Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joyride Trip to Telok Gong

Sunday is the only day in the week for jalan-jalan (outing) because Mommy works 6 days a week. And because of the H1N1 flu season, Papa and Mommy have been refraining from bringing Juan Or to shopping complexes, so the only option for outings is going to the countryside. So for today, Papa and Mommy decided to bring Juan Or for a joyride to Telok Gong and later have lunch there as well. To reach Telok Gong, Papa decided to partially 'explore' the part of Puchong that leads to LDP Highway the non-toll way that finally leads to KESAS Highway (the non-toll way as well). For that matter, Papa went in through Puchong Perdana which leads to a Malay village (Mommy doesn't know the name of the village) that opens into LDP Highway. Then we entered KESAS Highway and went into Jalan Kebun and Jalan Bukit Kemuning to finally reach Telok Gong. So along the way, there were many suburban and village scenes to look at (that's what Mommy calls as joyride!), however, Juan Or fell asleep along the way. Anyway, Juan Or has better fall asleep in the car now, because if not, he is going to fret and cry uncontrollably when in eating lunch in a restaurant later!

Finally when we reached Telok Gong, we headed straight to the road that houses the cluster of seafood restaurants among some factory buildings. The most famous seafood restaurant there is Coconut Flower but we didn't go there because we felt Coconut Flower's to be quite bland in taste. Instead we went to Good Friends Seafood Restaurant. Good Friends is our regular restaurant whenever we are eating in Telok Gong. Another one that Papa and Mommy like is Greenary Seafood Restaurant (also within that vicinity), but too bad, it closed down since last year.

Here are some snapshots of Juan Or (and the food!) while eating in Good Friends:

("Smiles to Mommy for taking my photo!")

(Juan Or just cnnot sit still.)

(Waiting for Papa to pour the Chinese tea.)

(Let's drink now.)

("Ooohh....I just looove Chinese tea! Can't have enough of it!")

(Playing with ice while waiting for food to come.)

(Kam heong bamboo lala, large serving size for 2 adults. Bamboo lala is medium size, cooking is good, the lala is sweet and Mommy loves bamboo lala! Price is RM14 which is cheap.)
(Here's a small chunk of bamboo lala for Juan Or to eat, but Mommy chew a little on it first before giving to Juan Or - just to make it easier for him to eat!)
(Next comes the vege - sweet potato leaves stirred-fried in belacan. The serving size is also large for 2 adults. Price is RM7.)
(Juan Or loves eating sweet potato leaves cooked with sambal belacan. He doesn't mind the hottness - must have inherited the 'spicy tongue' from both Papa and Mommy.)
("Eat rice, Juan Or!")
(Finally the last dish is here - mantis prawn cooked with Guinness stout. Price is RM12, serving size is medium-small. Papa finds this dish not so good because the Guinness taste doesn't go well with the natural taste of mantis prawn.)
All in all, the bill came up to RM40.50 for the 3 dishes above, 2 plates of white rice and a pot of Chinese tea, which is considered cheap.


mNhL said...

Very nice seafood meal. It is one of my favourites too. Suprisingly your son can take cilli belacan.

Daphne said...

Hey Alice,are you a member yet in

smallkucing said...

ice ice baby :)

Alice Phua said...

Daphne, no woh, I'm not a member yet. Yeah, will surf that website you mentioned.

Zara's Mama said...

wow.. serious? He could take the spicy vege?

My girls little bit also complain.