Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Eversince Juan Or was nearing his 1st year birthday, Mommy noticed that he is increasingly assertive of his wants and desires. For example, when Juan Or wants to climb up the stairs, but Mommy came to carry him away, he will cry to protest. Or if his Second Uncle carried him away from those forbidden places in the house, he would cry in protest and wave his legs angrily in the air. Last night, Mommy fed Juan Or with rusk biscuit and he ate willingly. Then, he got hold of the house keys to play with. As he was playing with the keys, Mommy offered him to bite the rusk biscuit, but he refused. And Mommy tried offering the biscuit again, still he shook his head to refuse. When Mommy wanted to take the keys away from him (because he kept putting them into his mouth), he cried loudly in protest and then turned his body away from Mommy. Watch this video:

After much coaxing, finally Juan Or let go off the keys. This time, Mommy offered the rusk biscuit again and he immediately took a bite. So looks like Juan Or was worried in case Mommy got to snatch the keys away from him when he took the bite! That was why he refused to bite the biscuit when his hands were still holding the keys!


little prince's mummy said...

Ha! He thought his mouth is key-hole?

Serline said...

Ask him how it tastes? sweet or sour?