticons. 

I would execute these strategies simultaneously to challenge the Autobots and then destroy the world:

Strategy 1 - Get the Autobots to be complacent by making it economical, easy and convenient for them to frequently watch movies. For that, I would make sure each and every Autobot is given the Ultimate Movie Card, made possible by Golden Screen Cinemas and EON Bank. With the Ultimate Movie Card, the Autobots can afford to watch movies everyday till they turn into movie junkies and even movie addicts, thus the complacency and apathy to protect the world! Once their complacency and apathy reach the peak, my team of Decepticons would strike them off guard! And once the Autobots are gone, nobody’s going to help the human earthlings anymore! Hahahaha!

Strategy 2 - I would also make sure that the movies watched by the Autobots are hypnotic in nature, i.e., they go into a sort of hypnosis. And the movies’ storyline will also bear hidden agenda. What’s the agenda? To not resist any advances by the Decepticons! Because of the Ultimate Movie Card, the Autobots get to watch these hypnotic movies several times everyday and so got their ‘brains’ reprogrammed – call that brain washing! Once reprogrammed, my team of Decepticons would wipe them off clean and the human earthlings will be at my mercy! What an easy win! Hahahaha!

Strategy 3 - Over the years, I was able to watch lots of science fiction movies made possible by the Ultimate Movie Card. From there, I have learnt a lot about the potentials of cloning, stem cell culture and genetic engineering. Because Decepticons are transformable to almost anything, not just limited to automobiles unlike the Autobots, I would make use of stem cell culture to  create real human skin and fat cells to ‘wrap’ around my Megatron body transformed into the shape of human beings! I would go for the shape of a human child, because children look so innocent and adorable. I would mingle with the Autobots, playing with them like a human child. I know the Autobots have a soft spot for humans, more so a human child. There…..this is the child that I would love to take the shape of…..

I would play and nap with the Autobots, gain their trust, treat them like my own guardians. Just when their guards are at the lowest, like when they are napping, I would transform and strike! Now that’s like cutting from inside the seams. Hahahaha! 

And when the destruction of the Autobots become a reality, the Autobots will merely become history. People will merely make Autobot figurines for child’s play……

......or even Autobot suit appearances for fans to pose with, ……..

(Photo taken at Toys"R"Us, Empire Shopping Gallery on 15th May 2011)

…..but who cares, they are not for real anymore! And when human earthlings are busy enjoying themselves, that’s when my team of Decepticons will attack and destroy the world!  Hahahaha!

So what are you waiting for? Go get the GSC-EON Bank Credit Card because that’s the Ultimate Movie Card for ultimate experience and ultimate potential! Getting hold of this card is the first step to the destruction of the Autobots! *Evil grin!*


Small Kucing said...

lol...looks like Mommy love it more wor

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, LOL, it all started with Juan Or actually and I think he knows about it from the babysitter's son becos one day when he came home, he kept on telling his Papa he wants Bumblebee woh! And I know before this, we never mention anything about Bumblebee before. Then other time when go MPH, he saw Transformer storybook, he insists on me buying the book. So that's why I try my luck loh see whether can win a pair of Transformer movie tickets (premier screening) from Nuffnang or not. If menang, then I'll take him along to watch. ^_^

yvonne said...

LOL! Sure Juan Or would be disappointed if he knew mummy is on Decepticons side, since he's a big Bumblebee's fan.

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, LOL! Actually I like all the good ones (and bad ones) for their 'robotic engineering design', especially Bumblebee, but because the contest rule also mentions that the Ultimate Movie Card must be featured in the post, so no choice I have to choose another Transformer character to complement with how I have planned to feature the Movie Card. :-)