Friday, July 10, 2009

Free (Sample) Diaper Pants from Drypers Drypantz

The same time with Mommy's visit to Tesco Extra Cheras and stumbling on a leaflet about Huggies' redemption, Mommy also saw a pile of Drypers Drypantz leaflets hanging at the rack nearby.

(Drypers Drypantz entry form.)

This Drypers Drypantz programme is about introducing Drypantz to two other friends (the two friends must be of different households and each friend will receive 2 pieces of Drypantz of their desired sizes) and the introducer will receive either M4, L3 or XL3 Drypantz and also be in the running to win one year's supply of Drypantz. But the introducer needs to include only one proof of purchase by attaching the M44, L36 or XL32 packaging's barcode. The contest is from 1st May to 31st December 2009. There will only be one winner for every month. How are the winners chosen? Every month, each contest entry form received will be given a serial number. The total number of entries received per month will be divided by two and the contestant having the serial number of the nearest and lower even number (after dividing by two) will be the winner. However, each contestant is allowed to send in only one entry form.

How does this Drypantz programme sound like to Mommy? Mommy finds this programme more reasonable than the Huggies one. What's more, Juan Or is currently using Drypantz L36 and still has another unopened L36 pack. Yippedy-doo! Mommy will definitely go for this programme!

By the way, wasted already....few months ago, Mommy had thrown away a Drypantz M44 packaging! So the lesson learnt here is not to throw away bar codes of consumer product packagings because you never know when it will become useful!


mNhL said...

I normally use the diaper's packaging as rubbish bag. My son is also using drypantz XL during night time only. I have to look out for this contest at Tesco. Thks for sharing.

cheeyee said...

Hmm... is this good? Have not tried the Drypantz before, but I don't like the normal one. My kids get the red bump very easily using this brand. I personally like to use Pet Pet. And I never keep the packaging too! :)

Alice Phua said...

mNhL, it's my pleasure!

cheeyee, for my son, Drypantz is good. He has worn Drypantz for a straight 12 to 18 hrs before depending on the activities of the day and never got any rashes. But then, different children may have different tolerance to different brands. My son has even worn those very cheap diapers before - those which the outer-most layer is plastic type (brand is Baby Like) - those types are hotter, but still he didn't get any rashes.

Jeff9 said...

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