Sunday, July 26, 2009

Joyride Trip to Broga

Few days ago, Mommy saw a blog about a food stall selling grilled freshwater fish in Broga. The grilled fish in the blog looked delicious, so Mommy proposed to Papa to drive to Broga to look for the stall and at the same time as a joyride trip for Juan Or. So from Sri Petaling, Papa took the Balakong route (through Mines Wonderland), landed in Semenyih and finally reached Broga after passing Semenyih - toll free all the way!

The moment you enter the road in Broga, you will see beautiful scenaries of hills and mists. The place looks natural and rather 'untouched' by development. The hill-and-mists scenaries reminded Mommy of our second honeymoon to Shanghai (way back in April 2007) in which one of the stops was at Hengdian. All along the way, Papa and Mommy were on the lookout for any signboard that says "Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga" but there were none. All Papa and Mommy saw were signboards of Nottingham University Malaysia, a rabbit park and a fruit orchard. However, not wanting to give up, Papa drove on the village road of Broga which finally led us uphill to a beautiful Chinese temple! Wow! Mommy didn't know there's a beautiful temple in such a secluded place like this! So we decided to make a stopover at the beautiful temple.

(The Monkey God overlooking the hill where the temple is located.)

(A picturesque view of Broga's scenic hill-and-mists from the temple.)

(Papa and Juan Or posing with the 'fishing old man' normally seen in groundnut packagings!)

(The temple has steep stairs that goes up and up and up! Good for nature viewing!)

(At one part of the temple's compound, there are the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Both Mommy and Juan Or were riding on the ram which is Mommy's Chinese zodiac sign.)

(Juan Or is now sitting on Papa's zodiac sign, the ox.)

(Here is Juan Or sitting on his own zodiac sign, the rat! When Mommy wanted to remove him from the rat, Juan Or refused to let go - his little hands held on tightly onto the ears!)

(Eehhh! How come got elephant one!? Mommy thought the elephant is never part of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals!?)

(Another scenic view of the hills and mists, plus the lush greenary!)

(Papa and Juan Or posing at the pagoda 'pole'.)

(Another photo of Papa and Juan Or posing at the bottom of the stairs of the temple's compound.)

(Mommy wanted to pose with Juan Or too at the stairs!)

(Another mother-and-son pose overlooking the scenic hills-and-mists.)

(Uuiikk! Juan Or was looking at the fishes in the pond or looking at Guan Yin?)

(This is the uphill road that leads to the beautiful Chinese temple. On the right hand side are fruit stalls. So looks like Broga is famous for selling fruits!)

In the end, Papa and Mommy still cannot locate the food stall. So finally, Papa drove on to Seremban (using the old road) where we stopped over for lunch at Ming San Restaurant. Along the way to Seremban till the restaurant, Juan Or managed to sleep for about 40 minutes and was suddenly awaken by some slight movement of his body and started crying! So Papa decided to cancel the plan eating at the restaurant. However, after driving some short distance, Juan Or settled down again so Papa decided to head back to the restaurant. Papa ordered 3 dishes: a soupy haruan fish dish (RM22), sweet potato leaves stir-fried in belacan (RM6) and sweet and sour pork spare ribs (RM8). The food tastes good and has a different taste altogether from what you usually get in Klang Valley Chinese restaurants. This time, Mommy couldn't take any food photos because Mommy's handphone battery had gone flat after taking several photos at the temple (Mommy forgot to charge the battery yesterday!), so had to rely on Papa's handphone camera which ended up having low battery as well! Sigh!


Merryn said...

Such a pity you didnt get to find the stall you wanted originally. I passed by Broga every month! My hubs hometown is after Broga .. :)

mNhL said... place for me. Never heard of Broga before.

Zara's Mama said...

At least you got some surprise view and scenaries on your way to look for the stall.

Alice Phua said...

Merryn, perhaps next time we will look for the stall again.

mNhL, ya, can consider going there for jalan-jalan.

Zara's Mama, yaloh! :-) the trip is not a waste after all!