Thursday, July 2, 2009

Frankenstein Walk

Remember Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Well, that's what Grandpa described Juan Or's walk as - the Frankenstein Walk!

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myspace layouts

Now that Juan Or's walk has improved, he can already stand still without flopping down and walk quite steadily across a substantial distance. But then Juan Or still puts his arms forward to balance himself when walking - very much like how Frankenstein walks! Watch this video:



little prince's mummy said...

So funny! haha!

cleffairy said...

Hi there, my first visit here. I got your link from Cheeyee's blog. =D

Your boy is doing so well... you must be really happy?

cheeyee said...

Hi thanks for visiting. Looks like Juan Or is just slightly older than my Hao. :)

Serline said...

Good job!Juan Or...

Iriene said...

Yeah, Juan Or did it! The joy of watching him walk - priceless!
Wow, u really know where to shop for good & cheap children pdts... Clever mummy! Do keep in touch and take care!

Alice Phua said...

Little prince's mummy, Cheeyee and Serline, thanks for visiting Juan Or's blog! Love your comments!

Cleffairy, seeing him walk makes me feel happy. It also means he's growing normally.

Iriene,haha...I have to admit I'm a warehouse sale kaki and I love to look at children/baby products nowadays. What to do, nowadays, everything has gone up in price, but salary does not increase as fast as the prices of things, so have to find ways to stretch the dollar. Yes, let's keep in touch and take care too!