Thursday, December 8, 2011

Of Litt Tak Toys Warehouse Sale and Man-Woman Sexuality

Currently, Litt Tak is holding her toys warehouse sale again (till this Sunday) and Mommy, being a fan of Thomas and Friends toys, is sure to be there.

Sadly this time, although there is variety in the kind of Thomas and Friends toys offered, nevertheless, the kind of price cut offered is by far the worst ever Mommy encountered compared to all other previous Litt Tak warehouse sales. Previously, the warehouse sale prices offered are at least 25% discount, but usually are 30% lower than what you see in Jusco and Toys R'Us. However, the current one is only 10% to 11% cheaper than normal retail.

The only good Thomas and Friends deal this time is the Stanley set, selling for RM60 (normally retailed at RM99.90 and previous Litt Tak sale price was RM75).

Mommy saw another good deal too. It's the Power Rangers figurines, selling for only RM2! So Mommy bought two characters only just for fun, after all Juan Or isn't exactly crazy about Power Rangers.

However, when Juan Or laid his eyes on them, boy was he crazy about Power Rangers to the point of bringing the figurines with him to sleep and no forgetting, showing off the figurines to the other boy whom the babysitter is also taking care of! ^_^

Not just that, when Mommy handed the figurines to Juan Or, Mommy was surprised to hear Juan Or labelling the green one as 'man' and the blue one as 'woman', which is factually correct according to the illustration and labels on the figurines' packaging. As if saying 'man' and 'woman' is not enough, he went on to show that if 'man' and 'woman' are together, they must 'KISS!'

Huh, now Mommy knows where does Juan Or's level of knowledge/perception on man-woman sexuality stand! ^_^

P/S: If you are keen to go to Litt Tak warehouse sale, see the details here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Spoooooooky Hands!

Come late evening or night, lights have to be switched on in the house. So not too long ago, Juan Or spotted this shadow on the ceiling....


Look here, look there, apparently this is the culprit.....

It's the clothes-hanger stand!

But Mommy knows where he got the idea from. It's from one of his favourite storybook called "The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree"! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Juan Or at UCSI-CDC Holiday Camp 2011

This holiday camp is the last of the holiday programme organized by UCSI's Child Development Centre (CDC) for the  year 2011. The holiday camp was for 5 days from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, fee was RM250 for all 5 days, food provided everyday during morning break and the kids work together with the same group of friends everyday unlike the previous holiday programmes organized before this.

As usual, Mommy enrolled Juan Or for this camp as a preparation for him to go to school officially next year. This round, Juan Or showed his eagerness to go to school when Mommy was driving him there, but once we reached the school, Juan Or became clingy and insisted on Mommy sitting around with him first before entering class. Of course there were initial cryings from Juan Or when the teacher took him in, but luckily he adapted himself quickly.

Many kinds of activities were conducted during the camp such as music and movement, speech and drama, kinder cooking, kinder science, fun play,, arts and craft, water play and telematch. Mommy couldn't be there to see him do the activities, otherwise he would become very clingy and refuse to cooperate during class. ^_^ So these are the photos snapped by the teachers so that Mommy can see what he did there without having to be there!

Making snowman (and X-mas tree but Mommy has yet to snap his end product photo) .....

Rolling on the exercise mat during fun play and dance session.....

Kinder science experimenting on different densities of different kinds of liquid.....

Mommy isn't exactly sure whether this is painting or playing with gooey chocolate, but he sure is enjoying himself!

Telematch......passing the bowl around? Or perhaps passing the ball around using the bowl?

Another telematch scene.....probably the kids were asked to sit down to rest first before another game starts.

A reward (Cars stickers) for winning some games in the's Juan Or with the Headmistress, Ms. Adeline Tan.

The week after that (but the camp was already over), when Mommy was driving him, Juan Or asked to go to school. So Mommy answered,"Soon, Juan Or. Next year you will be going to school everyday!"