Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joyride Trip to Carey Island

Today Papa and Mommy took Juan Or for a joyride trip to Carey Island. However, this is not our first trip there, it's just that Mommy decided to blog about it this time. From Sri Petaling, Papa took the Puchong way into Puchong Perdana, went through a short distance of village road that led into KESAS, then went for Jalan Kebun and Jalan Bukit Kemuning, then ended in some village road again that led to Jenjarom and finally ended up in Carey Island. We like to use this long-winded way for few reasons - there are more things to see during the car ride, avoid paying toll, and the long distance gives Juan Or the opportunity to doze off in the car for at least 1 hour so that by the time we reach the destination, Juan Or should be awake (and not fret and cry due to lack of sleep!) by then.

Carey Island is a private island owned by a plantation company. So all the along the roads in Carey Island, there are rows and rows of palm oil trees. However, the main road in Carey Island is one straight road all the way to the end of the island that ends in a beach. When we reached the beach, Juan Or was still sleeping.
(What a position to sleep in!)
("Eeighhh.....what's with Juan Or's legs!? Why one leg big and one leg small!? Oohhh....the big leg is actually Mommy's left leg. Juan Or's left leg is actually hidden.")
(This is the beach and sea that Papa and Mommy wanted Juan Or to see.)

(A snapshot of Papa and Juan Or at the Carey Island beach.)

(Papa and Juan Or at the road leading to the beach. See the palm oil trees in the background? Next to Papa was a Malay family with their sea catch. )

(Malay men tending to their fishing net. See the polystyrene boxes near to the tent? Mommy saw many flower crabs in it!)

(Some fish fries trapped in the fishing net.)

(This Malay aunty allowed Mommy to catch a picture of her taking the crab out of the net.)

After that, we went to a Chinese seafood restaurant to have our lunch. The restaurant was Sri Langat Seafood Restaurant which is just next to the Langat River. Actually we have been faithfully going to this restaurant every time we go to Carey Island.

(Here is Juan Or waiting patiently for the food.)

(Today is also the first time Juan Or wears his new pair of shoes. Mommy noticed that when Juan Or was wearing the shoes and sitting at the high chair, he tends not to move around so much within the chair.....which is a good thing!)

This time, the restaurant's service was slow (it was not like that last time!). The Chinese tea only came after the first dish was served. By the way, the first dish was sauna prawns. Previously when we ate sauna prawns from this restaurant, the prawns were live prawns, However, this time, the prawns were already dead when the waiter ditched the prawns into the sauna bowl followed by the quick pouring of Chinese wine. So Papa asked the head waitress why dead prawns were served this time to which the reply was the live prawns had not yet arrived. Other dishes ordered were kangkung belacan, deep fried mantis prawns coated with salted egg and sliced garoupa cooked with spring onion and garlic. All in all, the total bill was RM50 to which the sauna prawns were RM16.

(Holy smoke! Sauna prawns!)

(The prawns after being cooked by the sauna stones' heat.)

(The kangkung belacan dish. After that, Mommy didn't take any photos of the subsequent dishes because Mommy's hands were already dirty from peeling the suana pranws!)


Cynthia said...

nice outing ya... :)

mNhL said...

Ohh.. I heard Carey Island is famous for their seafood. But I've never been there ;(

smallkucing said...

Sri Langat-another nice dish is steam fish with bihun :)

Sauna Prawns- Is that all the prawns? RM16? Seems rather expensive.

Shoes- Love the shoes. Very sporty looking kid :)

Alice Phua said...

Cynthia, ya, it's a humble family outing...hehehe...

mNhL, perhaps one day you can propose to your hubby to go Carey Island. On whether Carey Island is famous for seafood, well, I only saw two seafood restaurants there (including the one where I ate).

smallkucing, so you have been there before! Ya, that's all the prawn you see in the photos. The prawns were not eaten yet at the time I took the photos. RM16 was originally for that amount of live prawns, but cheh...this time they gave us dead prawns before telling us first and still charge us the same price! Hubby says he's not going to eat at Sri Langat anymore! ;-)

Alice Phua said...

smallkucing...the shoes...I bought from the most recent Hytex Warehouse Sale...RM5 only per pair. :-)

little prince's mummy said...

No idea about Carey Island.. Thankx for sharing a new destination!

Alice Phua said...

Little Prince's Mummy, it's my pleasure! :-)