Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soft Toys at Win (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Warehou se Sale (10th-12th July 2009)

Last week Friday, Mommy went to this warehouse sale to see whether Mommy can buy any soft toys for Juan Or at a bargain price. What's more, this warehouse sale's advertisement (in The Star's Metro section) indicated that they carry the Russ and Caress brands. As far as Mommy knows, Russ soft toys are very pricey but good in quality.

This warehouse sale is at Sunway Damansara Technology Park, i.e., somewhere at Kota Damansara's SMI area. So, the parking is free but it's your luck whether you get a good parking spot or not. Unfortunately, there were no banners to indicate the exact location of the warehouse sale, so Mommy relied on spotting canopy structures.

(A view of the warehouse sale from a distance.)

There were quite a lot of customers when Mommy reached there and most of them were ladies (not surprising, eh!?) and only a handful of elderly gentlemen (looking for soft toys for their grandchildren?). The items on sale were gift, decorative and souvenir items - some still in good condition, some were mediocre and some had defects. There were only two payment counters and only cash term was accepted. Mommy recalled seeing one hot-tempered Chinese staff lady who kept on bugging the cashiers (her subordinates?) to shift the location of the cashier machine. These were some of the items Mommy remembered:
  • Gift wrapping papers - RM3 for 10 pieces - most of what was left looked crumpled and torn a little at the edges. Probably all the good ones were already grabbed by the time Mommy arrived. But Mommy did notice other customers already holding many, many pieces of them and they all looked in good condition.
  • Paperbags - RM10 for 10 pieces of large ones, RM10 for 5 pieces of jumbo ones - all of them still in good condition and were also one of those hot-selling items there. Small-sized paperbags were not on sale.
  • Photo frames - prices ranged from RM6 and above.
  • Mugs - RM3
  • Soup mug with small teddy bear in it - RM5
  • Ceramic holder (big size) for scented candles - RM12
  • Ceramic Christmas ornaments - each price tagged at RM4 and buy one, free one. So price per piece became RM2.
  • Soft toys - prices ranged from RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4, RM5, RM6 and RM8, depending on the sizes. Those RM1 ones were the tiniest size and those RM8 ones were of about 8 to 10 inches tall. Those very huge soft toys were on sale too, but not many and the price was something like RM80 or so.
  • Wedding figurines (tall man and woman figurines) - RM20
  • Jewellery boxes, music boxes, clocks, figurines, wedding photo albums, aromatherapy accessories, Nicci brand items - Mommy can't remember the exact prices but overall were cheap except for Nicci items.

(This was how the crowd was like.)

(Christmas musical-sounding soft toys at the upper shelf, each at RM18, the sound function didn't work anymore either because of spoilt mechanism or the batteries were already taken out. Mommy can't remember the price of the cow piggybanks at the lower shelf.)
(Soft toy section.)
(Christmas toys, each price tagged at RM6, but because of buy one, free one, so the price became RM3 per piece.)
(This rack is Mommy's favourite because all the soft toys were about 8-10 inches long, Russ brand, each at RM8, except for the green frog at RM4.)
How about Mommy's yield for the day? This was what Mommy bought for Juan Or (at bargain prices, of course!):
(Cow and pig soft toys of about 10 inches long, come with 'underside' pockets, Russ brand, each at RM8. Actually, there is a sound chip embedded in the nose part, but it's not functioning. Anyway, Mommy plans to remove the sound chips through the 'underside' pockets first before giving the toys to Juan Or.)
(Dog soft toys of about 8 inches long, Russ brand, each at RM8. The fur feels smoother and of higher quality than the cow and pig soft toys.)
By the way, should Juan Or dislike or show indifference towards these soft toys, Mommy has a backup plan for these toys: put them into the showcase cabinet for display! These soft toys are just as good for decorative items! Hehehe......


Merryn said...

Aiyo, rugi lah! So near my place but I was not aware of this warehouse sale! Aiseh.. too late dy..

mNhL said...

Wow...things at the warehouse sales are really very cheap. Hope you do enjoy your shopping!

Cynthia said...

wow.. always see your blog with good bargain.. maybe next time should put it up and let your readers know, and you can also do a group shopping tour.. muahaha :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wah.. so many toys!!!

Alice Phua said...

Thanks everybody for your comments!

Merryn and Cynthia, for the benefit of fellow mommies who are continuously on the lookout for good bargains on baby, children and household products (we are after all family women!), I'm seriously considering creating another blog that compiles warehouse sales advertisements to do with items that interest mommies. So stay tuned. (It's just a matter of time for me to get the new blog going because currently my office workload is piling! Ughh.....)

Berchta said...

Hey, Can anyone tell me a place to buy good toddler toys?

Alice Phua said...

Berchta, you can try looking for Lego range of toys meant for toddlers, called 'Duplo' in all Jusco stores. A cheaper alternative to Duplo is Megablocks which you can find in Anakku stores.