Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wanna Be Like Papa!

Everytime after taking bath (Note: still wiping the wet body, but not yet put on clothes), Juan Or will insist that he wants to show Papa that he is like Papa. So everytime after wiping the body, he likes to make a run over to the master bedroom (where Papa usually watches TV) clad only in towel just to show Papa that he is like Papa!

And once he shows himself towel-clad to Papa, he will then bend down to see whether his Precious One 'peeps' out from the slit that results from bending down low! ^_^

Here's another shot of Juan Or wanting to be like Papa, but this time sour-faced because Mommy scolded him for moving around too much while taking photos. ^_^ *Bad Mommy!*


Small Kucing said...

adoi...kesian the last photo

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, hehehe...if don't scold leh, he will keep on moving like cacing kepanasan. In the end, the photos all blur-blur.

eugene said...

Like father liks son,,,,,i am sure but the effort that the lil one does is nevertheless marvellous,kan?

Little Kit Boy said...

he looks so 'cham' leh the 2nd pic. btw, is that the pose that you asked him to do, I meant pinching his 'tit tit' for you to snap the photo :D

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Hi Alice,

Hehe! He surely looked very upset in the last photo. What was he trying to show to papa? His belly? What's peeping? Ahaks!

Have a nice day Alice.

Alice Law said...

LOL, he reminds me my late father, who likes to clad in towel after bath... gosh, how I miss tht guy!:)

Hehe, his 2nd pic reminds me of Macaulay Culkin of Home Alone, so cute!

Hayley said...

Hahaha, kesian him~

yvonne said...

The 2nd pose with his fingers covering his tits, lol! My son uses the towel to cover himself up to his chest, he doesn't want his father to peep his tits, wakakakaka!!

Bananazஇ said...

The sour face like that cannot be same like Papa already haha. As years go past by over two decades Bananaz's towel sort of shrunk and have never wrapped around walking all over the place.

Sheoh Yan said...

The last picture is so cute. Why cover his nipple like that?

Alice Phua said...

Eugene, he never fail to make hubby and laugh! :-D

Little Kit Boy, actually no. I only asked him to stand properly for me to snap photo, but I guess he was feeling down after hearing harsh voice from me, so he fumbled - don't know where to put his hands, so put at the tit tit loh! ^_^

Willie, I guess he likes to show his Papa himself impersonating him. Hehehe....I'm sure you'll know who will peep out from the slit, right? ^_^

ALice Law, yes, memory of your late father still stays on.

Hayley, what to do? Say nicely to him also don't want to listen. Must scold then only will listen.

Yvonne, hehehe,....I guess he doens't know where to put his hands after kena scolding from me. ^_^

Bananaz, will buying a bigger towel return you to how you did last time? ^_^

Sheoh Yan, he kena scolding from me, so fumbled, don't know where to put his hands, so hold his nipples loh! Hehehe....actually when I was snpping that photo, I also didn't realize his fingers were pressing his nipples, after snapping and looking thru the pixs again, then only I notice what his fingers were doing. :-)