Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IT Boy

Remember how off and on, Mommy would switch on the laptop to let Juan Or watch the interactive slideshow as an alternative since Juan Or's attention span on books is very short? Of late, Mommy noticed Juan Or is getting addicted to watching Mommy's laptop. Everytime when Mommy comes back from work, Juan Or would walk towards Mommy's laptop, fumbled at the laptop, looked at Mommy, then make fretful sound as if to ask Mommy to switch on the laptop. Juan Or also made such requests during the night, wee hours in the morning (if he woke up and refused to go back to sleep!) or anytime in the day if the laptop bag catches his sight. Watch this video:

Sometimes, Mommy pretended to not to entertain his request, then Juan Or would fret even louder. Then finally when Mommy gave in to his request, he would immediately smile and even give a cackle!

So what is it about Mommy's laptop that attracts Juan Or so much? Actually, besides those interactive Power Point slideshows for babies (you can download them from Brillbaby), Mommy also downloaded TV commercials, Sesame Street singing programmes and nursery rhymes from YouTube. However, those videos opened most frequently so far are TV commercials and Sesame Street. Mommy knows Juan Or loves watching TV commercials because everytime there is a commercial going on the television, Juan Or would stop playing and watch without blinking his eyes. So same goes for commercials shown in the laptop, Juan Or would watch with great concentration. That's how Mommy got Juan Or to at least keep still for some time rather than moving around by climbing and playing at dangerous spots (Haha! Mommy's trick at keeping him at bay minus the frets!).

Juan Or's attention span at the laptop is usually for about 30 to 45 minutes compared to reading books at less than 5 minutes only! Mommy can tell when his attention span is over - he would start poking at the laptop's keyboard, play with the screen or even use his foot to step at the corner of the laptop (to which Mommy will quickly remove his foot away!).

Here are some snapshots of Juan Or enjoying himself at the computer:

(Juan Or is waiting patiently for Mommy's laptop to set up.)

(Watching the laptop like a big boy!)

(What are you watching, Juan Or? You look so engrossed!)

(Juan Or is enjoying every second of watching a funny baby commercial.)


Cynthia said...

wowo... "big" boy enjoying his IT time ya.. mummy, save up before he could ask for his own.. :)

Merryn said...

fuiyo! look at his eyes man! so big! hahahahhaa.. so engrose tengok apa tu? mami's blog?

Serline said...

Of course he will choose to watch something rather than read. He is more attracted to a moving object.

mNhL said...

Waa...even commercial also you downloaded for him.