Friday, June 10, 2011

Juan Or's First Time at Litt Tak Toy Warehouse Sale

It's the Litt Tak Branded Toys Warehouse Sale again from 8th till 12th June 2011! Mommy is a regular of this toy sale because Litt Tak is the distributor for Tomy brand of toys, more specifically Thomas and Friends toys. All the while, Mommy went to this sale alone, i.e., without Juan Or tagging along. Mommy loves to go for this sale because it is near to Mommy's work place plus the crowd and payment queue is far better than the crazy (and ugly!) and huge crowds seen in Hasbro, Fischer-Price and Mattel warehouse sales.

Mommy went on the first day of the sale, i.e., on Wednesday, right after picking Juan Or up from the UCSI-Child Development Centre (Mommy enrolled him for some school holiday programme there but will blog at later time). Mommy wanted to reward Juan Or by making a trip to this toy shop since he had been a very good boy that day - he went into class eagerly without any fuss or crying!

Here he was at the Litt Tak Warehouse Sale - happily smiling because toy shops are his favourite outing destinations. ^_^

Checking out Ben10 toys at the ground floor of the shop......

There are a few classes of Ben10 Omnitrix watches on sale, the cheapest being RM15 and most expensive being RM40. Juan Or wanted the RM15 one, but Mommy disagree on buying it since the babysitter had already given him one as birthday present recently. Juan Or also asked to buy Ben10 figurines and playsets (the cheapest being RM45 for a set of 3 figurines), but Mommy refused again because Mommy felt RM45 is still considered expensive considering Ben10 toys are not very educational in nature. Even the figurines are mere simple figurines (call it as boy's version of Barbie dolls!), unlike Transformers robot toys that are made up of various small but movable parts that require a substantial amount of 'engineering thoughts' to assemble let alone transform them.

Another corner of the ground floor has Thomas and Friends sets stacked up high. The set with the bridge costs RM140 (normal outside selling for RM199.90 if not mistaken!) and the one with Creaky Cranky the Crane cost RM105 (selling for RM149.90 if not mistaken).

There are still more selections of Thomas and Friends playsets on the upstairs. As Mommy was busy choosing, thinking and calculating, Juan Or occupied himself by playing with an electronic gun from a nearby shelf. When the trigger is pulled, you will hear electronic shooting sounds that sound quite like what you hear in movies. In fact the shooting sound was so 'real' so much so Mommy can see Juan Or was so absorbed in aiming the gun and shooting at customers who passed by him - very much like a toddler being in action figure mode!

By the way, the gun costs RM9 and luckily Juan Or did not pester to buy this because if Mommy is to buy it, then it will be at Papa's agony since Papa has zero tolerance for noise.

So finally what did Mommy get from the sale? Mommy bought two items only this time since Mommy's budget is very tight for this month due to a recent high expenditure for car maintenance. It's the Thomas and the Shake-shake Bridge set for RM105 (outside selling for RM149.90)....

.....and Bertie Motor on the Road set for RM48 (outside selling for RM69.90). 

Once back home, Mommy allowed Juan Or to open the Bertie set and ta-dah!

But where is Bertie the Bus!!??

A check here and there at various nook and cranny of the box reveals no Bertie!!

All Mommy could see were merely hollow boxy indentations or cave-ins, whatever you call it and Bertie is nowhere to be seen! Darn! Even the leaflet of specifications indicated that there is supposed to be a Bertie Bus included!

So Mommy immediately packed the set up before Juan Or could do any damage to the packaging to the point deemed unexchangeable.

The next day, Mommy dropped by at Litt Tak again to exchange for another Bertie set, but to Mommy's surprise, all the other Bertie sets don't seem to have any Bertie Bus in them! So Mommy took down some Bertie sets to the cashier counter to report about missing Berties. Then one of the man staff opened one to inspect and there Bertie was hiding all the while! *OMG! Has Mommy gone blind already!?*

Anyway, all problem's solved now and back home, Juan Or is happily playing with the Bertie set.

That night, he even insisted on taking Bertie the Bus together with him to sleep. ^_^

And....... (*drum roll, please!*)........ta-dah!

 In the second visit to Litt Tak to 'exchange' the Bertie set, Mommy decided to add one more purchase! It's a Tomy choo-choo train set again, but this train bears the classic steam train appearance minus the cartoony look plus its fittings are compatible with the Thomas sets.

Here's the front view......

.....and the side view. Note the detailed finishing of the train.

This choo-choo train design reminds Mommy of the Russian movie "Kray" because the toy train looks similar to the one in the movie.

(The more-in-front train in "Kray" taken from here.)

Enough said about choo-choo trains.....hehehe. This set costs RM75 (outside selling for RM99.90). Anyway, Juan Or was very eager to dig the train out from the box.

Not just that, since he is in choo-choo train fever, he even digged out a choo-choo train storybook from his bookshelf to accompany the toy train. This photo was taken in the car when he insisted to bring the choo-choo train book while going to the babysitter's house. ^_^


Sheoh Yan said...

Yes, I remember I read that before you previous entry about the Toy warehouse sales. So fast, the sales is on again. Lucky Juan Or, got new toys again on top of so many pressies on his Birthday.

cleffairy said...

Choo choo train set! Auntie Cleff oso have that sort of toy when she was a little girl!

ps: I dun hv high tolerance for noise too. =.=

Alice Phua said...

Sheoh Yan, LOL, yes, as I said before, he has a better life and childhood than me. During my childhood, my parents were very strict with usage of money. Using money for whatever entertainment purposes was a big no-no for them. They said it is a waste of money. I only had very litle toys during childhood. So I had very little enjoyment in childhood except for study-study-study! ;-)

Alice Phua said...

Cleffairy, wah...then I can say you are the tomboy type of little girl, correct?

P/S: I can tell (from your blog) that in some way, you have certain similar characteristics with my husband. Another similarity is zero intolerance for people's inefficiency at doing something they are expected to know how to do, correct? ^_^

Small Kucing said...

wa...very worth buying..hmmm....maybe i should go tmw.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Ooops... Bertie is so small and well-hidden that mommy couldn't find it haha. So many new toys for Juan Or. He's such a lucky boy! :)

Hayley said...

Wow, Juan Or went to several warehouse sales already huh... lucky boy...

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing,yes, go have a look, it's on till this Sunday.

ChloeRuoyi, when I think about not being able to find Bertie...feels so silly! ^_^

Hayley, yes, he's one lucky boy. During my childhood, there were not as many warehouse sales unlike now.

cheeyee said...

Wow new toys again!

Alice Phua said...

Cheeyee, yup! ^_^ Actually Mommy loves toys too!

Alice Law said...

Juan Or is such a lucky boy! LOL, how I wish you were my mommy... more toys please!

Alice Phua said...

Alice Law, LOL!