Friday, July 31, 2009

GME Branded Sale (31st July - 6th August 2009)

Mommy saw this warehouse sale's banner hung on lamp posts while driving in Sri Petaling and later in The Star's Metro section. What interests Mommy about this sale is that children's apparel are sold there and that the sale is held at Sri Petaling Hotel which is not far away from where Mommy lives.

So yesterday, after work, Mommy dropped by at the sale. There were some people there but not crowded. Mommy headed straight for the children apparel's section. Mommy noticed that a number of children and baby/toddler apparels are made by Hytex Garments (World of Cartoons brand) and the prices are not at all attractive. Here are some snapshots:

(World Of Cartoons apparel sold at RM12 to RM30. Not cheap at all! Might as well buy from Hytex Warehouse Sale itself which is even cheaper.)

(Transformers, Superman and Strawberry Shortcake brands of children apparel sold at RM19.90 to RM29.90 - also not cheap at all!)

Then out of curiosity, Mommy also went to the camping equipment section to take a look at how the prices are like for Coleman products. Here's what Mommy found:

(Coleman's Chillers Brite Ice (ice packs) medium size (left) for RM 12.80, small size (right) for RM10.40 and 6-pack size (not shown in photo) for RM16. Last year, Mommy bought the small size one (exactly the same brand and kind) at Tesco for only RM8.90! And mind you, this is a warehouse sale and yet the price is not warehouse price!)

(Coleman's cooler boxes sold for RM71.20 which is like the undiscounted price. Last year, Mommy saw this Coleman cooler box sold in Tesco for about RM60+. These cooler boxes are suitable for transporting expressed breast milk.)

(Another Coleman item - the cooler drinking bottle sold for RM29.90 and buy one, free one. So the price per unit becomes RM14.95 which is considered cheap. However, Mommy didn't buy this item because Mommy finds no use for it.)

(The price banner of the Coleman cooler drinking bottle mentioned just now.)

(Price banner showing Coleman's cooler bag of 28 cans' capacity sold for RM71.)

(Another Coleman cooler bag, but is of 9 cans' capacity sold for RM47.20, which is still not cheap in Mommy's opinion. However, this size of cooler bag is suitable for storing expressed breastmilk while on the go.)

What's Mommy's conclusion of this warehouse sale? Well, this is not a very genuine warehouse sale. Many items sold do not befit warehouse prices (e.g. ladies high-heel shoes of some unknown brand selling for RM49.90!). Probably the only item worth buying is the Coleman cooler drinking bottle. So in the end, Mommy left the place empty-handed.


Merryn said...

Going for the Pureen warehouse sales this weekend? Or did you go for the Hush Puppy warehouse sales today in Armada? TOo many sales around.. can drive us crazy! haha

smallkucing said...

wah...this warehouse sale thinks we are "water fish" ah?

I went for Anakku warehouse sale....a LOT of people.

Tomorrow will be going for Caring and Pureen sale. Looks like this month have to makan roti lo.

Alice Phua said...

Merryn, I can't go for the Pureen Warehouse Sale becos I'm working full day on Saturday. Another thing is my hubby doesn;t like to go crowded places especially when Juan Or is around. I won't be going to the Hush Puppy one becos I won't be buying lifestyle goods for some time. Buying things for the baby is the priority now...hehehehe!

Merryn and Smallkucing, I agree, these warehouse sales are driving us crazy. Spend-spend-spend, by the end of the shopping have to ikat perut! ;-)

Broccoli Ginger said...

It's not a warehouse sales at all! :P

Alice Phua said...

Brocolli Ginger, yup!

For everyone's info, I have just checked the Coleman cooler box - Giant is selling it for RM99.99. Here, GME sale is selling it for RM71.20, so indeed it's cheaper.

KittyCat said...

You KL-ites are so lucky to hav so many warehouse sales but I don't know how you can stand driving here and there!

I don't like the traffic in KL...

Beware of using those Ice Packs for packing breastmilk or food ok? They contain chemicals if I'm not wrong.

reitak said...

GME warehouse sale always not worth going. If cheap, its really old stock (esp apparels)....