Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Juan Or at UCSI-CDC School Holiday Programme (Day 2)

This is a continuation from the previous blogpost.

Tuesday (15th March 2011) was Day 2 of the school holiday programme at UCSI-CDC for Juan Or. Out of 2 sessions (or classes) for the day, Mommy only enrolled him for one called "Craft Time I", i.e., from 11.00am to 12.30pm.

Since Juan Or's class would only start at 11.00am which was not too rushed for Mommy, Mommy decided to let Juan Or try riding in the bus which would be Juan Or's first time. The bus is actually UCSI University's free shuttle bus service that travels from Southwing to the Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Station and then to Northwing and finally to Southwing again. From this point onwards, let the photos do the 'talking'.....

Mommy first reached Southwing at about 7.15am and took Juan Or to loiter in Mommy's office first to pass time. So happen Mommy had the "Thomas and Friends: Hero of the Rails" DVD lying around in Mommy's office because Mommy had wanted to exchange it with the distributor due to it being faulty at a certain point. So Juan Or got to watch his favourite on Mommy's old laptop while Mommy checked the office email using the desktop.

Then by 9.10am, Mommy took him back to the car for another milk feed and by 9.30am, we boarded the shuttle bus. For Juan Or, it was a fun experience because it's his first time!

The shuttle bus stopped briefly at Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT Station to pick up UCSI students....

....and then the bus continued on its journey to Northwing.

We reached Northwing pretty early at about 10.00am.

Mommy intended to bring Juan Or into the kindy at 10.30am because that was when children would be served refreshments before starting the next class session at 11.00am. So with 30 minutes of time to kill, Mommy brought Juan Or to see his favourite.....


After admiring the fountain, Mommy took Juan Or to the kindy. Once there, we were greeted by the jovial-looking headmistress. Juan Or immediately recognized her and started pulling away from Mommy not wanting to enter the premise! After some coaxing, Juan Or finally agreed to step in but of course he needed to have Mommy by his side. The headmistress then asked to have Juan Or brought into one of the classrooms to get him to settle down first before having the refreshment. As usual, the initial part was always the hardest as Juan Or still insisted on Mommy going in together with him. He also insisted that Mommy should read one Thomas and Friends book with him (Mommy brought some together just in case!). On hearing that, the headmistress offered to read together with him as a way of settling him down. After that, Mommy walked away from the classroom and as expected, Juan Or's 'alarm' rang (cried)! No choice, Mommy had to do like that, otherwise how would the teachers be able to do what they are supposed to do?

Stepping out of the kindy, Mommy took the opportunity to photograph the kindy's outside while at the same time keeping a ear for anything that sounded like Juan Or's 'alarm'. ^_^

Apparently there were no more sounds of Juan Or's 'alarm'. While photographing, the headmistress 'caught' Mommy still hanging around at the kindy and indicated her surprise, so Mommy had to put it in such a way that Mommy was taking photographs of the kindy's facilities for Papa to see! Mommy quickly took the opportunity to ask whether Juan Or had already settled down to which she said he was at the eating area eating papaya and one other fruit (can't remember though!) *Hmmm.....looks like this kindy's menu has quality!*

After that, Mommy really left the kindy's area for good and headed to the university's reading area to continue reading the My Husband Puyi book. Mommy also managed to browse through the Scholastic Book Clubs leaflets-cum-book catalogues that Mommy got from the kindy's reception area. This Scholastic Book Clubs thing is a buy-books-through-school programme that offers Scholastic books at discounted and attractive prices (some books are indeed at very, very attractive prices!) provided the purchase is made through the school. *Now Mommy's hands are getting itchy again!*

Finally the clock striked 12.30pm and Mommy marched back to the kindy. Juan Or was already waiting for Mommy at the reception area. The moment he laid eyes on Mommy, he called out "Mama!" loudly! This time, he was all smiles - no more red watery eyes unlike his first day there.

Mommy also managed to capture a photo of Juan Or together with a classmate (but don't know his name). And ahem.....this classmate is really not camera-shy at all! *Salute!*

How about Juan Or's work for the day? It's craft time decorating  the cover of his scrapbook or diary or autograph book or whatever you call it.  The dinosaurs, hearts and flower decorations, and the name-piece are made of foam. All he had to do was to press the shapes out from the 'template' and glue them. The headmistress said he was well-behaved throughout the class and did as was told - no crying and fretting. ^_^

By 12.45pm, we were out of the kindy and waiting for a shuttle bus to arrive. It didn't take long to wait for one to arrive (only waited for 5 to 10 minutes). During the wait with the other university students, Juan Or loudly (and boldly) sang the full song of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"  - first time Mommy heard it sang in full by Juan Or!

Afternoon time seems to be full loading for the shuttle bus and by the time it was Mommy's turn to get up the bus, there might be no place for Mommy to sit at all. Then one male Middle-Eastern student (looks Iranian to Mommy) gestured to Mommy to take the last empty seat. Mommy took it graciously with Juan Or sitting on Mommy's lap. The Middle-Eastern student remained standing for the rest of the journey to Southwing. We reached Southwing at about 1.15pm and on the way out of the bus, one of Mommy's ex-student, an African by the name Benson Authority, offered to help Mommy carry one paperbag containing Juan Or's emergency snacks plus extra clothes and diaper. Mommy graciously accepted but not Juan Or. Why? Because he was so afraid Benson Kor-kor (Brother) would take the paperbag away! So while walking towards Mommy's car with Benson holding the paperbag, Juan Or was fretting all the way and kept on saying,"Ai (Want) bag!, Ai bag!" What about Benson's reaction towards Juan Or? He was amused! ^_^


Yvonne said...

Bravo to Juan Or, for he has managed his separation anxiety from mama very well on the 2nd day of his kindy!

Alice Law said...

Nice foam scrapbooking! LOL, now you have no worries to send your B boy to kindy liao, you can assure he is in good hands!

As for the scholastic books, the price might be attractive but the paper quality might not as good as you expected.;D

Alice Phua said...

Yvonne, I'm glad and relieved too that he's doing quite well where separation anxiety is concerned.

Alice Law, yes, indeed! In fact, I like that kindy. There's one part of me telling me to go for that kindy when it's time for Juan Or to go 'schooling'. About the Scholastic books, thanks for sharing your experience. :-D

Small Kucing said...

looks like Juan Or likes it. Can consider for him

Alice Phua said...

Small Kucing, after going thru 3 days of -pseudo-kindy', looks like his response depends on his mood. If suka, then won't cry. If tak suka, then will really cry a lot.