Friday, July 31, 2009

GME Branded Sale (31st July - 6th August 2009)

Mommy saw this warehouse sale's banner hung on lamp posts while driving in Sri Petaling and later in The Star's Metro section. What interests Mommy about this sale is that children's apparel are sold there and that the sale is held at Sri Petaling Hotel which is not far away from where Mommy lives.

So yesterday, after work, Mommy dropped by at the sale. There were some people there but not crowded. Mommy headed straight for the children apparel's section. Mommy noticed that a number of children and baby/toddler apparels are made by Hytex Garments (World of Cartoons brand) and the prices are not at all attractive. Here are some snapshots:

(World Of Cartoons apparel sold at RM12 to RM30. Not cheap at all! Might as well buy from Hytex Warehouse Sale itself which is even cheaper.)

(Transformers, Superman and Strawberry Shortcake brands of children apparel sold at RM19.90 to RM29.90 - also not cheap at all!)

Then out of curiosity, Mommy also went to the camping equipment section to take a look at how the prices are like for Coleman products. Here's what Mommy found:

(Coleman's Chillers Brite Ice (ice packs) medium size (left) for RM 12.80, small size (right) for RM10.40 and 6-pack size (not shown in photo) for RM16. Last year, Mommy bought the small size one (exactly the same brand and kind) at Tesco for only RM8.90! And mind you, this is a warehouse sale and yet the price is not warehouse price!)

(Coleman's cooler boxes sold for RM71.20 which is like the undiscounted price. Last year, Mommy saw this Coleman cooler box sold in Tesco for about RM60+. These cooler boxes are suitable for transporting expressed breast milk.)

(Another Coleman item - the cooler drinking bottle sold for RM29.90 and buy one, free one. So the price per unit becomes RM14.95 which is considered cheap. However, Mommy didn't buy this item because Mommy finds no use for it.)

(The price banner of the Coleman cooler drinking bottle mentioned just now.)

(Price banner showing Coleman's cooler bag of 28 cans' capacity sold for RM71.)

(Another Coleman cooler bag, but is of 9 cans' capacity sold for RM47.20, which is still not cheap in Mommy's opinion. However, this size of cooler bag is suitable for storing expressed breastmilk while on the go.)

What's Mommy's conclusion of this warehouse sale? Well, this is not a very genuine warehouse sale. Many items sold do not befit warehouse prices (e.g. ladies high-heel shoes of some unknown brand selling for RM49.90!). Probably the only item worth buying is the Coleman cooler drinking bottle. So in the end, Mommy left the place empty-handed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Juan Or Will Look Like If He is to Wear Spectacles

Remember the sunglasses that Mommy got free from purchases made in the previous MPH Warehouse Sale? Well, the sunglasses has become a play-thing for Juan Or. Just yesterday, Juan Or threw the sunglasses onto the floor and the lens detached from the frame! Then Mommy had an idea - why not wear the frame onto Juan Or to see how he looks like if he is to wear spectacles one day? After all, both Papa and Mommy wear spectacles, so there is a very high chance Juan Or will be wearing it one day. So this is how Juan Or looked like:

(Specky B!)
("Eh! Don't wanna wear anymore! So troublesome!")
("Don't try to wear it on me again! I hate it!")

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pre-Premiere Screening of "District 9": A Possible Chance for a Romantic Night for Two?

Mommy stumbled upon the "District 9" advertisement of Nuffnang from a fellow mummy's blog. Clicking on the ad led Mommy to Nuffnang's blog about the premiere screening of "District 9" on 13th August 2009. In the Nuffnang blog post, it was mentioned that Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers (hehehe...Mommy is!) can stand a chance to win a pair (note this word - meaning you can take your spouse with you!) of District 9 movie tickets before the premiere screening (i.e., on 12th August 2009, 9 pm, at the Cathay Cineplex Damansara) by merely leaving a slogan at the comments section. One can stand an even better chance if one blogs about it!

By the way, if you haven't known what "District 9" is all about, then check out the movie's synopsis in Nuffnang's blog and this trailer:

So Mommy thought why not Mommy make a try for it. After all, it has already been ages since Papa and Mommy last go to the cinema to watch a movie - more so after Juan Or was born. Of course, at Juan Or's age of 1 year 2+ months old, it is still not possible to bring Juan Or along to the cinema because he won't be able to withstand sitting still on the cinema's cushioned chair 'watching' a movie for about 2 hours! Mommy can imagine Juan Or fretting and crying all the way even right before the movie starts!

Another alternative if Papa and Mommy really, really want to go for a movie is by taking leave from work so that Papa and Mommy can watch movie in peace while Juan Or is at the babysitter's place. However, this option is not possible now because Papa has just joined a new company, so is not allowed to take leave during the probation period.

But then to spend money to purposely buy movie tickets to watch after office hours while Juan Or is being cared for by Grandma is not a worthwhile option because both Papa and Mommy are tired out after all in a day's work, plus having to rush to the cinema after coming back home, take bath and eat dinner. But if the movie tickets are given out free, then it's worth considering to rush to the cinema after coming back from work! Hehehehe!

By the way, if Mommy gets to win this, it will be good for some humble romantic enjoyment with Papa before Mommy's paper-marking exodus begins on 14th August! Why is that? Because the final exam papers of the subject that Mommy lectures on will only be in on that date. So Mommy will have to bring final exam papers home to mark. And mind you, there's 100+ of exam papers to mark!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Dance to the Beat!

Remember how Juan Or is addicted to watching Mommy's laptop? Yes, this is a new development of Juan Or watching his favourite video. It's the Sesame Street's "Elmo's Ducks" with Elmo singing along with four ducks in a cute manner! Here's the video:

Watch how Juan Or danced to the music in front of the laptop!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Joyride Trip to Broga

Few days ago, Mommy saw a blog about a food stall selling grilled freshwater fish in Broga. The grilled fish in the blog looked delicious, so Mommy proposed to Papa to drive to Broga to look for the stall and at the same time as a joyride trip for Juan Or. So from Sri Petaling, Papa took the Balakong route (through Mines Wonderland), landed in Semenyih and finally reached Broga after passing Semenyih - toll free all the way!

The moment you enter the road in Broga, you will see beautiful scenaries of hills and mists. The place looks natural and rather 'untouched' by development. The hill-and-mists scenaries reminded Mommy of our second honeymoon to Shanghai (way back in April 2007) in which one of the stops was at Hengdian. All along the way, Papa and Mommy were on the lookout for any signboard that says "Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga" but there were none. All Papa and Mommy saw were signboards of Nottingham University Malaysia, a rabbit park and a fruit orchard. However, not wanting to give up, Papa drove on the village road of Broga which finally led us uphill to a beautiful Chinese temple! Wow! Mommy didn't know there's a beautiful temple in such a secluded place like this! So we decided to make a stopover at the beautiful temple.

(The Monkey God overlooking the hill where the temple is located.)

(A picturesque view of Broga's scenic hill-and-mists from the temple.)

(Papa and Juan Or posing with the 'fishing old man' normally seen in groundnut packagings!)

(The temple has steep stairs that goes up and up and up! Good for nature viewing!)

(At one part of the temple's compound, there are the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Both Mommy and Juan Or were riding on the ram which is Mommy's Chinese zodiac sign.)

(Juan Or is now sitting on Papa's zodiac sign, the ox.)

(Here is Juan Or sitting on his own zodiac sign, the rat! When Mommy wanted to remove him from the rat, Juan Or refused to let go - his little hands held on tightly onto the ears!)

(Eehhh! How come got elephant one!? Mommy thought the elephant is never part of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals!?)

(Another scenic view of the hills and mists, plus the lush greenary!)

(Papa and Juan Or posing at the pagoda 'pole'.)

(Another photo of Papa and Juan Or posing at the bottom of the stairs of the temple's compound.)

(Mommy wanted to pose with Juan Or too at the stairs!)

(Another mother-and-son pose overlooking the scenic hills-and-mists.)

(Uuiikk! Juan Or was looking at the fishes in the pond or looking at Guan Yin?)

(This is the uphill road that leads to the beautiful Chinese temple. On the right hand side are fruit stalls. So looks like Broga is famous for selling fruits!)

In the end, Papa and Mommy still cannot locate the food stall. So finally, Papa drove on to Seremban (using the old road) where we stopped over for lunch at Ming San Restaurant. Along the way to Seremban till the restaurant, Juan Or managed to sleep for about 40 minutes and was suddenly awaken by some slight movement of his body and started crying! So Papa decided to cancel the plan eating at the restaurant. However, after driving some short distance, Juan Or settled down again so Papa decided to head back to the restaurant. Papa ordered 3 dishes: a soupy haruan fish dish (RM22), sweet potato leaves stir-fried in belacan (RM6) and sweet and sour pork spare ribs (RM8). The food tastes good and has a different taste altogether from what you usually get in Klang Valley Chinese restaurants. This time, Mommy couldn't take any food photos because Mommy's handphone battery had gone flat after taking several photos at the temple (Mommy forgot to charge the battery yesterday!), so had to rely on Papa's handphone camera which ended up having low battery as well! Sigh!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing Hide-and-Seek

Juan Or loves playing hide-and-seek between the curtains and the sliding glass window. Watch this video of how Juan Or bursts into squeals of laughter when revealing himself from his 'hiding place'.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IT Boy

Remember how off and on, Mommy would switch on the laptop to let Juan Or watch the interactive slideshow as an alternative since Juan Or's attention span on books is very short? Of late, Mommy noticed Juan Or is getting addicted to watching Mommy's laptop. Everytime when Mommy comes back from work, Juan Or would walk towards Mommy's laptop, fumbled at the laptop, looked at Mommy, then make fretful sound as if to ask Mommy to switch on the laptop. Juan Or also made such requests during the night, wee hours in the morning (if he woke up and refused to go back to sleep!) or anytime in the day if the laptop bag catches his sight. Watch this video:

Sometimes, Mommy pretended to not to entertain his request, then Juan Or would fret even louder. Then finally when Mommy gave in to his request, he would immediately smile and even give a cackle!

So what is it about Mommy's laptop that attracts Juan Or so much? Actually, besides those interactive Power Point slideshows for babies (you can download them from Brillbaby), Mommy also downloaded TV commercials, Sesame Street singing programmes and nursery rhymes from YouTube. However, those videos opened most frequently so far are TV commercials and Sesame Street. Mommy knows Juan Or loves watching TV commercials because everytime there is a commercial going on the television, Juan Or would stop playing and watch without blinking his eyes. So same goes for commercials shown in the laptop, Juan Or would watch with great concentration. That's how Mommy got Juan Or to at least keep still for some time rather than moving around by climbing and playing at dangerous spots (Haha! Mommy's trick at keeping him at bay minus the frets!).

Juan Or's attention span at the laptop is usually for about 30 to 45 minutes compared to reading books at less than 5 minutes only! Mommy can tell when his attention span is over - he would start poking at the laptop's keyboard, play with the screen or even use his foot to step at the corner of the laptop (to which Mommy will quickly remove his foot away!).

Here are some snapshots of Juan Or enjoying himself at the computer:

(Juan Or is waiting patiently for Mommy's laptop to set up.)

(Watching the laptop like a big boy!)

(What are you watching, Juan Or? You look so engrossed!)

(Juan Or is enjoying every second of watching a funny baby commercial.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Juan Or's First Time at Outdoor Walking

Remember the joyride trip to Carey Island where we ate at Sri Langat Seafood Restaurant? Because the service was so slow that day, Mommy took Juan Or for a short walk around the restaurant. So this marked Juan Or's first outdoor walking on his own feet. Mommy videoshot Juan Or as he walked, but because Mommy had to hold his hands as he walked (Mommy didn't want him to fall and dirty himself at this time yet!), so the view was only from top sideways. Watch this video:

Later, when on the way back to Sri Petaling, Papa stopped over at Old Klang Road's Central Supermarket because he wanted to buy something. This time, when walking back to the basement carpark, it was Papa who held Juan Or's hand while walking, so Mommy had the opportunity to video shoot Juan Or from the front. Watch this video:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joyride Trip to Carey Island

Today Papa and Mommy took Juan Or for a joyride trip to Carey Island. However, this is not our first trip there, it's just that Mommy decided to blog about it this time. From Sri Petaling, Papa took the Puchong way into Puchong Perdana, went through a short distance of village road that led into KESAS, then went for Jalan Kebun and Jalan Bukit Kemuning, then ended in some village road again that led to Jenjarom and finally ended up in Carey Island. We like to use this long-winded way for few reasons - there are more things to see during the car ride, avoid paying toll, and the long distance gives Juan Or the opportunity to doze off in the car for at least 1 hour so that by the time we reach the destination, Juan Or should be awake (and not fret and cry due to lack of sleep!) by then.

Carey Island is a private island owned by a plantation company. So all the along the roads in Carey Island, there are rows and rows of palm oil trees. However, the main road in Carey Island is one straight road all the way to the end of the island that ends in a beach. When we reached the beach, Juan Or was still sleeping.
(What a position to sleep in!)
("Eeighhh.....what's with Juan Or's legs!? Why one leg big and one leg small!? Oohhh....the big leg is actually Mommy's left leg. Juan Or's left leg is actually hidden.")
(This is the beach and sea that Papa and Mommy wanted Juan Or to see.)

(A snapshot of Papa and Juan Or at the Carey Island beach.)

(Papa and Juan Or at the road leading to the beach. See the palm oil trees in the background? Next to Papa was a Malay family with their sea catch. )

(Malay men tending to their fishing net. See the polystyrene boxes near to the tent? Mommy saw many flower crabs in it!)

(Some fish fries trapped in the fishing net.)

(This Malay aunty allowed Mommy to catch a picture of her taking the crab out of the net.)

After that, we went to a Chinese seafood restaurant to have our lunch. The restaurant was Sri Langat Seafood Restaurant which is just next to the Langat River. Actually we have been faithfully going to this restaurant every time we go to Carey Island.

(Here is Juan Or waiting patiently for the food.)

(Today is also the first time Juan Or wears his new pair of shoes. Mommy noticed that when Juan Or was wearing the shoes and sitting at the high chair, he tends not to move around so much within the chair.....which is a good thing!)

This time, the restaurant's service was slow (it was not like that last time!). The Chinese tea only came after the first dish was served. By the way, the first dish was sauna prawns. Previously when we ate sauna prawns from this restaurant, the prawns were live prawns, However, this time, the prawns were already dead when the waiter ditched the prawns into the sauna bowl followed by the quick pouring of Chinese wine. So Papa asked the head waitress why dead prawns were served this time to which the reply was the live prawns had not yet arrived. Other dishes ordered were kangkung belacan, deep fried mantis prawns coated with salted egg and sliced garoupa cooked with spring onion and garlic. All in all, the total bill was RM50 to which the sauna prawns were RM16.

(Holy smoke! Sauna prawns!)

(The prawns after being cooked by the sauna stones' heat.)

(The kangkung belacan dish. After that, Mommy didn't take any photos of the subsequent dishes because Mommy's hands were already dirty from peeling the suana pranws!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mommy is happy that Juan Or is showing signs of understanding several languages. Early this morning (yes, during the wee hours in the morning when Juan Or refused to go back to sleep!), Mommy showed Juan Or the alphabet board book. In the book, under the letter 'A' category, there were several objects that start with the letter 'A', one of it being 'apple'. So Mommy pointed to the 'apple', pronounced it and then asked Juan Or in Hainanese language to pronounce it as well. Juan Or immediately said 'apple' in a very babyish sort of voice, but the pronunciation was very clear. Oohhh...Mommy was thrilled to hear that because so far, Juan Or has never opened his mouth to repeat after Mommy whenever Mommy reads with him. Then Mommy asked Juan Or to say it again and he said,"Apple". Then Juan Or started walking around as part of his play routine. Sometime later, Mommy took the same book again, pointed at the apple again and asked,"Juan Or, what do you call this?" "Apple!," Juan Or replied and he continued walking around and playing. Then about an hour later, Mommy took the book again, pointed at the same apple picture and asked him in Hokkien,"Juan Or, che si keu ha mek? (what is this called?)" Juan Or replied,"Apple!" Woohoo....Mommy is thrilled to know that Juan Or understands Hokkien as well since that is the least spoken language to him!

In the house, the most spoken languages are English and Hainanese, second comes Cantonese because Grandma is Cantonese. In the babysitter's house, Cantonese is mainstream, followed by Thai language because the babysitter is a Thai lady married to a Malaysian Chinese man, but the babysitter is able to converse fluently in Cantonese. The babysitter told Mommy before that sometimes she scolded Juan Or in Thai language and he seems to understand. Mommy only speaks Hokkien with Juan Or when Mommy is having private time with him such as during his wakeful wee hours in the morning or when Mommy is scolding Juan Or.

Other words that Juan Or spoke before randomly were 'car', 'What's this?' and two other words that Mommy just can't recall at this point of writing (getting forgetful nowadays!). At the babysitter's house, when Juan Or refuses something, he'll say,"Moi" which means 'no' in Cantonese, but when in own house, he'll say,"Mai" which means 'no' in both Hainanese and Hokkien.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stranger in the Night

In the wee hours of yesterday morning, at around 4.30 am, after Mommy had put Juan Or to sleep (Juan Or woke up at 2.30 am and refused to go back to sleep!), Mommy settled down to go back to sleep (Mommy sleeps downstairs in the hall nowadays because the spring cot is downstairs). Mommy wasn't feeling sleepy but Mommy merely closed the eyes hoping to fall asleep. Within 15 minutes of lying down, suddenly Mommy heard continuous smacking sound coming from Great-Grandma's room upstairs followed by Great-Grandma's mumble - and the mumble sounded vengeful! Mommy was curious what Great-Grandma was up to but Mommy was too lazy to get up but curiosity killed the cat, so Mommy went up to check. Upon reaching the doorstep of her room, Great-Grandma told Mommy that there was something next to Mommy's feet. Mommy looked down but there was nothing! But Great-Grandma kept pointing at Mommy's feet, so Mommy searched high and low for that 'thing'. It turned out that the 'thing' was just next to the door frame. Mommy looked hard and thought that the 'thing' looked like some big black insect, but hey no, it didn't quite look like an insect, turned out, the 'thing' was a tiny bat! And the bat looked half dead.....eeee......yucks! So the bat actually flew in through the window and probably gave sleeping Great-Grandma a rude shock! She handed Mommy her hand fan (you know the type used by satay man to fan the satay?) and asked Mommy to whack it some more. Mommy whacked the bat but didn't whack it that hard because Mommy felt geli. As a result of the impact, the bat fell onto the stairs and it managed to hide behind a step. Papa, on hearing the commotion, came down to investigate. On knowing what happened, Papa decided to hunt down the bat in case the bat reached downstair and may harm Juan Or. So Papa went to the store room to get his badminton racquet to use as 'weapon' and rolled a book of newspaper as an extra tool. Papa went near to the step where the bat was hiding, used the rolled newspaper to push the bat out of its hiding spot and the bat merely fell down motionless onto the floor! Papa quickly went downstairs again and used the racquet to 'trap' the bat. As Papa moved the racquet along the floor, so too the bat and bat let out a few squeaks. So the bat wasn't dead after all! Papa quickly lifted up the racquet and used the rolled newspaper to whack hard on the bat. The bat laid motionless now - no more squeaks. Here's how it looked like:

(The 'stranger' was trapped under the badminton racquet.)

(A closer view of the 'stranger'.)

(The 'stranger' is dead!)

After that, Papa went looking for a charcoal tong but couldn't find one, so used a newspaper to wrap around the bat before picking it up and threw it onto the small plot of land just next to the house. The land has fruit trees planted on it, so the dead bat becomes the fertilizer! After everything was over, Mommy went back to sleep. Juan Or still remained asleep as if nothing happened!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jua Or's Verbal Development

Yesterday morning, Papa was carrying Juan Or in his arms and walking around in the house. Mommy was hanging around too. Then Papa sort of passed by the kitchen calendar (pictured above) and suddenly Juan Or pointed at the calendar and said,"Thirteen." What!? Did Mommy just hear the word 'thirteen' coming out from Juan Or's mouth? As far as Mommy knows, Mommy only teach Juan Or numbers from 1 to 10, never going beyond 10. How on earth does Juan Or know that the number in the calendar is thirteen? Mommy wondered. That morning itself, Papa put Juan Or into the baby cot for him to occupy himself. Juan Or chose to flip the pages of an alphabet board book. Suddenly Papa heard Juan Or said 'A, B, C, D' in a very babyish-sounding voice. Papa and Mommy were very surprised. So far, Juan Or has never opened his mouth to pronounce any alphabets or numbers even though Mommy has read them to him many times before. So it was all a pleasant surprise!
Later that night, Mommy related to Second Brother-in-law about the word 'thirteen' that Juan Or said. Then did Second Brother-in-law mention that he actually showed and taught Juan Or the number thirteen in the calendar during the wee hours in the morning when Juan Or got up and about and refused to go back to sleep. So looks like Juan Or actually remembers what was taught or mentioned to him, the only thing is whether Juan Or wants to say it out or not! Haha!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Juan Or's Look-alike Meter

Mommy accidentally found this look-alike meter when Mommy was blog hopping at MamaDanish78's blog. This look-alike meter allows you to determine how much your child resembles you or your spouse. Sounds exciting and fun, right? So Mommy clicked on the widget which led Mommy to a webpage in MyHeritage claims that their look-alike meter uses state-of-the-art face recognition technology to determine the percentage of resemblance. All Mommy has to do is to upload photos of Mommy, Papa and Juan Or. After that Mommy was prompted to register and then the uploading process began. Just follow along the guided instructions and voila, the meter's needle started rocking to and fro and finally settled at 12% resemblance to Mommy!

And then, just for curiosity's sake, Mommy retried the look-alike meter but this time using another photo of Juan Or at 7 to 8 months old. The result? It's a 14% resemblance to Papa! So Mommy has put the 14% resemblance look-alike meter at the bottom of this blog (you need to scroll all the way down).

What's the conclusion here? How much percentage of resemblance depends on which photo you upload. Seen from another perspective, as the child grows up and as the face changes, so does the percentage of resemblance to either the mummy or daddy.

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebs - Collage - Morph

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soft Toys at Win (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Warehou se Sale (10th-12th July 2009)

Last week Friday, Mommy went to this warehouse sale to see whether Mommy can buy any soft toys for Juan Or at a bargain price. What's more, this warehouse sale's advertisement (in The Star's Metro section) indicated that they carry the Russ and Caress brands. As far as Mommy knows, Russ soft toys are very pricey but good in quality.

This warehouse sale is at Sunway Damansara Technology Park, i.e., somewhere at Kota Damansara's SMI area. So, the parking is free but it's your luck whether you get a good parking spot or not. Unfortunately, there were no banners to indicate the exact location of the warehouse sale, so Mommy relied on spotting canopy structures.

(A view of the warehouse sale from a distance.)

There were quite a lot of customers when Mommy reached there and most of them were ladies (not surprising, eh!?) and only a handful of elderly gentlemen (looking for soft toys for their grandchildren?). The items on sale were gift, decorative and souvenir items - some still in good condition, some were mediocre and some had defects. There were only two payment counters and only cash term was accepted. Mommy recalled seeing one hot-tempered Chinese staff lady who kept on bugging the cashiers (her subordinates?) to shift the location of the cashier machine. These were some of the items Mommy remembered:
  • Gift wrapping papers - RM3 for 10 pieces - most of what was left looked crumpled and torn a little at the edges. Probably all the good ones were already grabbed by the time Mommy arrived. But Mommy did notice other customers already holding many, many pieces of them and they all looked in good condition.
  • Paperbags - RM10 for 10 pieces of large ones, RM10 for 5 pieces of jumbo ones - all of them still in good condition and were also one of those hot-selling items there. Small-sized paperbags were not on sale.
  • Photo frames - prices ranged from RM6 and above.
  • Mugs - RM3
  • Soup mug with small teddy bear in it - RM5
  • Ceramic holder (big size) for scented candles - RM12
  • Ceramic Christmas ornaments - each price tagged at RM4 and buy one, free one. So price per piece became RM2.
  • Soft toys - prices ranged from RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5, RM6 and RM8, depending on the sizes. Those RM1 ones were the tiniest size and those RM8 ones were of about 8 to 10 inches tall. Those very huge soft toys were on sale too, but not many and the price was something like RM80 or so.
  • Wedding figurines (tall man and woman figurines) - RM20
  • Jewellery boxes, music boxes, clocks, figurines, wedding photo albums, aromatherapy accessories, Nicci brand items - Mommy can't remember the exact prices but overall were cheap except for Nicci items.

(This was how the crowd was like.)

(Christmas musical-sounding soft toys at the upper shelf, each at RM18, the sound function didn't work anymore either because of spoilt mechanism or the batteries were already taken out. Mommy can't remember the price of the cow piggybanks at the lower shelf.)
(Soft toy section.)
(Christmas toys, each price tagged at RM6, but because of buy one, free one, so the price became RM3 per piece.)
(This rack is Mommy's favourite because all the soft toys were about 8-10 inches long, Russ brand, each at RM8, except for the green frog at RM4.)
How about Mommy's yield for the day? This was what Mommy bought for Juan Or (at bargain prices, of course!):
(Cow and pig soft toys of about 10 inches long, come with 'underside' pockets, Russ brand, each at RM8. Actually, there is a sound chip embedded in the nose part, but it's not functioning. Anyway, Mommy plans to remove the sound chips through the 'underside' pockets first before giving the toys to Juan Or.)
(Dog soft toys of about 8 inches long, Russ brand, each at RM8. The fur feels smoother and of higher quality than the cow and pig soft toys.)
By the way, should Juan Or dislike or show indifference towards these soft toys, Mommy has a backup plan for these toys: put them into the showcase cabinet for display! These soft toys are just as good for decorative items! Hehehe......