Thursday, July 9, 2009

Huggies Playitem Redemption

Yesterday, Mommy dropped by at Tesco Extra Cheras after work to go buy a bottle of Agnesia prickly heat powder for Juan Or (the old bottle is about to finish) and also to buy Chipsmore (2 packets for RM4 only!) to be given to the babysitter's children in return for her kindness to bottlefeed Juan Or during her off-time/days (Juan Or rejects the bottle when Mommy and Grandma feed him!). As usual, it is Mommy's habit to round the baby products area just to check out if there's any offer worth considering. Upon reaching the disposable diaper section, Mommy stumbled on a pad of Huggies leaflet hanging from the rack.

(Front side of the leaflet.)

(Back side of the leaflet.)

This leaflet is about playitem redemption by Huggies. The items for redemption are Huggies Play Train (100 points) and Huggies Play Mat & Play Gym (75 points). The redemption period is from 1st July until 31st December 2009. You can redeem the item(s) via three ways: by collecting yourself from Kimberley-Clark's office at Kelana Brem Tower in Kelana Jaya; or by paying RM10 (by cheque) to Kimberley-Clark to deliver to your house; or by redeeming at Huggies booths in specified shopping complexes on certain days (specified in the leaflet).

As for the redemption points, the points you get will be according to the Huggies points stated on any Huggies diaper packaging. However, in the leaflet, the list of points obtained from each packaging type refers only to the new type of packaging. How about those who bought the old packaging type? Wouldn't it be unfair to those who stocked up on the old packaging type (Mommy is one of them)? For that, Mommy called up Kimberly-Clark using the telephone number provided in the leaflet. It turned out that the given number is no longer valid, but luckily there is a recorded message telling customers to dial 03-7806 8288 instead. So Mommy dialled the given number and managed to make the enquiries. Here are the extra information that Mommy got plus Mommy's reaction in blue italics font:

  • points from old Huggies packaging are also accepted, but the number of points will be according to what is printed on the packaging and NOT follow the number of points accorded to the equivalent new packaging. For example, an old packaging of Huggies Dry L72 is 3 points, but the new packaging of Huggies Dry L68 is 8 points. So if you got the old packaging, you only get 3 points and NOT promoted to 8 points.

What!? Since Mommy had already stocked up on the old packaging type, that means it is a waste-lah! So Huggies want to influence parents to stock up some more new packaging diapers? Wah...Huggies is really squeezing parents!

  • when you redeem the playitem, you must submit the ENTIRE packaging and NOT merely the cut-out of the Huggies points.

What!? Huggies want to make sure that all the diapers must be used up first before parents can make the redemption? Sure, Mommy knows that the alternative is to open the packaging, take out all the diapers and put them into other plastic bags, but isn't that troublesome?

Looks like Mommy can forget about the redemption. The main reason being Mommy is not willing to stock up some more diapers for Juan Or because the current stock can last him till he is 21 months old. By then, Juan Or is probably potty-trained and won't need diapers anymore. Anyway, based on the current stock, the total points collected so far is only 24 miserable points. OK, forget it!


KittyCat said...

Hehehe...maybe it's time to try cloth diapers! Who takes care of Juan Or? Get her to All-In-Ones lah and you'll never look back ;-)

Alice Phua said...

Have tried cloth diapers before but I find it messy and gives me too much work as well. The babysitter takes care of Juan Or when I go out to work. All the while, the babysitter uses cloth nappies on him, but recently, the babysitter has returned me most of the cloth nappies because she periodically takes Juan Or to the potty or toilet bowl to urinate or pass motion.