Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Rocking Giraffe

After leaving Telok Gong (see post on Joyride Trip to Telok Gong), Papa headed back to the new house - that's where Mommy put the rocking giraffe bought in the recent My Dear Warehouse Sale. Of course, Mommy is still very excited about the rocking giraffe - and very excited to see how Juan Or reacts towards it. So, first thing upon reaching there, Mommy asked Papa to put the giraffe together. Here's how it went:

("Quick, Papa! I can't wait already!")

(Juan Or helps Papa to open the box.)

(Papa is fixing the wheels.)

("Let me have a try at the wheels too.")

(The wheels are fixed, but the giraffe is neckless!)
(Here's the giraffe's neck! Let Papa fix it.)
("Never mind, as Papa is fixing the neck, I'll fiddle with the rocker first.")
("Papa is fixing the handle bar now. I'll just watch from here.")
("Papa, aren't you done with the handle yet?)
("Yay! Finally Papa is mounting the neck on the giraffe's body!")
("Can't wait to ride on it. But wait....the giraffe is still faceless! Must let Mama stick the facial and body stickers first.")
("OK, finally the stickers are here already.")
Front pose.

Side pose.

(Aiyo! Whack the giraffe somemore!)

(Another pose on the rocking giraffe. Unfortunately, Juan Or still does not know how to rock by himself - his feet keep on stepping onto the floor instead of stepping onto the giraffe's rocker. And Juan Or loves to bite the giraffe's ears!)


Merryn said...

aw... super cute! can see he is very anxiously waiting for papa to fix it up! Quick quick papa! i'll be anxious too, just look at how cute he is there! :)

Zara's Mama said...

Wah..... the girls will be so envious of Juan or.

HOTTEST said...

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